Yamada and shiraishi relationship

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yamada and shiraishi relationship

I just finished the anime and would like to continue reading the manga but I just don't have the time to read at all with my work schedule and. This is a list of fictional characters appearing in the Japanese manga series Yamada-kun and .. She attends Yamada and Shiraishi's wedding at the end of the series ten years later. .. where he was in a close relationship with Leona Miyamura whom he had protected when Rika Saionji appeared to erase their memories. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Ryu Yamada, Urara Shiraishi .. While the beginning of their relationship had been a rocky one, she.

As they leave she smiles as Haruma chases her, with Mikoto and Rika following.

yamada and shiraishi relationship

Leona has shown to be proficient in throwing scissors, capable of making them purposely miss people. Later, she has improved her skills, having been able to send Ryu's Shoba doll hit the wall.

Leona has shown to be able to cook, having made her family's special curry on several occasions.

yamada and shiraishi relationship

Leona owns a variety of scissors which she uses to threaten people who try to talk to her about the witches. Relationships Haruma Yamazaki Leona and Haruma kiss. Leona loves Haruma Yamazaki.

yamada and shiraishi relationship

Together, they formed the Supernatural Studies Club to find the seven witches in the school. They were able to find six of the witches, but the seventh one remained a mystery. Yamazaki realized that there weren't enough members in the club and that they would have to disband.

He decided to become the president of the school for Leona and to save their club. It was obvious that she liked Yamazaki.

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However, she fled when she heard that Yamazaki was only becoming president for Leona. Then she revealed to him that she was the seventh witch. Yamazaki told Leona to flee, but when Leona asked about him, he kissed her and told her that he would figure something out. Leona fled the school and when she called him in a couple of days, she realized that Rika Saionji had removed Yamazaki's memories of her. Saddened, she didn't return to school until the day that Yamada and his friends confronted Rika Saionji and found out that they could only return the memories of the others if Rika Saionji could remove hers.

She gave her own memories upuntil the ceremony, where Yamada was able to save everyone's memory including hers and remove all witch powers from the school.

yamada and shiraishi relationship

Leona and Yamazaki were then reunited. Toranosuke Miyamura He is her younger brother. They were really close but after the incident that happened to her after knowing the seventh witch, their distance have grown much bigger from each other.

After the first witches incident, they are close again to each other. Ryu Yamada She is thankful to him because he became Toranosuke's friend and because of him, she and Yamazaki are reunited. Yamada returns to the Supernatural Studies club as the school has to deal with new witches following the new school year. He also learns there are gaps in his and his schoolmates' memories of what happened at the end of his first school year, including those of whom he was dating at the time.

Yamada then tries to find out the truth of what happened. He ultimately gathers the male witches to hold a ceremony to restore everyone's memories. As he goes through his senior year of high school, he plans to apply to a prestigious university. However, when Urara suddenly disappears from his life along with the witches powers and everyone else's memories of her, Yamada discovers she was the original witch.

Urara had agreed to the witch powers in order to have a relationship with Yamada, but on the condition that her memories of him to be erased again when she leaves school.

However, when she returns at graduation, Yamada finds a way to get her to remember again. Ten years later, Yamada has become a successful businessman and adult who is looked up to by his coworkers and keeps in touch with his high school friends, but has yet to propose to Urara.

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The two get married and some years later, share their story with their two children. The former delinquent placed a hand on her shoulder, recoiling quickly when she jolted in response to his touch. Weren't we just in the middle of something? Since you seem to lack knowledge of the basics, we may need to start again from the first lesson and build it up from there. Shiraishi breathed out slowly before wrapping her hand around his neck, gently pressing their lips together in a loving display.

She waited for a second or two before accepting his tongue with her own, neither wanting the embrace to end as he wrapped his own arms around her waist. The world around them disappeared in that moment, the display hid by the shelves of books that surrounded their secluded corner of the library.

He took a moment to straighten up once they separated, part of him still shocked at her sudden actions despite the contented look that crept its way onto his face. Urara leaned in again, causing him to blush even though she didn't intend to kiss him again so soon.

She was so strong-willed yet kind-hearted, and he needed someone like that around to deal with his equally stubborn persona. A bunch of guys started hating me because the school delinquent was getting intimate with the prettiest girl in school. Can't blame me, can you?

Despite agreeing wholeheartedly, it was not his style to make a big deal out of the good things in life, but just to appreciate them for what they were. Looking up, he finally realized what she had been doing. Are you gonna ditch me early?

Urara Shiraishi

That is, if you're still up to it. Y'know… Once I get a chance to figure this stuff out. It's too soon for me to give up. When her expression remained blank, he decided to continue. A lump began to form in her throat as she was touched by his kindness, but she swallowed it and answered him with a nod.

Shiraishi set down her bag and sat beside her boyfriend, her naturally callous exterior melting away as she found herself snuggling into his arm. While the beginning of their relationship had been a rocky one, she slowly found herself reacting warmly to him in a way she never had towards anyone else.

Now it felt like this was the right place to be. Yamada turned his cheek away from her in embarrassment as they cracked open another text and set to work. It had been a bumpy road getting to this point, but he had never been happier.

Whatever hardships he endured were nothing so long as she could remain by his side forever… Note to Readers: Just a short post-series oneshot that shows some of the challenges that would still be present even without the witch powers. Hopefully I did a good job on this seeing how this is the first fanfiction I've written for this series. Yamada and the Seven Witches remains one of my favorite school life manga due to its mix of fantasy and fun.

Hope you enjoyed it… Sorry for any typos or errors I might've made, but I usually type stories late at night.