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van halen meet and greet

Bid now on this rare opportunity to meet Eddie Van Halen and see Van Halen from 2 artist reserved seats at the North This is a brief private meet and greet. 4 days left to bid on this VH ticket/meet & greet package benefiting The Grammy Foundation's #MusicCares Program. Tickets are on sale now to see Van Halen Live on Tour with the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. A limited number of VIP Packages are available and may include.

Jason and Joe who know this neighborhood best and advise us to leave L. Because at any time now, some crazy dude can walk in and start shooting. That seems like the best idea. On our way back to the hotel at a certain point the taxi stops because the driver refuses to continue.

At the end of the street there are people breaking windows, robbing stores and carrying TV-sets and handful of clothing outside. There are even guys stealing a complete Xerox machine. We have to pass the looting scenes in order to get to our hotel, so Gert-Jan and I decide to walk that last part.

So we cross the street to be away from those people as far as we can. But to our surprise they already know. So we rent a car but before we leave we send a fax to the management in order to request for a change of venue for our tickets.

On our way to San Diego we hear the news on the radio that the management and promoter have decided to postpone the L. When we arrive at the San Diego Sports Arena we park the park at the backside of the venue, close to the tour busses and trucks.

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Because we are not sure if the tickets have been arranged we buy two at the will call just in order to be sure. Surprisingly the show is not sold out. Because we are early we have to wait for a long time in the very hot California weather. I recognized it instantly when I first saw the scene in the movie. We ask a security guy if we can speak to Scotty Ross tour manager or Bob Daitz road manager.

He allows us to walk with him down to the hall where the crew is building the stage. Gert-Jan and I decide to do anything we can to make sure we did everything we could do.

So in the car we write a letter to Alex explaining the whole situation.

van halen meet and greet

Lucky for us the security guy wants to help us but the question is if our letter will get to the right place. They like the fact we came alI the way from Holland to see the band. We got in touch with the band after the show and went to Burger King together. The man from their record company invited us to come to Brussel the next day and put us on the guest list.

We got to spend some quality time with them. You can imagine their surprise when they saw us in San Diego a month later. You should have seen those faces. Van Halen fans around us act very confused when they witnessed the enthusiasm of Baby Animals towards us.

He promises us to get us backstage as a guest of his band. Later than expected the first limo arrives. He says hi to everyone waiting which is very nice of him.

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We cannot see him get out because the car rolls down in the back of the venue. After soundcheck Michael leaves the venue again. He seems to like it. Not much later a third black limo is arriving.

Sammy Hagar is in the house. In the meantime Dave Leslie has returned to inform us that we can see the band before and after the show. As a reader you might think what we are nervous about.

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Eurgenia Van Halen took care of us, right? And about getting backstage there was no info from the get go. We were told to go to the will call to pick up our tickets and we try that a couple of times without result until the moment there is an envelop handed over. But the good news is: Next thing to do is go to the will call to pick up our tickets and passes. We each get two envelopes. Her initials are also on the pass itself. With a very good feeling we walk inside were we see Bob Daitz again.

He sends us to the catering room were more people are sitting at tables. There we meet Brian, a guy who makes clothing for Alex and some other guests.

Gert-Jan and I are group ten of twelve which means we will get a picture moment with Van Halen.

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After a while the band walks in. The first thing I notice is the fact that there are so small. In pictures and on screen they look a lot taller. Baby Animals already started playing some time ago. While talking to Edward, Alex joins in and informs his brother that we brought rolmops. When Sammy passes by he asks us to follow him.

He insists that if we need something or like to know something, we can contact her. Back then I guess he was still kind of secretly dating her because he was still married to Betsy. In America there is no fan club and in the past there was only a few pages newsletter.

I tell him the photos were taken in Amsterdam inhis last show in Europe. All thanks to my good friend and photographer Gerard Rappard. Sammy is very grateful for the stuff we bring and maybe therefore he gives us both one of his Red Rocker sunglasses.

For some unknown reason we ask Sammy if he knows any Dutch words. Alex is also in the room and we ask him the inevitable question about plans for a European tour. Alex looks very sincere and we believe him. While talking to us he is taping his fingers to avoid blisters. He excuses himself because he also got to warm up before the show.

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We wish him a good show and leave to find our seats. From behind the curtain we see When seated we study the stage. In the middle the drum riser with a relative small kit. For the first time ever Alex is using just a single bass drum. Van Halen sometimes used their big production as an excuse not to tour Europe because venue were too small. Even with nine big trucks parked outside. Alex and Mike come in; Van Halen has just begun.

After three songs Sammy makes a remark about the terrible situation going on in Los Angeles. I thought I was playing it correctly! By the age of twelve Ed had discovered rock and roll. Alex began playing the guitar, Edward bought a drum kit and began practicing for hours every day.

Eddie began learning how to play the electric guitar. He also took up the violin and cello at this time. A friend of Jan Van Halen built an amp for Ed, and for the first time he was plugged in.

As a teen, he would often practice while walking around at home with his guitar strapped on or sitting in his room for hours with the door locked. A Clapton fanatic to this day, he took it upon himself to memorized and perform Cream songs note-for-note. He became locally famous for it. Jimmy Page seemed to embody more of what Ed was really about, feeling over accuracy. It was Page who inspired Eddie to develop his tapping technique.

The Broken Combs, Van Halen would later say that this was when he first felt the desire to become a professional musician.

In these early years Ed was both a guitar player and a lead singer for his band Mammoth, nicknamed Junior Cream. Ed hated singing lead, though, and the lineup of Mammoth changed to include David Lee Roth. You know, I would just scream it out and kind of waste my voice.

van halen meet and greet

The band transformed from a high concept technical band to a hard pounding party band. By Mammoth was an established band on the local scene and Eddie had developed his tapping technique into a recognizable, unique style. This is not to say that Eddie was the only one tapping at this time. Several musicians had been doing similar techniques for decades. He developed his own style independent of outside tapping influences. It was this style that brought the technique to the forefront of rock guitar in the late s.

Rather than helping the band, Ed was actually keeping the band from getting the best gigs. When they became known as Van Halen, they tried to get gigs at the popular Los Angeles clubs, but Eddie was too loud.

He had to be. In order for his Marshall to sound its best, it had to be turned up to 10 at all times. To rectify this Ed would turn his amp around or put padding in front to muffle the sound. Later, Ed used a Variac to adjust the voltage instead of the volume, so the amp would always sound its best. Other prestigious gigs followed as the band spent about three years working the club circuit.

van halen meet and greet

During the club years the band recognized the talent they had in Eddie. Alex and David suggested that Eddie should probably conceal some of his more innovative techniques from the audiences, which at times included guitarists from all over the L. Ted saw the potential of the ground-breaking instrumental and soon guitarists from around the world, in their studios and in their garages, would be spending countless hours trying to copy it.

Ed was just getting started. His talent has never lied in any one technique, but in his ability to translate the sounds in his heads to the guitar. If that means coming up with a new innovative technique to achieve that sound, so be it. While on tour in support of their debut album, Van HalenEd added another innovation to his repertoire.

He had enough money to retire his father and buy him a boat. Though the keyboards were subtle, it marked a new beginning for Eddie. He refused to be confined to the guitar to express his musical ideas.

The band embarked on the World Invasion tour. Seven months later they were married. The party was over. After recording three albums and going on three tours in three years the band was set to do the same thing for the fourth album Fair Warning. Ed was admittedly depressed and made it clear to some that he no longer wanted to be in the band. During the recording of Fair Warning, he would often sneak into the recording studio late at night and rerecord his guitar parts the way he wanted them.

What came out of the recordings was a dark, heavy guitar album that many die-hard Van Halen fans consider the best guitar album of the Dave-era albums.

van halen meet and greet

However, it was the least popular in terms of sales. Ed was more reluctant to step out and take control for the next album and instead concentrated more on making guitars and refining his own position in the band.