Transcending time and space relationship

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transcending time and space relationship

Proximity was a major determinant of relationships. You weren't quite doomed when Transcending Time and Distance. Trying to hold on, in a. Through transitive relation, why can't love also exist on the same But love doesn't push us across time and space only in the Nolans' universe. . that binds the universe together and literally transcends space and time. 2 Ways to Transcend Time and Space perceptions in a world of suffering, back into a complete whole inter-relationship with each other.

It doesn't take us two years to retrieve it. Since thought can be perceived as instantaneous, what happened to us two years is happening right now, inside our minds, creating our emotions, our feelings, and our future potentials. If I ask what you're going to do when you stop reading this, you might say, "I'm going to sleep," and you would know that instantaneously. You wouldn't have to wait until you actually stopped reading to answer the question.

IF I ask you what you were doing in the early s and you can see into your past lives, the answer will come to you instantaneously. This means that everything is happening simultaneously within us. As constructs time and space are relevant for us only to a point.

Once we extend our consciousness into the infinite, we literally transcend time and space. They no longer exist because they have no impact on us-just as when we clear emotional perspective on a childhood event, it no longer has impact on us.

So purposefully, it was broken intoparts. Each one of these parts was likewise broken down into desires. That is, each individual desire within Adam ha Rishon consists of desires that can be corrected; the parts are small enough.

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Thus, in the point in the heart of the individual who begins to feel this desire for spirituality, this coin from the treasure of the King, plus the other desires that exist in the heart must be transformed bit by bit to resemble to a greater degree the quality of the Creator, to reverse this process.

Painfully or through Attainment This process of the return to our source and correction Tikkunof fulfillment of the Thought of Creation, is going to happen, and all of us, allpieces of the collective soul are going to rejoin, and are going to ascend from physical selfish perceptions in a world of suffering, back into a complete whole inter-relationship with each other.

Transcending Time and Distance

In this way we reach the goal of creation, which is adhesion to the Creator and the complete filling of the greatest unbounded desire. But the question is, will it happen consciously, with our agreement, or will we be pushed to it?

transcending time and space relationship

There is one goal, which is assured, but there are two paths to the goal: He barely tolerated Luss in there, and that okama refused to step foot inside unless it had been properly cleaned after the first time. The little maid, being the most recent hire and the only one who was available, quietly entered the room with several trash bags, enough cleaning supplies to handle damn near anything, and the air of someone who was exasperated with the situation.

She was not expecting Belphegor to still be in there. He was supposed to be out on a mission! He had her pinned to the wall with a knife to the throat and a bloodthirsty smirk firmly in place.

Did you really think you could keep avoiding me like that? He couldn't properly see her eyes under those long bangs there were hints of green, but that was itbut he could feel her annoyance. The prince is not a fake. Her green eyes should looked like they were once very expressive, but something had stripped all emotion from them in a painful manner.

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Belphegor didn't like that. Belphegor stared at her from behind his bangs. He slowly let her up from the wall, and she went to work with admirable efficiency for a peasant. Every so often he would throw some of his knives at her just to see how she would react. The closest she came to it was catching said knives before they went more than a few inches past her head before bending them, to his annoyance.

This maid was really starting to piss him off. In less than an hour, she had the room as close to clean as it was liable to get with a cranky Prince bothering her.

transcending time and space relationship

She left without a word, leaving a confused and irritable Belphegor behind. Well as much as one could see considering the cowl hide half their features from view. This is beyond adorable and entertaining.

And you're saying the little prince hasn't figured it out yet? It was great entertainment to watch the two.

transcending time and space relationship

Even if Squalo had yet to pick up on the fact that Belphegor had an admirer. Luss grinned at the Mist. A few weeks later Belphegor stared at the annoying maid. Just being around her was confusing It was like she had a talent for pissing people off.

Besides, it's a free ticket to a decent movie with lots of blood, death and gratuitous violence with the inevitable horror cliches. Luss and Mammon discreetly smirked as they watched Belphegor and the little maid drive off to the movies.

transcending time and space relationship

This was too entertaining to pass up! Belphegor found it all rather amusing. Mammon smirked when, as the little maid they really needed to find out what her name was was coming back from using the restroom and getting a refill of her root beer, the Mist Arcobaleno deliberately tripped her.

The effect was instant. She managed to keep her drink from spilling, but not her balance. It took Belphegor a few seconds to register that the annoying maid was sprawled on his lap. A faint tinge of red mostly hidden by his long bangs came across his cheeks. She put her drink into the cup holder and slowly managed to get back up off his lap. Though there was no way Bel could miss the blush on her cheeks