Volcanoes and plate tectonics relationship marketing

Plate Tectonics: Earth in Motion

volcanoes and plate tectonics relationship marketing

Earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis are all dangerous natural disasters, but they also have something else in common - tectonic plate. I chose to compare the relationship between plate boundaries, volcanoes and earthquakes. The layers I chose satisfied the fact that magma. Key Terms: Plate tectonics, geosphere, volcano, earthquake, divergent boundary, . Explain the relationship between plate tectonics, geologic processes, and.

Most subduction-related volcanoes are explosive and build stratovolcanoes, while rift volcanoes tend to be more effusive and build shield volcanoes, though there are exceptions to both these generalities. Subduction-related volcanoes erupt basaltandesitedaciteand rhyoliteandesite being the predominant rock type.

Rift-related volcanoes, especially on the ocean floor, erupt mainly basalt. The rift volcanoes are largely hidden along the submarine crest of the East Pacific Rise and the Pacific-Antarctic Ridge at depths of 2 to 3 km 1.

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The Cascade volcanoes in the northwestern United States and the volcanoes in Mexico and Central America are related to the subduction under the North American Plate of the small Juan de Fuca and Cocos plates, which are on the east side of the Pacific Plate. Similarly, the volcanoes of the Andes are related to the subduction of the Nazca Plate beneath the South American Plate. Conceptual models of how subduction and rift volcanoes may form are shown schematically in the diagram and in the video.

Of the 1, volcanoes listed in the table of landform types, 80 percent occur along subduction zones, and 15 percent occur along rift zones. At those depths active submarine volcanoes have yet to be observed, though many hydrothermal areas have been found along submarine rift zones by research submersibles.

volcanoes and plate tectonics relationship marketing

Icelanda segment of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that emerges above sea level, has 70 volcanoes that have erupted during the past 10, years. Within the Teacher Zone is the article, "Volcanoes, molten magma, Geoworld Plate Tectonics Lab gives students the opportunity to analyze and identify the tectonic settings found on Geoworld. They will also determine the offset on transform faults, calculate plate motion using relative and absolute rates, and will draw lithospheric cross-sections, and creating reconstructions depicting past and future plate configurations.

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The purpose of this in-depth exercise is to guide students into a deeper understanding of fundamental plate tectonic concepts, particularly the difference between relative and absolute plate motion. For the narrated animation, Solomon Islands, teachers may want to have set of guiding questions for students to discuss.

Using Fossil Corals to Understand Tectonic Activity is included to demonstrate how proxy data can be used to infer plate motion in one of the most tectonically active regions of the world, the southwest Pacific. Students must be familiar with the basic biology and ecology of reef-building corals, atoll development, radioisotope dating, specifically C14 dating and radioactive decay, in order to do the activity.

The "teacher materials" provides this background information. To create a conceptual model, students must be able to invoke their understanding of faulting, uplift, subduction, and volcanism at plate boundaries.

The teacher should review all material before presenting to students.

volcanoes and plate tectonics relationship marketing

The activity offers a chance to collaborate with the chemistry and biology teachers, and demonstrates the integrative nature of geoscience. What is a Hotspot?

Tectonics of the Planet Earth [educational video]

Teachers may want to assign these activities as homework, or as an in-class jig-saw activity. Guided questions could be created to go along with the reading and the video. The World Tectonic Mapping Activity is a good activity for teachers to use as a formative assessment and to reinforce concepts taught previously. It sets the stage for deeper and more meaningful exploration and understanding embodied in the next activity.

The activity takes about 30 minutes to complete and helps students understand plate motion over time. It addresses hot spots that occur under oceanic plates, but students need to understand that there are also continental crust hot spots such as the Yellowstone location. Taking the Pulse of Yellowstone's "Breathing" Volcano: Problem-Based Learning in America's First National Park requires that students assume the roles of either seismologist, volcanologist, or hydrothermal expert, and upon research of these characteristics of Yellowstone NP, share information with collaborative teams to determine the best place to build a research station.

The teacher will want to preview all material before presenting to students.

Relation of Volcanism to Plate Tectonics ~ Learning Geology

There is a PowerPoint presentation included to share with students that has introductory information but also has the research needed for each group of experts to use in the activity. There are supplemental videos to use for student engagement, as well as a supplemental "Flour Box Volcano" demonstration. All Google Earth overlay files are available for download at the lesson weblink. The aggregate volume of rock in such a plateau may be so great overkm3that geologists also refer to the region as a large igneous province LIP.

The basalt here, which erupted around 15 million years ago, reaches a thickness of 3. Eventually, basalt covered an area ofkm. Iceland is one of the few places on Earth where mid-ocean ridge volcanism has built a mound of basalt that protrudes above the sea. The island formed where a hot spot lies beneath the Mid-Atlantic Ridge the presence of this hot spot probably due to an underlying mantle plume means that far more magma erupted here than beneath other places along the ridge.

Because Iceland straddles a divergent plate boundary, it is being stretched apart, with faults forming as a consequence. This rift is the trace of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.

Faulting cracks the crust and so provides a conduit to a magma chamber.

volcanoes and plate tectonics relationship marketing

Not all volcanic activity on Iceland occurs sub-aerially. Some eruptions take place under glaciers and melt large amounts of ice. Volcanic Explosions to Remember Explosions of volcanoes generate enduring images of destruction.

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Helens, a snow-crested stratovolcano in the Cascades of the north-western United States, had not erupted since However, geologic evidence suggested that the mountain had a violent past, punctuated by many explosive eruptions.

On March 20,an earth quake announced that the volcano was awakening once again. A week later, a crater 80 m in diameter burst open at the summit and began emitting gas and pyroclastic debris.

Their concern that an eruption was imminent led local authorities to evacuate people in the area. The climactic eruption came suddenly.

Tragically, Johnston, along with 60 others, vanished forever. Examples of explosive eruptions.