Zabuza and haku relationship poems

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zabuza and haku relationship poems

Zabuza then proposed to Haku that, if he wanted to be trained Quotes ZabuHaku is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Zabuza. Her teammate is Haku, and her sensei is Zabuza Momochi. There's nothing much in Sasuke and Shina's relationship aside from the fact Sasuke glares at. Naruto: Zabuza + Haku. Naruto is actually filled with some very interesting character relationships with varying levels of complexity. Some are.

Clare looks about as attractive as a Barbie doll with a sword she probably stole from a He-Man action figure. And if that actually works for you then you probably did a lot swooning while you watched this anime as it marched out skinny young white girl after skinny young white girl, all of them somehow able to kill enormous clawed horrors while wearing a laughable amount of armor.

Also, the main love interest in the show features an uncomfortable age gap.

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But what little credit I can grant Claire is quickly rescinded when she turns out to be the biggest cock tease since Fujiko in the Lupin series. Some are simple and easy to relate to like Shikamaru and his friendship with Chouji; some are pretty bleak and mysterious like the early bits of Sasuke and his family-murdering brother Itachi a plotline in the manga which recently hit a new and hopelessly retarded twist ; some are comical and purely ridiculous like Rock Lee and Gai; but some are just plain wrong like Zabuza and Haku during the first season.

As far as man-boy relationships go this one takes the cake. It would be a very different thing if the relationship between these two was one comparable to a father and son. They are the originals It was an accident. Sasuke and Naruto are not homosexual. They both found it disgusting after that. And yet they remember their kiss a lot and often. I'd say it's like an important though "disgusting" memory for both of them.

Lets be realistic here. Ofcourse that would stay forever in your mind. Why would anyone compare a kiss between two guys with something like someone throwing sht in your face?

Doesn't seem very realistic to me tbh: I mean if it was nonconsensual, one guy kissing the other without permission, sure, that's gross- because you shouldn't touch someone like that without their permission. But just two guys's lips touching by mistake is no big deal, it's not a reflection of your sexuality at all.

And, we don't know if Naruto and Sasuke are supposed to be straight, that's just an assumption. A likely safe assumption, but an assumption.

Zabuza and Haku are an interesting case. Relationship with Naruto Uzumaki Due to the fact that Naruto had called Haku "sis" and "prettier than Sakura", Shina permenately hated Naruto for it because Naruto thought that Haku was a girl when they met for a second time with Haku's mask off. Shina also hates Naruto for the fact that he didn't kill Haku when Haku requested it. When questioning why Shina would say something like that about her boyfriend, Shina simply replied, "He would have been happy.

zabuza and haku relationship poems

He said that to you. He would have looked forward to watching over me and Zabuza.

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After trying to revive Haku with her "Kiss of Life Jutsu", and failing, a very upset but not yelling or screaming Shina made a promise to the dead Haku that she would avenge his death by killing Kakashi, even if it kills her.

After Haku coming to her in a dream and telling her that killing Kakashi would only make her feel worse, she apologises to Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto. Relationship with Sasuke Uchiha There's nothing much in Sasuke and Shina's relationship aside from the fact Sasuke glares at Shina everytime he sees her. She has a healing Jutsu she rarely uses, Kiss of Healing. She also has a death Jutsu she rarely uses called Illusionary Death.

zabuza and haku relationship poems