Zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship quotes

Relationship : Zackary Drucker :

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship quotes

Relationship by Zackary Drucker, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Review quote. -What is Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst are artistic collaborators living in Los Angeles. Rhys Ernst, left, and his partner, Zackary Drucker, at “Relationship,” their . “ Redefining Realness,” in which she quotes Audre Lorde, James. Inspiring trans couple documents their changing relationship (and bodies) with this photo series In their photographic work "Relationship," Rhys Ernst and Zachary Drucker document their time together Can also find quotes @ http:// www.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship quotes

By James McDonald April 22 He was part of the Whitney Biennial and has worked as a producer and consultant for Transparent, the acclaimed Amazon Prime drama. Visual AIDS recently spoke with the trailblazing trans artist and filmmaker about his work. Here, a few select quotes.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship quotes

In "Dear Lou Sullivan," you merge archival footage of transgender activist Lou Sullivan and old-school pornography with contemporary Grindr chats. Why was it important for you to layer the past with the present on-screen in this way?


In his interview, Lou details numerous experiences of body dysphoria and transphobia. He also discusses the joy and fulfillment he experienced as a result of his successful gay sexual experiences.

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That paradox resonated with me. Over the course of years I saved screengrabs of my experience of transphobia, ignorance, and debasement on Grindr. My experience of transphobia on MSM apps is not unique—after I began collecting my own screengrabs I discovered a tumblr dedicated to this topic: Trans Men on Grindr.

Rhys Ernst On The Underrepresentation of Transmasculinity

How soon into your relationship did you start this process of taking photographs of your lives? It was right at the beginning of our relationship. Yeah, the very first image, is one of us where I have short platinum blonde hair wearing a bra. That was about a week after we had met.

The photo diary of a trans couple transitioning together | Dazed

We are both artists so it was a natural impulse for us to document our lives. Rhys had been documenting his own transition and his own life but when you get two artists and two filmmakers together — Rhys Ernst: Zackary is right when she says that before we met, when I was living in New York, I was taking a self-portrait every day and I intend to do that for years and make a time lapse.

I did it for a year or two and then it became more inconsistent so when we met it became a continuation but in a more reciprocal way. How did they eventually come into a public arena to be discussed for the exhibition? I had a studio visit with Stuart Comer, who was preparing to curate his floor of the Whitney Biennial.

zackary drucker and rhys ernst relationship quotes

He thought they were suitable for a more public audience. It was very unintentional in that respect. We let the transition aspect take a back seat and, for us, it was just something that happened to be happening alongside our lives and our relationship at the time.