Will graham and alana bloom relationship

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will graham and alana bloom relationship

On psychological thriller–horror Hannibal, Dr. Alana Bloom was introduced professor, Hannibal Lecter's former student, and Will Graham's colleague and friend. In the second season she begins a sexual relationship with. No one from FBI would question Alana's credibility. That alone is prett. What happened to Will Graham, Abigail, Jack Crawford and Dr. Alana at the end of. Relationships: Margot Verger (Wife), Morgan Verger (Son) Will Graham(Friend) , Alana Bloom is a character in the NBC series Hannibal.

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One thing to keep in mind is that just because we, as viewers, do not see the full extent of the severely romantic side of the relationship, it does not mean that it does not exist or that it will not be explored and discussed later. Alana and Margot now join a surprisingly short list of characters in lesbian relationships on television today.

will graham and alana bloom relationship

LGBT representation is important especially in television and film because these two platforms reach the largest audiences and have the ability to impact the most people. Representation in the media is something that is supported in talk but not always fully done in the confines of shows themselves. Because of their past experiences, it is feasible that they have found comfort in their love.

Alana Bloom

In thinking about the relationship between them, we must also remember that Fuller has promised that Margot will return this season, and has hinted that we will meet the Verger baby. Thus, for the fans who are still skeptical about the validity of Alana and Margot as a couple, we must keep in mind that, like many times on Hannibal, it is wise to wait and see the full scale of the greatness Fuller will deliver.

The romance of Alana and Margot has not yet run its full course. In the NBC show, the decision to use the established character of Alana in this role made for a much more interesting development. If a new character had been introduced to play the part, the relationship would most likely have had less of an effect.

Despite fan complaints that the relationship may have been done simply to appease the people who wanted an LGBT relationship on the show, Alana and Margot are exploring a love that is sure to be still growing. Additionally, the relationship is not only important for lesbian couples on tv—it is important for bisexual characters.

This of course only applies to audience members who bought that Will would kill and eat Freddie Lounds in the first place. Alana is suspicious of Will and his relationship with Hannibal, a suspicion that was planted by Freddie in the previous episode, and tries to figure out who the hell actually killed Freddie Lounds. Meanwhile, Will spends a large part of the episode dropping hints and gently nudging her in the right direction.

will graham and alana bloom relationship

And by gently nudging her in the right direction, I of course mean being cryptic as fuck. However dubious the methods, all of the cajoling and nudging works and Alana finally confronts Jack Crawford and finds out the truth for herself.

However, this reveal is significantly more devastating for Alana than it is for the audience because this is also the moment when she realizes that she was wrong about Hannibal Lecter the whole time a fact that the audience has been privy to since before the pilot even aired. And at the moment when her eyes are finally open to the truth, she ironically shuts them.

And this right here is how Alana and the audience radically differ. Alana is usually our audience surrogate when it comes to Will Graham. This disconnect may be part of the reason that scenes like this feel so wrong.

Hannibal - Margot and Alana first meeting

Unless you ship Alana and Hannibal. Then this scene feels oh-so-right. Alana has always been somewhat of the Cassandra of the show. Way back in the pilot, she was the one telling Jack Crawford not to let Will get too close.

She was the one who figured out Will had encephalitis in Savoureux.

will graham and alana bloom relationship

And when it comes to Will Graham, Alana is dropping truth bombs all over the place. He speaks with the voice of the audience cannibal jokes! She plays surrogate parent to Abigail in season 1, which is no big deal because so do Hannibal and Will.

But she also plays surrogate in the relationship between Hannibal and Will. Bryan himself has said the following about the threesome scene in Naka-choko: If you read this far, I am in awe.

Well, I guess I gotta talk about Hannibal Lecter at some point….