Vaan and penelo relationship help

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vaan and penelo relationship help

This Site Might Help You. The only confirmed couple is Vaan and Penelo, although they don't officially get together until the secret ending Many people believe that Balthier and Fran are in a relationship, but I don't see it. I thought that they had a good enough relationship. They weren't too distant from each other. Vaan and Penelo may have been slightly distant. Some sources say Vaan and Penelo are together, and some hint at an Vaan and Penello relationship is something new and hasn't been done in an Aww come on, isn't it a fan's job to support and back-up what he likes?.

People are now agreeing with me that Vaan and Ashe are sooooo cute!! And Penelo should die!! I mean, not everything has to revolve around someone or other's love life. By the way, have you seen that concept art of the airship, and Vaan and Ashe standing around admiring it?

Montoblanc Jul 27 You know Ashe is the youngest of like 8 brothers. That Silver guy could be her brother. Ashe's other brother could've died and that's why the king is giving Silver the family heirloom.

vaan and penelo relationship help

Probably Basch also killed him and the king and now the sword is given to Ashe. Ashe is just probably happy because she didn't like the brother that died before the parade thing. We didn't realize, of course, that all those scenes were from half, if not two-thirds, of the way through the story. Mico Jul 27 Anyway, I don't really know how the scene would go I dont get it I was actually devastated when I first heard that they weren't gonna be together Hiro Nomura Jul 27 And she's dressed with her ordinary attire, which is that elaborate dress, when she leaves.

Maybe Ashe and Vaan will still come together Is that just the fanbases? Ceres Jul 27 I think it's just from the fanbases. I'm not Japanese, though my friends seemed to be very convinced that Ashe and Vaan won't get together. I think in an interview they said that maybe between Ashe and Vaan wouldn't be the typical romantic love.

It's great to stay that way to see some changes on the pairings of the character. Headmaster Arhska so you're staying here again. I remember you In squareinsider but i don't think you remember me.

Final Fantasy XII, who likes who?

PM me if you did. Oblivion Jul 28 At first when I found out that Vaan and Ashe will not be together I was like oh shit wtf? And then I saw Silver and I'm like wow this might actually be an excellent arrangement, however avant-garde it is. Because when you really think about it, Vaan is just like this kid, and Ashe is much more of an adult than he is. She's already like, a mature woman, rather than the playful innocent kawaii girls played by Penelowhich makes her, Ashe, most sincerely awesome and beautiful, but unsuitable with Vaan.

However pixellated Ashe is, she was smiling quite serenely and happily and prettily. Mikachu Jul 29 Grivenger Jul 29 Maybe thats the purpose for him to end up with Ashe.

Sharra Jul 29 Ashe is actually older then Vaan. And for some reason it is a sort of taboo for the guy to end up with a girl who is older than him. Aeris was older than Cloud and in the end he ended up with Tifa who was younger or he sorta ended up with her I have actually thought that he may be her brother at one point, but he could also be her fiance. I don't really think they are married, not yet at least. Ceres Jul 30 Actually, that could change. SE did say that FF12 would have complicated love.

I don't know what will be her weopon though So now im confused again Skaeve mentions that this time around, the traditional hero and heroine love theme will be different from previous FFs so i thought Penelo would be Vaan's love interest but seeing that she's his sister, that wouldn't really be approriate.

My question is who will be Vaan's love interest if its not gonna be Ashe or Penelo?

vaan and penelo relationship help

From what the info released sounds like, they aren't brother and sister, but they could've been hiding it for some time Can someone translate that thing? I can read japanese but I can't understand it Xd Not that far yet. I don't know, I just do. She just seems more appealing than Ashe. If Vaan's love interest is going to be an NPC, that would just kill the game entirely I think anyway. I'm desperately hoping that that will never ever happen. I think if ashe does like vaans brother than I think he'll probably die and vaan would take his place or something That could be a possibility - kinda reminds me of Rinoa and Seifer's relationship before she started liking Squall instead Skaeve I think she is playable!!

She is a talented singer and dancer and makes her living from her skills as well as the bazaar. Her parents were killed and she ventures with Vaan and Ashe to not only save Dalamasca Kingdom but to find out what happened to her parents. Along the course of the story, the Occuria created an image of the late Rasler to lead Ashe wherever they needed her to go.

In their encounter, the Occuria offered her nethicite to rule as another Dynast-King, and conquer Ivalice in their stead. A year after the Bahamut's crash, Ashe is crowned Queen of Dalmasca and eventually rejoins her friends in protecting the peace from the mysterious Judge of Wings in Revenant Wings.

We were given orders from the start to not make her look like an Asian. But we modified her a bit to look more like a Japanese for the sake of the Japanese audience, and also since a character that looks completely French makes some of the CG expressions difficult. He and his twin brother Noah are natives of the Republic of Landis, which was conquered by the Archadians long before the events of the game. When Landis was overthrown, Basch fled to Dalmasca and Noah to Archadia, and the brothers lost contact.

Basch joined the Dalmascan army, eventually rising to become one of its most respected officers. Basch carried Rasler's body from the battlefield and went into hiding with the surviving commanders of the Dalmascan military.

vaan and penelo relationship help

Shortly after the Archadians moved in to occupy Rabanastre, he and Captain Azelas led an assault on Nalbina Fortress in an attempt to save the king, only to be captured by Imperial forces. His brother Noah, now called Gabranth and in the employ of Archadia, posed as Basch and slew the Dalmascan king and Vaan's older brother, Reks, who witnessed the crime.

Basch was denounced by the Dalmascans as a traitor and reportedly executed by Marquis Ondore. Though all three were initially suspicious of him especially Vaan, who blamed him for Reks's deathBasch protested his innocence and told them about his twin.

vaan and penelo relationship help

The party decided his story was plausible and released him. Basch explained that his vow to defend Ashe had given him purpose and a renewed sense of honor. He also appears in Itadaki Street Portable.

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She dreams of being a dancer, and learned martial arts from her older brothers. Migelo, a friend to Penelo's parents, took them under his care and gave them work at his sundry shop. Penelo is usually trying to keep Vaan out of trouble, but she could not stop Vaan from intruding into the palace grounds. This encounter forced her into a series of events, when she was kidnapped by Bangaa headhunter Ba'gamnan and held as hostage in exchange for Balthier.

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When she managed to escape, she met with Larsa Solidor, one of the sons of Archadian Emperor Gramis, who took care of her and convinced her he wished to make peace with Dalmasca. When she is finally reunited with Vaan, she made him promise not to leave her side, and ever since traveled with Vaan, furthering their relationship as sky pirate and partner.

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In the backstory of Final Fantasy XII, she has terrible cooking skills, despite being the motherly figure to the other orphans, and in the sequel, she is trying her best to improve her skills by running a diner on the Galbana. Penelo also appears in Itadaki Street Portable.

He and his Viera companion, Fran, prefer to remain outside politics, making their living off of whomever has the most for the taking. Vaan gets to the magicite first, and when Balthier and Fran confront him, the three of them are caught up in the chaos of a rebel assault on the palace. Cid Cidolfus Demen Bunansa. Balthier received many privileges as Cid's son, including being made an Imperial Judge, but eventually cut ties with his father when Cid became consumed by his experimentation with nethicite.

Balthier is now a renowned career criminal with a sizable bounty on his head, and must be careful to avoid the attention of both the law and the bounty hunters seeking the reward for his capture. He originally joins the resistance in the hope of reacquiring the Dusk Shard, but when he learns it is actually a piece of nethicite, he sees too much of his father's obsession in his own quest and decides to abandon the search.

Cid at the Pharos, Balthier makes peace with his father and helps the group to destroy the Sky Fortress Bahamut as penance for Cid's deeds. Balthier says that he is to be the "leading man" of the story many times throughout the game, and insists that this makes him invincible, since the hero always emerges in one piece.

Balthier was at first intent to take Lemures' treasure, the Auracite, but knew the truth behind it and attempted to destroy the Auralith, eventually rejoining Vaan's group to fight the Judge of Wings, letting Vaan be the "leading man" while he himself leaves the limelight. He made a crossover appearance in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions. Like all Viera, she is exceptionally sensitive to the magical Mist that permeates Ivalice, and is affected by it on three separate occasions: When the party reaches Giruvegan, she can detect the Mist nearby has cooled and is less intense.

Fran once lived with her sisters Jote and Mjrn in Eruyt Village, the secluded Viera settlement in Golmore Jungle, but became restless and desired to see the outside world.