Taurus guy and cancer girl relationship

Taurus and Cancer - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

taurus guy and cancer girl relationship

Relationships between a Taurus man and a Cancer woman can be quite successful and the two are a natural fit. Learn more about this supportive and loyal duo!. My name is Anna Kovach and I'm a Relationship Astrologer. You can learn more about me here. Many astrologers say that Taurus man and Cancer woman are. Taurus and Cancer are the seed of a family, both of them true believers in intimacy. Taurus Compatibility With Cancer in Love, Life, Sex, Communication, .

The moodiness that is almost intrinsic to the Cancer sign can be a big issue for Taurus.

Taurus Man Cancer Woman Compatibility

Mood fluctuations happening too fast or often for him to understand are in direct conflict with what he desires most, stability and routine. On the flipside, Taurus' stubborn opposition to change can also create rifts in a relationship that ultimately leads to its downfall. The Cancer sign does not do well with confrontation. Instead, she is more than happy to state her desires and wait patiently for her lover to make the changes that will keep her happy.

With Taurus, that may never come, and his Cancerian partner is simply unlikely to push the issue regardless of how important it is to her if it means a fight. Both Cancer and Taurus are sensitive, emotional signs and the bull is uniquely capable of being her stable rock which keeps her from being at the mercy of crashing waves. In friendship, you can always depend on a Taurus man to help you out when you are in need. They answer the call gladly and show their devotion through actions more than words.

Cancer women are highly supportive friends as their drive to mother, comfort, and patch up wounds is treasured by any man sensitive enough to appreciate it, of which Taurus is one.

In intimate relationships, a female Cancer may find almost a mirror reflecting herself when paired with a male Taurus. He may not be as freely verbally expressive with his emotions, but he will definitely show it. Once you get past the horns, his affectionate, and even sentimental, side is apparent. Unlike many signs based in stubbornness, a Taurus is not fiercely independent and tends to greatly enjoy long-term, faithful relationships.

Both halves of the relationship care very deeply about the happiness and well-being of others, though a Taurus man may funnel that energy specifically only to his loved ones.

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Cancers should be wary of saying offhanded insults or other hurtful things when moody or upset as their stalwart bull takes everything at face value. He is truly a gentle giant whose emotional wounds may take a long time to heal.

It can often be difficult for them to face them. Good or bad, if the feelings are strong, a Taurus may distance himself or shut down because he just needs to figure out where he stands. It probably does not.

taurus guy and cancer girl relationship

The very best thing you can do to better understand and relate to your Taurus man is to allow him that space without being clingy. For him, sex can be emotional- but it can also just be really great sex. If you can hang in there and show him the stability he craves- it may get there. He is ruled by the Planet of Love- Venus, though this is also the planet of romance and sensuality. The two of you should have no troubles in the bedroom as you are both very much into the same sorts of sensual delights.

taurus guy and cancer girl relationship

As long as you just enjoy yourself, there should be no issue there between you. But again, be very careful not to allow yourself to be tricked into thinking sex means love for him!

In time it most definitely can but he can be quite the player at times. You are very into lavishing your love all over your partners, all of the time. He prefers those sort of things to be very private for the most part and both of you are incredibly trustworthy. You have a tendency towards pessimism which causes you to be a bit possessive, too.

Allowing yourself to meet him halfway here will help a great deal in preventing him from veering into the jealous cold shoulder- but also, prevent you from pushing him away by making him feel you do not trust him. Both of you may need to work on the possessiveness issue, as both of you can sometimes be a bit on the over the top side with that. Yours tends to express itself in a much more positive fashion than his does and this is another thing to be careful of.

If you spoil him too much and act as though you want nothing in return: Maintain some healthy boundaries and make sure that you are both on the same page and that he is reciprocating. Because you have a strong tendency to worry a lot, his at times, thoughtless behavior may get the better of you.

They do tend towards being a bit prideful when called on this: With a Taurus man the best communication is the simplest.

taurus guy and cancer girl relationship

Though you may feel like you should fully illustrate your feelings using your words, this can often be very confusing to him and even intimidating. Just keep things very simple and plain. And always, always, always say what you mean and try to avoid ever speaking out of your anger or frustration! Both carry a need for pure and loyal love.

With the elements, this is only one small part of the overall picture of compatibility between you, but, generally, your element, Water, works very well with his element, Earth. It goes a step further into modalities. The love runs deep in this coupling as does the nurturing and compassion. Yes, a Taurus Man is famous for his stubbornness and occasional tantrum. But, the Cancer Woman is loving, patient, and ready to encourage her man.

She will push him to improve his diplomacy and self-control. Cancer is not perfect either. The female in this pairing prone to moodiness and irritation. The Taurus Man does his best to give his partner plenty of personal space. The Taurus Man in this relationship has a serious soft spot for his mate. He adores her personality as much as he admires her physical beauty.

He proves a pillar of support for her. His constancy and steadfast nature help the Cancer Woman realize how much he loves her. He will protect her over his own life. His dedication is the main factor in Taurus and Cancer compatibility. The Cancer Woman has no problem rushing right into the engagement and marriage. The Taurus Man is slow-moving making any decision at all.

The Cancer Woman will see his slow pace as procrastination or hesitancy. A Taurus Man takes marriage seriously and sets out to make it last a lifetime. In most cases, a Taurus Man has no problem marrying a Cancer Woman. Her commitment to family and pleasant homemaking skills makes her an excellent wife. He provides her with permanence and safety.

She gives him love and loyalty. Both partners in the relationship find emotional fulfillment. The Cancer Woman teaches the Taurus Man how to explore his feelings.

She encourages him to open up to her and reveal his most intimate emotional self. The trust between the Taurus and Cancer love match is solid. The Cancer Woman knows if mistrust ever becomes an issue, the relationship will meet its end.

He must tolerate the ever-changing tides of emotions she experiences. While her emotions become unpredictable, Taurus remains the dependable port in a storm. When the Cancer Woman feels she is drowning in emotion, she can reach for the hand of her loving Taurus partner. Besides, the Taurus Woman and Cancer Man have little trouble getting along.

These two friendly personalities are kind, patience, and understanding. The Cancer Man is confident but shy. The Taurus Woman is gentle and methodical.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

When looking to bring the relationship to the next level, the Taurus Woman is in no rush to do so. Good thing for her the Cancer Man is as patient as she is methodical. She wants to analyze the relationship to determine its long-term potential. Too many it looks like hesitation or procrastination. The Cancer Man longs for emotional security.

Taurus woman and cancer man love compatibility

The Taurus and Cancer relationship has a lasting bond. Even when the Cancer Man has rapid or cycling mood swings, the Taurus Woman finds a way to manage. Her resistance to change is a source of irritation to the Cancer Man. It can be a source of rage too if she remains unmovable and unreasonable. Arguments are rare between the Taurus Woman and Cancer Man.

But, when they do happen, the battles can be epic! It takes a long time for the Taurus Woman to cool down from a rage. It takes an even longer time for the Cancer Man to stop sulking. She screams and yells. He pouts and gives her the silent treatment. The Taurus Woman has a tender heart matching the heart of the emotional Cancer partner.

During debates, if the Cancer Man throws out hurtful words, it pains the Taurus Woman. She has a rock-solid memory and is not soon to forget the words said. The Taurus Woman is stubborn and capable of holding a grudge. The Cancer Man may find his mate haunts him with his words in the future. When it comes to Taurus and Cancer compatibility, these lovebirds find lasting love. Taurus is one who seeks physical and sensual fulfillment. Cancer seeks emotional support and love.

Between the two, this duo brings a nice balance to the table. They become friends fast and intimate, trusting lovers with ease.

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The connection between the Taurus and Cancer personalities seems natural and meant-to-be. There is little that complicates or endangers the love connection. If the Taurus and Cancer love match symbolizes anything at all, it is balance. This relationship lasts for years to come because the couple harmonizes well together. This duo is supportive of each other in all endeavors. They are like-minded and often want the same things out of life. The compatibility in the Taurus and Cancer love match is impressive.

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