Whale rider pai and koro relationship quotes

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whale rider pai and koro relationship quotes

Sep 13, Paola Palmiotto writes on the relationship between the ego. Book, film, and arts reviews; e-courses and practice circles; spiritual quotes; teacher However, a twin sister survives, and Porourangi names her Paikea after the richly conveys the conflicting emotions Pai feels in her turbulent relationship plus several very interesting features — "Behind the Scenes of Whale Rider," a. The Whale Rider study guide contains a biography of author Witi This quote articulates the idea of Kahu's physical and spiritual connection to Whangara. This quote gives voice to a central tension in the story: Koro's.

I have been fortunate to go on two whale watches in my life but I have never gotten up close to these majestic creatures. With the year winding down and finding myself in need of an author whose last name starts with the letter I to finish an A-Z author challe I have been fascinated by whales from the time I was a young child and saw a blue whale skeleton at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History. With the year winding down and finding myself in need of an author whose last name starts with the letter I to finish an A-Z author challenge, I recently came across the novella Whale Rider by Maori writer Witi Ihimaera.

Gaining international acclaim from the movie based on this book, Ihimaera takes his readers on a mythical journey through contemporary Maori culture.

The Maori people originally came from the sea. The ancestor of the current people named Kahutia Te Rangi was able to converse with whales and the two species maintained a symbiotic relationship that balanced all creatures of the earth.

Whale Rider Quotes

Legend has it that an ancient whale named Paikea launched spears from the sea that landed all over the world, and these were responsible for the creation of the birds, animals, and ancient Maori people.

The current Maori lead by Koro Apirana and his grandson Porourangi still hold by these ancient traditions and believe that in the current climate with whalers killing the kings of the ocean for sport, the balance holding the future of the earth together is doomed.

They seek a leader for the next generation of their people, a male heir who is the reincarnation of the original whale rider Kahutia Te Rangi, who is able to converse with the gentle giants of the sea and restore balance to the earth. And it's a lovely little moment. And particularly with this film, I tried in the writing to keep it as economical as possible, and as simple and heartfelt as possible," says writer-director Niki Caro on the commentary track for Whale Rider.

And then, Caro adds, "What we see here is a terribly traumatic birth. The scene is noisy, tragic, difficult to watch: As the bloody scene occurs, the narrator speaks, Paikea played by the astonishing Keisha Castle-Hughes, whom Caro describes as "so little, totally inexperienced, and yet she's absolutely a match for any of these adults she's working with"explaining, "There was no gladness when I was born. Porourangi storms off, leaving the girl to the care of his mother, Nanny Flowers Vicky Haughton.

Fortunately, she knows how to handle her husband, and the child not only survives his initial aggravation, but will teach him a few things as well. All this happens in a couple of minutes, and the rest of the film takes place some 11 years later, when Pai has grown into an inquisitive, courageous, and self-sufficient girl.

whale rider pai and koro relationship quotes

She first appears in this incarnation riding on a bicycle with her grandfather Koro, who has come to love her dearly. Living with her grandparents in a Whangara community on the eastern coast of New Zealand, she's named for a demi-god ancestor who arrived in New Zealand on the back of a whale.

However, as she is reminded frequently, Pai is not the first-born son who has the chance to be the next Whangara chieftain.

According to tradition, no girl can even aspire to such a fate.

Koro and Pai talk about their ancestry

Pai will prove that such thinking is hopelessly backwards, as she is, in spite of self-doubts shaped by her grandfather's prejudice, the future chieftain. Waiting for someone to love it. Waiting for a leader. And he came on the back of a whale. A man to lead a new people. Our ancestor — Paikea.

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But now we were waiting for the first-born of the new generation — for the descendant of the Whale Rider. For the boy who would be chief.

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Paikea the surviving twin says: My twin brother died and took our mother with him. Koro Later, when he decided to start the sacred school for the choice of the new leader, Koro said to his wife: When Koro rushes to the place of birth, he asks only about the boy. He is interested only in that. He also leaves the waka canoe that he was building unfinished. He comes back rarely and for short periods of time. Once, when Porourangi is back, another confrontation with his father takes place: For once in your life go on….

Who you were born to be.

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Her father joins her to comfort her. Someone who will lead our people out of the darkness and make everything all right.

whale rider pai and koro relationship quotes

The art of being a leader Koro decides to start a school to become chief for the kids in the community. Pai herself sits to attend but Koro tells her that since she is a female, she has to stay in the back. Pai does not agree to stay in the back, she stays in the front row, defying her grandfather, who therefore expels her from the school. Koro teaches kids how to fight with the Taiaha stick fightand how important it is to learn to respect it. In secret from Koro, Pai is also trying to learn how to use the Taiaha.

But once he discovers her fighting with Taiaha, Koro scolds her harshly for breaking the sanctity of the school and Pai apologizes to him. Do you want me to fail? She is a determined woman, who is not intimidated by the rigidity of her husband. So Pai, unbeknownst to Koro, goes to Taiaha school at her uncle Rawiri. But there can only be one, so there is one final test.