Triss and yennefer relationship advice

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triss and yennefer relationship advice

in The Last Wish, will I be able to continue my relationship with Triss? So my advice, don't say "I love you" to both Triss and Yen, it's either. everyone should what they want with their in game relationships, but yes, the facial I did Triss for NG and Yen for NG+, best way to do it IMO (Not necessarily in that order, but to try each path) .. Take your own advice. If you thought it might be nice to hook up with both Triss and Yennefer, we have If you tell Yennefer you love her during the Last Wish quest, and you tell Triss the . Could also argue their rocky relationship was due in part because she was . Your post sadly is a collection of misinterpretations and I advice everyone not.

One, that Yennefer will randomly think about Triss whenever something funny happens. And two that she respects her opinions enough to randomly quote them and make them her owns. Nowadays most people tend to misuse it to speak about acquaintances. Another part which is maybe more obvious is this one: A house built with your own hands, and you and I in that house.

You would keep horses and sheep, and I would have a little garden, cook food and card wool, which we would take to market. Every now and then, Ciri would visit us with her husband and three children, and Triss Merigold would occasionally look in, to stay for a few days.

And should I ever get bored, you would play for me in the evening on your homemade bagpipes. Playing the bagpipes - as everyone knows - is the best remedy for depression.

In that part Yennefer is in bed with the man she loves and they just made love. She is here completely vulnerable, all her barriers are down and she is day dreaming about the life she could have with Geralt. And apparently that life would include Geralt, the man she loves, Ciri, her daughter…. Triss is the ONE person besides her family that she would want in her life. And in that moment she is not pretending, she has no reason to, she is just being completely honest.

Triss on the other hand is a little bit more difficult to read for several reasons. The first being that she is more outgoing than Yen; more friendly with every one so telling who she really cares about is harder. And then because Triss is torn apart between her friends and doing what she thinks is right, and because she is very conflicted about it she will not always act on her feelings for Yennefer.

Still Sapkowski took the time to show that she really cares. When Yennefer was telling the assembly about Ciri, Triss Merigold looked attentively at her. Yennefer spoke calmly and without emotion, but Triss knew her too well and had known her for too long to be fooled. She had seen her in many situations, including stressful ones, which had exhausted her and led her to the verge of sickness, and occasionally into it.

Now, without doubt, Yennefer found herself in such a situation again. She looked distressed, weary and ill. Andrzej Sapkowski - Baptism of Fire Once again, such a short sample from the books, and so many things to say about it. First Triss knows Yen very well, well enough to see past her mask, directly to what she tries so hard to hide from the rest of the world.

Second that Triss does care a lot, enough to actually worry about Yen and to look for these signs during a very important lodge meeting. Barely two months had passed since the events on the Isle of Thanedd, and the names of the traitors bribed by Nilfgaard were remembered. The name of the celebrated Yennefer too.

triss and yennefer relationship advice

Never seen her after that. The jarl was away on an expedition, but they said when he returned he first received the witch harshly, but later treated her polite and courteous. And I was just waiting to see what kind of surprise the sorceress would conjure up for me before the jarl.

Never said a word, never complained. Here she is on a mission for the lodge, investigating the whereabouts of Yennefer. But when she hears the rumor that Yennefer is dead, her reaction is definitely one you could expect from a friend. For a moment there she forgets all about her mission and almost blows her cover because she genuinely cares about what happens to Yen and suddenly not so much about the lodge. Overcoming differences We have now established that Yen and Triss deeply care about each other.

But that is not always enough to make a great friendship. Great friendships are the ones in which both people support each other no matter what and respect each other in spite of their differences.

She is self confident and introverted.

Everyone should break Yennefer's heart at least once (Spoilers)

Triss on the other hand cares about politics and is all about doing the right thing for the greater good. She is shy, insecure and extroverted. They are so different actually that one could almost think that Sapkowski did it on purpose.

There are actually a few talks between them in the saga, in which you can see just how different they are, and yet how much they care about each other. Here are a few examples. I thought they were more of them. Philippa Eilhart is another Council member.

triss and yennefer relationship advice

Do you really not know, Geralt? Ever since the Battle of Sodden. As I stated earlier, Triss is ambitious, she enjoys politics. Yennefer on the other hand not so much. So here we learn a few things. Second Triss does care about it. That is true friendship right there. Yennefer warned her gravely. And by the way…. Will I be able to see her? We have established already that Yennefer is not so much into politics, but there is one thing she cares about, and that is Ciri. In that part Triss and Yen are talking about the girl and Yen reminds Triss not to say anything that could put Ciri in danger.

But she is not only warning her. She is basically telling her that she would trust her with Ciri and that she would talk to her about it, give her information about it. In my opinion that shows just how much Yennefer trusts Triss at that point of the story. Another interesting thing to notice is the part about Triss running classes in Aretuza. Yen is not interested in politics, but there is one thing she is interested in and that is knowledge, learning things, teaching things, that is something Yennefer really enjoys.

And here she is, encouraging Triss to take that position.

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To sum up things quickly, basically Yen fell in love with the guy, but since they had a hard time maintaining a healthy relationship at first they often parted ways before getting back together again. During one of those break ups, Triss, being curious about the whole thing actually casts a spell on Geralt and sleeps with him.

Problem is, she falls in love with him too in the process. So how do they handle it? Well first, Triss genuinely falls in love with Geralt, and I think she feels genuinely guilty about it…. So in Blood of Elves, she basically goes to Kaer Morrhen with the intention of betraying Yen once more by pursuing a romantic relationship with the witcher.

Yet once she gets there and it becomes obvious to her that Geralt still loves Yennefer deeply, what does she do? The girl is an exceptionally powerful medium. Something wants to take possession of her. Something which is too powerful for me. I am afraid for her. Another trance could end in mental illness. I would even not be capable, if there were no other option, of permanently extinguishing them.

triss and yennefer relationship advice

You have to get help from another magician. A more gifted one. I can guess why you turned to me rather than her. Overcome your pride, crush your rancor and obstinacy. Another trance is liable to be more dangerous to her than the Trial of Grasses. Ask Yennefer for help, Geralt.

So here, Triss tried to teach Ciri how to control her powers and failed. So what is Triss doing? Basically admitting that she is not strong enough to handle things…. And encouraging Geralt to go to Yennefer, fully knowing that it will probably end up by the two of them getting back together. Yet she did, and I seriously think she meant it and was willing to let Geralt go. As he took the goblets from the tray the page was carrying, he discreetly observed the two enchantresses.

Yennefer was speaking quickly and quietly, while Triss Merigold was listening intently, with her head down. When he returned, Triss had gone. We like each other. We understand each other wonderfully and will always do so, irrespective of various minor… incidents.

Just then it seemed to me she had some doubts. Well apparently Yen is not happy, and she makes it very obvious. Yet she is willing to forgive Triss, which I think is both surprising and very nice of her. Thing is once again they both are very different and yet understand each other very well. And Yennefer knows that and is willing to forgive her for it…. But she also knows that things have changed and that in that moment Triss does have real feelings for Geralt.

Honestly, I do think that after that Triss would have backed off and that it would have been the end of it. But of course things are never that simple and there are some other divergences of opinion about to come in the way. While Yennefer only cares about her family and protecting Ciri at this point, Triss once again proves to have very different priorities.

And Yennefer would have been completely ok with it…. Except for the fact that the interests of the lodge will soon be in conflict with her own. And Triss… well Triss finds herself in the middle of that, torn apart between her feelings for Yennefer and Geralt and Ciri as welland the fact that she genuinely thinks that the lodge is acting for the greater good and that some personal sacrifices could be worth it all.

It soon turned out, however, that her hopes were in vain. Has he shown other symptoms of paranoia? Geralt, I know you've a deep temperament and a sensitive soul, but do not talk such crap, as you can see, Yennefer is not here, just us old wolves.

Don't tell us old wolves stories of a witcher not needing a sword, the world is not like that. You are a witcher and you will need …' 'No, I won't,' Geralt gently denied. That it is foolish to stick my neck out for anyone. Even if that someone pays. An no, this is not an existential philosophy. Believe it, but suddenly, I have taken a tremendous affection for my own skin. I have come to the conclusion that it would be stupid to risk it in defence of others. On the other …' 'There is no other.

That's the only reason why he is still living. The two of them have been miserable "together" for so long, what's to say she won't ultimately also be better off with all that behind her? That's just throwing good years after bad ones and refusing to face your problems. You mean the ones, when Geralt was nothing than fuzzing about how Yennefer did this or that? When people even started to tell him to stop talking about her?

People around him begun to be annoyed by the amount of time he spent talking and thinking about Yennefer. That's what people do, when they can't stop thinking about someone for obvious reasons. Hell, Geralt even started to call the woman he is having sex right now Yennefer ffs!

The Lady of the Lake Fringilla was silent for a moment. She had not the slightest intention of telling the lodge that during the last two weeks the witcher had called her Yennefer twice — and at times, when she had every right to be called by her own name.

However the lodge had a right to expect from her the truth. And some useful findings. Whenever they were together, they were happy. The whole world around them could have ended, it wouldn't have mattered for them then. The only reason why their relationship didn't work was the reason a lot of relationships won't work even in real-life, they didn't really talk to each other and if they did, neither of them made compromises.

Geralt should have talked about that he wants free space from time to time instead of just leaving her behind. She told him that he will get used to it, the real reason was that she didn't want to risk his life all the time. She didn't want to lose him for mere orens, that's why he should do rather cheap jobs. She got enough money for 10 lifes anyway, why let him risk his all the time? Geralt should have admit his feelings towards her like she already did. She opened her heart towards him and he did nothing.

And you… Oh, no, my dear. Who can be made a mockery of. Utter a single word and you will regret it! She gave him everything, even things she thought she wasn't capable of, and he just couldn't handle it, because he didn't know how. It was overwhelming and instead of welcoming and replying to it, he ran away.