Twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

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twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

Orsino. Stand you a while aloof, Cesario, Thou know'st no less but all; I have unclasp'd. To thee the book even of my secret soul: Therefore, good youth, address. Viola falls in love with Orsino, while disguised as his pageboy, Cesario. Below you will find the important quotes in Twelfth Night related to the theme of Desire. Examine how Shakespeare portrays love in Twelfth Night. Refer to other poems from the poetry selection in your response. Both the love depicted in Sonnet and the relationship of Orsino and Viola would surely have the approval of.

Shakespeare includes this type of love to show that not all love is about physical attributes, but is mainly about personality and character. Love across social boundaries is another type of love that Shakespeare explores. This type of love is socially not accepted and is often rejected. I extend my hand to him thus…. Shakespeare explores this love, to show that love should be selfless, but is not always so. Sebastian also marries Olivia without really loving her.

He had known her for mere minutes when he agreed to marry her. This shows that he is only interested in her because she is beautiful and wealthy.

twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

Shakespeare uses this love to show us that people pretend to love another to advance themselves, or to stop themselves from looking stupid. Shakespeare explores courtly love through the characters of Orsino and Olivia.

This love is a historical way of courting someone, and involves putting them on a pedestal and worshipping them from a far. In the end though, it turns out that he does not actually love her. Shakespeare introduces this love to show us that worshipping someone does not always mean that you are in love with them Self love is the final type of love that Shakespeare explores. This is represented by Malvolio, who is so pompous that he cannot see what is really going on when he finds the letter.

He is so self absorbed that he does not realise that it is a trick. He later appears wearing yellow stockings and cross-gartered, a fashion which Olivia detests.

Twelfth Night - Duke Orsino talks to Viola about love and age

He thinks that he knows her extremely well, as he has served her for many years, but he does not know that she does not like that particular fashion. Shakespeare uses this love to show us that people will go to extremes to secure the love of another. One of the main images that Shakespeare uses is music.

twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

In a similar way, the play is ended with a song from Feste, the fool. Another image that is used is the sea. Things such as precious stones and flowers are used to represent the traditional image of love: The final image is that of hunting. One of the main techniques he uses is dramatic irony.

twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

This puts the audience in a privileged position, as we know things that the characters do not. This allows us to judge them and make informed decisions throughout the play at times when we have more information than the character.

Twelfth night - I am the man scene - Viola - Malvolio - Sebastian

I pity you, Olivia: Another technique that Shakespeare uses is word play. She might wear a visible disguise, but she is clearer in conscience and true to her own self than others who wear the mask over their very souls. Both Orsino, in his assumptions of love, and Olivia, in her mistaken perceptions serve to be inferior contrasts to Viola.

Even, towards the end of the play, when she meets Sebastian, she actually confirms the reality by interrogations before she exults in being re-united with her brother. However, to assume that Viola is made only of practical wisdom would be a mistake as it would overlook the essential Romantic element in her character. She is never at home in her disguise and never for a moment forgets that she is playing a part of being conscious of a constant conflict between Cesario and Viola, between appearance and reality: Wherein the pregnant enemy does much.

How easy is it for the proper false.

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In women's waxen hearts to set their forms! At the same time, she herself teaches Orsino as well as Olivia the true lessons of love.

twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

Whether Duke Orsino really deserves such a patient, sincere and truthful partner is a valid question. There is always a sense of imbalance, of inadequacy in Orsino.

Viola in William Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night"

However, Shakespeare had already established the duke as an efficient ruler and adequately gifted in other fields of life. Being in company of Viola has the promise of a correction and hence it makes the match between Viola and Orsino justified.

twelfth night viola and orsino relationship poems

Hence Viola had to cast off her disguise and assume the feminine role secured for her. Guided by the sentiments of love in the abstract, inspired by a pure sense of beauty, she has her being fostered and developed in an elevated atmosphere of her own.

The smaller and grosser inclinations of nature disappear by being subordinated to the superior ones creating a perfect harmony of characterization in Viola.