Vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship quizzes

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vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship quizzes

solved the mystery together, Philip Lombard and Vera Claythorne, both die. I personally felt that Lombard and Vera's relationship was a bit, well rushed. Comprehension Quiz important relationship between actors and audience members, there are . characters of Vera Claythorne and Philip Lombard. When Philip Lombard first sees Vera in the train, he's pretty impressed: “A cool customer, he should imagine—and one who could hold her own—in love or war.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship quizzes

Justice Wargrave, a retired judge, has received a letter from Lady Constance Culmington to come and reminisce about old times. The invitation is unexpected, because Justice Wargrave has not heard from Lady Culmington for about eight years, so he is surprised by her invitation.

Vera Claythorne, a school games mistress, has been employed as a secretary by Una Nancy Owen. She has been given train fare and told she will be picked up at the Oakbridge station to take her to Indian Island. Vera is glad to receive the offer for the job, because she had difficulty finding work, after being the subject of an inquest about the drowning of a child in her care.

Even though she has been found innocent, she still had difficulty finding work. Philip Lombard, who is known for helping people who are in a bit of trouble, has been employed by a mysterious client. He is to help the client on Indian Island for about a week. The money will come in handy, because Philip Lombard is down to his last bit of money. Miss Emily Brent, sixty-five years old and a stickler for rules and proper deportment, has been given a free summer at Indian Island by a mysterious patron.

The letter letting her know about her vacation is signed U. General Macarthur is looking forward to reconnecting with some of his former comrades in arms. He is invited by Owen, but he doesn't remember who he is or how he knows him. He does like the idea of getting together with some of his old friends, especially after hearing a rumor about himself, which casts him in a bad light. Armstrong is looking forward to a vacation from his busy medical practice.

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He has been asked to look over Mr. Owen's wife, who is suffering from a mysterious illness. The doctor, who some years earlier had a bad time and needed to quit drinking to restore himself, is happy to help and is also happy to receive the generous fee Mr.

Owen is paying him.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship quizzes

Anthony Marston is driving himself to Sticklehaven, after receiving an invitation from the Owens. He like the others doesn't know who they are, but assumes they must be a friend of a friend.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship quizzes

The last person we meet on his way to Indian Island is Mr. Blore, who is trying to decide what role he would like to play. He knows who the other invitees are to the island and he has a job to do on the island, which requires him to be anyone other than himself.

He decides to be a rich man from South Africa. The guests who took the fast train are met at Oakbridge station by a cab driver. Since there are more people than room in the cab, Miss Brent and Captain Lombard decide to stay behind and wait for General Macarthur to arrive on the slow train. In the end, he wrote about what he did and about how he was going to kill himself, put it in a bottle, and threw it out to sea.

He was sentenced Edward Seton to death when he was a judge. He was dangerous, crazy and was suicidal because he devised a plan to kill all those people and because he killed himself. Vera Claythorne- She hung herself at the end. She was lured to Indian Island with a job offer.

vera claythorne and philip lombard relationship quizzes

She caused an accidental death to a little boy she had been employed to take care of, Cyril. Her attention had drifted, and the next thing she knew, he was out in the sea. She swam frantically to save him, but arrived too late. She barely survived herself! She felt guilty because of the death she caused, she was cautious because she avoided Brent because she thought she was dangerous, and broken-hearted because she hung herself thinking that it is what Hugo wanted her to do.

Philip Lombard- Killed by Vera Claythorne.

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Vera thought vice versa, and since she had the gun, she killed him thinking she would be safe. Lombard told everyone on the islands that he was invited the through the link of mutual friends. The death Lombard caused was leaving twenty-one men in an African tribe to starve.

He was traveling in Africa, and they were lost in a bush. So he and his pals took whatever food there was left and left the other men to starve. Philip Lombard was selfish because he left the other men to starve, cautious because he brought a revolver to the island, and determined because he wanted to fund out who the murderer was.

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William Blore- He was killed because his head was smashed into a slab of white marble. He was brought to the island on a job offer. He owned a detective agency and was hired to guard the jewels at the house. The death he was linked to was that of James Stephen Landor. He was curious to find out who the murderer was, mysterious because he entered the house under a disguised name, and logical because he was a detective.

Edward Armstrong- He was pushed of the cliff by the murderer himself. Wargrave told him that he knew that neither of them was the murderer, and if his death was faked, he would be able to help Armstrong find the killer. Edward Armstrong was brought to the island also with a job offer. For a large payment, I suppose he was hired as a doctor.