Vocaloid rin and len relationship trust

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vocaloid rin and len relationship trust

-Len has always been by Rin's side, through thick and thin. (LenRin oneshot.) . Miku, beside her, looks more than a little embarrassed. Oops. Len realizes fast, as if .. Rule "I won't ever forgive you if you betray my trust.". Explore Amy's board "Rin and Len Kagamine" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Drawings, Anime art and Hatsune miku. There's plenty of reasons on why Len loves Rin, here's ten of them! RinxLen one- shot/ Trust me, when I say you make a cute tsundere, you seriously do. That way, no one knows not to mess with us or ruin our relationship.

No one but me can get on your soft side. Heck, not even the charming Kaito can.

vocaloid rin and len relationship trust

Whenever he sweet talks to you, he always gets a punch in the face, which kinda makes me happy on the inside. That's the fifth reason why I love you. I love your texts to me. I know, this one makes me sound like a girl, although it is true. I love how you send me morning texts, good-night texts, even texts to make sure I'm alright.

Of course, I do the same to you, but it's a lot more special when you do it to me. That's the sixth reason why I love you. I love how you let me hold you hand in public. I want to let everyone know that you're my girlfriend, so I love how you let me hold your hand in public. That way, no one knows not to mess with us or ruin our relationship. That's the seventh reason why I love you.

I love the kisses we share. Sure, sometimes they're short and just a couple of pecks, but when we share true kisses, they're sweet and gentle. I love our small glances at each other during class. Whenever we're both bored and could care less about what our teacher is talking about, we both look around the classroom, then our eyes meet.

You're beautiful blue eyes take small glances at me while your lips create a small smile, I copy your actions and return to doing my class work. That's the ninth reason why I love you. You know that kind of stuff doesn't work on me, Len -" Something about his expression cuts her off. He then holds out his hand to her and gives her a small smile. Her cheeks color a bit, and she suddenly seems shy.

She pauses, before tentatively taking his hand and offering him a smile that sets his world on fire. Please don't believe any of it, because I'll regret everything I said almost right away. He just wants to sleep this entire day away.

Why won't they leave him alone?! Who knocks on a window? And in the middle of the night? Len attempts to ignore it, passing it off as a really low branch or something his room is on the first floor, so already it's hard to believebut when it continues at a consistent pace, he knows it has to be someone.

Throwing his warm blankets away from him and scrambling to his feet, he readies a very displeased glare and pads barefoot to the window, throwing open the curtains -only to be completely baffled. What is she doing here? She honestly looks like she's freezing out there - she's only wearing a long sleeved shirt and a pair of sweatpants. Wasn't she the one who said she didn't want to talk to him anymore? Len stares at her through the glass, disbelieving.

Just earlier that day, she had said right to his face - "I hate you! I never want to talk to you again! So what exactly is she doing here? Rin makes a face at him through the window, motioning for him to open glares back at her. It has to be at least two in the morning.

vocaloid rin and len relationship trust

Why is she here right now? Annoyed and not really wanting to see her, he reluctantly pulls up the window to address Rin. Len looks at her coldly, and his tone comes out sharper than he intends - "What do you want? Thank god you're awake! Once inside, she brushes herself off quickly.

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She takes a breath. He really is wrapped around her finger. I know what I said earlier hurt. I'm really sorry, Len," Rin tries, the words a bit rushed as she hurries to get them out. I was just so angry and I - I didn't mean to - I'm so sorry.

kagamine len & kagamine rin relationship

It's always too hard to stay mad at her. Rin nods furiously, releasing him to stretch and yawn. It was going to kill me until I did," she admits. Len lets out a low exhale, rubbing his face and turning to look at her.

vocaloid rin and len relationship trust

Disbelieving, he whips around to see his best friend sprawled out on his bed, snoring into the blanket. With a noise of disgruntled affection, he ruffles the sleeping girl's hair. Knowing that she cared, regretted their fight he doesn't even remember what it was about, he's so tired and wanted to apologize; that meant everything to him. Len kisses her forehead lightly, a display of adoration he wouldn't ever do were she awake. I forgive you," he whispers quietly.

vocaloid rin and len relationship trust

He swears that he sees her smile. So don't leave mine, okay? I thought you were with Neru, studying again. My assignments can wait long enough for me to check up on you. You're also my best friend, as well as being sick, so you take first priority," Len says while taking in Rin's messy appearance. Her blonde hair sticks up in places, proving she hasn't brushed it, and her face is permanently tinged red. Her comfy clothing is rumpled, and in her hand she clutches a wad of tissues.

Do what you want, I -" Before she can finish her sentence, she launches into a coughing fit, wheezing loudly. Len gazes at her with worry. A few minutes later, when he has her situated with a thick comforter and a warm mug of tea with a healthy dose of honey added to it, she doesn't quite seem to mind his presence anymore.

Thinking he's done what he can, he smiles. I just wanted to make sure you were okay. If you don't have anything going on, I've got some Studio Ghibli films I haven't seen in awhile I was planning on binge watching.

If you don't mind hanging around Len's heart warms at this, because he knows this was Rin's way of asking him not to leave her - and he's completely okay with that. Let's watch some cheesy anime movies," he agrees after a second of 'consideration' AKA, just drawing it out to watch her expressionbefore grinning at her.

He loves it when her face lights up, vibrant and lively. Her laughter is true music to his ears. The gaze of an angry, seething demon eyeing his back, burning holes through him. Len shivers, hoping the enraged monster turns her gaze away, but to no avail. What do you mean? It was just a game after all - surely she'd be fine if he won sometimes?

However, he had seen her face yesterday Apparently she was beaten in her favorite game - more than once," Miku says, before picking up her vegetable juice. Yep, this is when he needs to nope right out of the situation, and find a quick escape. Fancy seeing you here - you're just the person I wanted to talk to. Behind him, as he hurries away with flight the only thing in his mind, two girls burst out in giggles.

She's been shoving her food around her plate for the last ten minutes, not really looking at it, just playing with it to occupy her hands while her mind goes elsewhere.

Len wishes he knew why - he's unfortunately been forced to watch his best friend silently agonize over the reason. She won't talk to him about it. She just smiles at him. He's learned to hate the sight of the always sorrowful expression on her face.

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But what he hates more? Not being able to fix it. It's done and over with and I don't want to deal with it anymore! Len stares at her, and her blue eyes meet his, almost pleading. But he accepts that some things he can't know.

Doesn't mean he'll always accept it. His left knee had a minor tweak. Boxart changes; Kagamine Rin's leg position was changed in the boxart so it was lifted off the ground. The only way the previous position would have worked was if her leg were deformed or broken.

Rin's body itself compared to the length of her legs is shorter than in the original boxart, where the legs were longer.

Kagamine Rin/Len

Rin's knee is rounded instead of sharp. Both had the cyber details changed on their detached sleeves. For their appends, Wat wanted them to have a sense of transparency with their design. Continuing the tradition of the Item War Internet Mememany items were proposed for the pair. In the end, Len's item was a banana because his hair was commented to resemble a bunch of them, while Rin's item was an orange since her bow gave the impression of orange leaves.

Before her release, Rin had the road roller assigned to her by accident in a video that suddenly received many views on December 1,