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Title: Destined Hearts Pairing: Wooyoung / Bae Suzy Other Plenty of men have come and begged for her heart but the problem is she has given accepting the fact that she was in relationship with Wooyoung even though. His relationship with her was just friends or best friends even. He doesn't have the right He thought everyone knew that Wooyoung and Suzy are just friends too. Besides, Wooyoung Is there any problem?” “Well, what was. Lee Min-ho and Bae Suzy ended their relationship in November .. Suzy plays Hyemi, Taecyeon plays JinGuk, Kim Soo-Hyun plays Sam-Dong, there are many obstacles and problems that they must avoid and solve.

Please look at WY, he was surprised, awkward and little bit angry. He took SY's hand and wanted to hit her. WY's reactions hit SY looked like he was angry of course and they were closed.

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He did it without thinking too much, it's a reaction of him. I understand why WY was angry because he believed that SY lied to him. WY was still angry even in his interview. On the other hand, SY really understand WY, she said WY sounded like he really betrayed and won't listen to her even she deny. In fact, drinking alcohol is very common in Korea, many girls are good at drinking it.

Anyway, WY trusted them Now it's SY's turn SY also asked the same question. However, JH's answer was special. JH said something afterward but they didn't translated.

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The answer of JH was quite strange in Chinese version too. Thus, YY fans only guess his answer and his action he waved his hand before SY's next question. I think JH said WY had some problems recently and drank so much, he didn't drink that much as usual. She's only her partner in a show and it's none of her business even he drunk all the time.

WY didn't want SY to know this issue, why? I can't think other answers to match this situation and answer myself. SY's questions sometimes give a bomb to everyone. He never answer my calls? WY was nervous and busy to think about a reply. At last, he said, there's no call. SY was angry immediately and said See? SY was little bit nervous and afraid after she saw WY's expressions.

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Is it possible that he always use jokes or tricks to avoid her question? As we know, SY is a straight person and she needs to make everything clear. But why she care his replies so much and ask WY's friend? If they are only friends, is it necessary for SY to know WY's answer in detail?

When SY explained that she read it during filming and thought she has already replied. She called him after she discovered it.

Wooyoung and Suzy (Woozy couple) Part 3

He liked her, but how could she never noticed it? Besides, she obviously liked his fellow brother, Wooyoung. There, he casually searched for pictures of Suzy. All of a sudden, he found this post where there are moving pictures of Wooyoung and Suzy, together. So now people are pairing them up together? Junho laughed after that. It was terribly funny to him. He thought everyone knew. He thought everyone knew that Wooyoung and Suzy are just friends too.

Until now even, he still likes her no doubt. Junho and the rest of 2PM knew that very well. Nevertheless, he still felt jealous. And with that, he needs to talk to her. He need to find out who was she talking about, ignoring that maybe it will make him sad all over again. Once he set his foot back to Korea later, he will find some time to meet and talk with her, privately.

So that he can handle the truth calmly. Deep inside, he hoped that maybe, just maybe, she would say that she liked him too. He was totally busy, flying back and forth from Korea to other parts of Asia due to their tour. Now, they deserved their break. But, he had planned his vacation well. He knew he had to meet up with Suzy. He needed some catching up to do.

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He had something to take care of. When he arrived, he went to find where Miss A were at. Usually, they would be at the practice room as they were currently promoting their new song, Touch. As he was rushing, he bumped into someone. Startled, he bowed to say sorry when he looked up to see Suzy right in front of him. Did she turn prettier when they went away?

She was so beautiful, with her long black hair and more refined cheeks, growing mature yet pretty. He was in awe. He felt like he liked her all over again.

Seeing him staying still, she snapped her delicate fingers in front of his face, getting his attention. He blushed, obviously being embarrassed in front of her. He mentally slapped himself for being such stupid.