Yin and hei relationship goals

Why do I think Hei fell in love with Yin? - Giving it to you straight. NO CHASER!

yin and hei relationship goals

It is implied that she has feelings for Hei, when Amber compared that they were Near the end of the first Season, his wireless connection was cut off when he Her stated goal is to kill all Contractors (though this might have changed due to. One thing that could prove that Yin is dead is because on near the end of the anime, Yin appears (the one in the white suit) and asks Hei to kill her, in which he . It's a rather more peaceful goal than I had imagined. Hei and Yin's relationship really comes to a head in this episode; it was heartbreaking to.

Thus, the organization Hei works for a. So, he is producing more beings like him so they could copy Earth faster. However, there is one problem, the ME which is a device meant to erase or adapt memories into beings can only "tape" a memory that will stay within the being for 3 days at its maximum.

Therefore, they use a meteor fragment found at season 1 in one of the episodes which Hei took under the syndicate's orders.

yin and hei relationship goals

I believe it was used in season 2 which can contain the being's memories until the fragment is cracked or broken. To test their theory, they create Sue the girl in season 2 which was the sister of the wheelchair contractor and creates memories for her into the meteor fragment, which is believed he will make sure her memories will bond to her till it cracked.

Near the end of season 2, it seems the theory is correct that the meteor fragment will contain the memories. His main weapon is a Beretta M pistol. Ikuya Sawaki Japanese ; Kent Williams English Mao is a Contractor who has the ability to possess animals, subduing their natural instincts. His brain is directly connected to a wireless network which enables him to send and receive information at any time.

Mao usually creates diversions for Hei in battle. While on an assignment in Russia following the Pavlichenko family, his human body was destroyed in the explosion that destroyed a laboratory, trapping him in the body of a black cat he was currently possessing.

While he completely lost his need to fulfill a payment with the destruction of his body, he must connect periodically with the wireless network or run the risk of having the animal's natural instincts take over.

It is likely that "Mao" is his codename; like Hei, his real name was never stated, though it could be speculated to be "Ricardo", as he is called by that name when he first meets Madam Oreille. At the beginning of the second season, he is also in hiding in Russia with Hei and resides in the body of Suoh's pet flying squirrel, Petya. Mao hates the spring season, as most cats would try to find a partner to breed kittens.

Pavlichenko family Pavlichenko siblings during the events of Darker than Black. In the Gemini of the Meteor story arc, Suoh becomes involved in the war and machinations between the various groups and Contractors, and her life is forever changed when she meets Hei. She is Eurasian, with a Japanese mother and Russian father.

She also has a twin brother, Shion, who uses a wheelchair. She is later revealed to have some form of contractor ability when she goes into mental shock, which awakens her latent powers. She can manifest an anti-tank rifle PTRD from a meteor fragment she wears as a pendant, and can wield the rifle easily despite its heavy weight of the weapon and powerful recoil; however, even though the weapon comes with its own ammunition each time it is created, the wear and tear on it remains, so Suoh must maintain it like any other gun.

Her stated goal is to kill all Contractors though this might have changed due to Heiand the awakening of her latent powers is referred to by some characters as the "beginning of the end". After meeting her mother, Suoh discovers that she is actually a 'copy' of the original Suoh who died in an explosion many years ago, created by Shion's power.

Later, it is revealed that she has been transported to an alternate world without Contractors including her brotherwhere she can live a normal life, with no memory of her previous one. He was believed to have lost his right eye due to an accident with a falling meteor core fragment during the Tokyo explosion, and that this incident also turned him into a Contractor.

It is later revealed that he was in fact born a Contractor, a unique occurrence according to Mao's words, and that the meteorite incident was actually a fake memory he put into his sister's mind.

His Contractual payment is to lose the use of his legs every time he uses his power, forcing him to constantly use a wheelchair. His power allows him to create perfect a near-perfect clone of anything, with only one flaw from the original. He also displays telepathic abilities, being able to mentally contact his sister and instruct her in how to get to safety during an attack on their home; though perhaps this could have been traces left in his sister memories triggered by events he and his father planned ahead.

He leaves behind a clue for Suoh telling her he has left for Japan, which drives her to leave Russia to find him. He is reunited with Suoh in Hell's Gate, where he wishes for a world where Suoh can live a normal life before being killed by Izanami.

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Pavlichenko works for a research group studying the time and space distortion effects occurring on the planet. He also created of the memory eraser. He is believed to have been killed by Hei, but it is later revealed that it had just been another of Shion's copies. He used to be involved with The Syndicate, until they decided to pull the plug and bombed his laboratory, accidentally Suh and Mao in the process.

Aware that the current Suoh is a copy of the original, he still regards and loves her as the daughter she would have become had she lived, rather than as a replica or replacement for the original. After being reunited with Suoh, Dr. Pavlichenko is mortally wounded while rescuing her from government forces and dies. She works as a photographer in Japan and Suoh purchases all of the albums that she makes. When Suoh is reunited with her mother in Japan, Asako initially mistakes her for Shion.

When Suoh corrects her, a shocked Asako reveals that Suoh died eight years ago in the laboratory explosion and rejects Suoh, whom Asako has realized is actually a copy of the original Suoh that Shion must have created.

Misaki has long brown hair and glasses and rarely smiles or laughs. She has a strong sense of justice and a sharp intuition. Kirihara became a policewoman in order to protect the weak, has a distaste for smokers due to their smell, and is sensitive about the exposure of her body.

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She likes eating greasy food but claims to stay fit due to constantly moving around every day as part of her job. It appears that she has feelings for Hei, or at least his civilian alias, Li. After the events of Darker than Black and the Darker than Black: Shikoku no Hana manga, she resigns from the section and relocates to the Hachijo-Jima police station. Despite being an officer, he seems to have little common sense as he infiltrated a gang operation undercover using his real name.

He admits to finding Kirihara scary, but in the OVA it was revealed that he also harbors more romantic feelings for her. He still works in the Department, but secretly maintains contact with Misaki. A reckless, hot-headed officer, who often provides comic relief in the otherwise serious police station.

In the events of Shikoku no Hana, he was severely wounded with his left arm dismembered while being on a Section 4 assignment, forcing Matsumoto to early retirement. It was revealed in the final episode of Season One that he was a member of the Syndicate, and that he had planned the genocide of contractors with other influential members of the Syndicate.

yin and hei relationship goals

It is affiliated with the Tokyo Metropolitan Police. It monitors and provides information on the actions of the Stars of Contractors in the "false sky". After Darker than Black and Darker than Black: Shikoku no Hana, the entire observatory was officially declared closed with its equipment and personnel taken over by Section 3.

Sanae Kobayashi Japanese ; Monica Rial English Kirihara's friend since high school and a head staffer at the observatory. In Shikoku no Hana, Kanami relocates to Hawaii after accepting a job there. Yoshiko Matsuo Japanese ; Juli Erickson English A strange monk who sits in the center of the observatory and appears to be the chief observer of the stars. She speaks riddles or prophecy, and has been seen to be able to speak during Amber's freezing of time.

Currently, its present location is unknown. In addition to its mostly Contractor agents, Section 3 has a covert paramilitary commando force armed with small arms, such as the MP5 submachine gun, and tactical gear. However, the position is merely a cover as head of Section 3. He resembles Golgo 13 with glasses, revealing a quite muscular body under his clothes, and has the same rifle. Despite his status as a contractor, Genma has a habit of saying some odd things, many of them implying he is a sexual deviant.

He is shown to be fairly bumbling as well, as he is the only one who still believes Suoh is Shion. His ability allows him to cover his body with whatever material he touches in order to form tank armourtaking from the object until he is sufficiently covered. His armored form enhances the power of his punches and protects him from bullets.

His remuneration is to have moxibustion treatment each time his power is used. He is killed by Mina who stabs him through the head with her sword. Mitsuki Saiga Japanese ; Kara Edwards English A colleague of Genma's, Mina is a Contractor with the ability to charge any object with energy, which she uses to create potent projectiles from scraps and turn her sword into a " lightsaber ". She also uses retractable wires similar to Hei's. Her remuneration is to passionately kiss a man, which she appears to dislike due to "bad aftertaste"; such is her distaste that with even two mouth washings, she resorts to kissing another woman to remove the taste, though she hints to having a interest in women.

She seems to specialize in wetworkwearing a half-faced balaclava and wielding a wooden katana which she transforms using her ability. She usually performs support duties such as driving them around or tapping radio communications.

She is captured by Hei, who interrogates her for Yin's location. She is murdered by Genma by putting her through ME Squeezer and probably also by torturing her in the process, as her body is left severely beaten, unlike Pavlichenko's. She was formerly a housewife to a local restaurant owner named Lebanon, who left him and their son Norio after turning to a Contractor by unknown means. She can manipulate a water source as a weapon and her remuneration is to bake cakes.

She loses control of her powers in a battle with Suoh, due to Yin's apparent interference, and dies drowning in a sphere of water. Like its real-life counterpart, its HQ is located at Vauxhall Cross. British Intelligence originally sent three operatives to Japan to retrieve Havoc. There are five known members: November 11 is charged with investigating BK and his cohorts.

November's ability enables him to freeze liquids, including blood in the human body he does not have direct contact with. He is able to shape water into projectiles by freezing it and subsequently hurl them with lethal precision. He can also create protective shields out of frozen water. November 11 has a strong aversion to tobacco, though to his dismay, his remuneration is smoking cigarettes.

Through the series, he develops a close professional relationship with Misaki. After he discovers the true motives of the organization he works for he confronts Decade, becoming fatally wounded in the process. He later dies on the street after leaving a voice message on April's phone.

Her power creates hurricanes which result in downpours, coating everything in water so that November 11 can freeze it. She can also control water more precisely, being able to engulf a person's head in water to drown him or her.

Her remuneration is to drink beer, specifically Guinness Stout in the anime. In contrast to November 11, she very much enjoys her remuneration due to her love for alcohol. She dies at the hands of Hei in season two's first episode of Gemini of the Meteor.

He is a Doll whose observation powers rely on glass as a medium. He considers November and April to be his friends, a fact that initially astonishes Misaki and November as dolls are not supposed to think outside of their programming.

April and July frequently visit November 11's roadside site of death with offers of a bouquet or cigarettes and a beer or two. In the third episode of the 2nd season, July assists Suoh by helping her direct her new-found powers against the FSB and the MIAC, and later joins up with Hei's group, although his motivations for joining them remain unclear. However, it is implied later on that he has fallen in love with Suoh.

After he and Suoh are killed by Izanami, they are both seen in the alternate world Shion created, with July being a normal boy instead of a doll. He is killed by November 11 in Episode 22 after November discovers Decade's involvement in the massive effort to destroy Hell's Gate.

He has the ability to distort space around himself, allowing him to pull weapons out of thin air, as well as dodge bullets and knives. His remuneration is revealing the secrets of a magic trick.

yin and hei relationship goals

He is also nicknamed "Magician", and he wears a red coat and a black silk top hat. He dispatches the FSB agents easily and continues his pursuit, where he has a showdown with Hei. He is defeated and electrocuted by Hei, although he remains barely alive. Genma Shizume apparently finishes him off after Hei and Suoh escape into the sea, although no star is seen falling. In episode 12, he is still alive, appearing in Hell's Gate and asking July to return to MI6 due to the cancellation of their mission, and leaving without the latter when July refused to leave, amused at his display of emotions.

Evening Primrose An organization promoting equal rights for contractors and their existence to be made public. Contrary to the popular belief, EPR does not intend for Contractors to rise above humanity, but rather seeking a solution for the peaceful coexistence of Contractors and human beings. She went missing together with Bai and millions of other people when the Heaven's Gate disappeared, only to reappear later to fight the Syndicate with the rest of the strengthened Evening Primrose.

Even after leaving the Syndicate, she chose to keep her codename "Amber," stating that she had grown attached to it.

Her appearance is also very similar to Code Geass character C. Amber's ability is chronal manipulation, which includes temporal freezing of time and rewinding of events to an unknown degree.

Elaborate usage of her power enables her to gain knowledge of future events, and then respond to them accordingly. Once time has been frozen around her, she can also pull other people out of the frozen time stream, while those still under her ability's effect will no longer detect her presence or movement.

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Her remuneration is aging backwards, making her appear frequently younger. Amagiri has warned her that she cannot use her ability flippantly, saying that she can only pay off her contract to a certain extent.

Amber cares deeply about and has feelings for Hei, in spite of him believing her to be a traitor. To emphasize this, she often goes as far as to order her subordinates to avoid fighting Hei, even though this usually veers close to compromising their given mission objective. Yin is taken prisoner by the Syndicate the following morning and brought to an old abandoned building. Hei and Yin make their way to Hong Kong, where they conspire with Qin to trap their pursuers by pretending to sell Yin.

They are contacted by Xiao Jie and meet with her and her brothers to discuss the sale of Yin. The deal falls through when Yin says that Xiao intends to kill them anyway and Hei fights Xiao while Qin and Yin flee.

Hei is rescued from a though battle by Yin's awakening power, which causes Xiao to kill her self with her own ability. He is then confronted by Yin's observer spectre, which he initially mistakes for Yin herself due to its tangible and human appearance. They are brought to EPR's hideaway in the jungle where Hei recovers from his injuries. Yin tells him that there is something trying to talk to her and that it is more prevalent when Hei is with her.

Hei says that they should part ways, but Yin refuses. Hei is then lured in to the jungle by Xi-Qiwho then abducts Yin in a bid to force her awakening. Xi-Qi brings Yin to an abandoned building where he has arranged to sell Yin to a number of factions.

Hei attempts to rescue Yin, but due to Xi-Qi's illusions he ends up electrocuting Yin, whose awakening quickens.

Why I think Yin and Hei make a great couple

Hei escapes, but she kills the others present. Outside the building, Hei is confronted by the both the observer spirit and Yin herself. Yin tries to make Hei kill her, but he refuses. There is an explosion before Yin stabilizes. While in a unconscious state she is contacted by Izanagi Shion.