Ace and luffy meet in alabaster

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ace and luffy meet in alabaster

When meeting the Straw Hats, she managed to persuade Zoro and Nami into .. Ace hopped onto the ship and met the crew but did not stay long, giving Luffy a. The fourth season of the One Piece anime series was directed by Konosuke Uda and produced . The brothers take down agents of Baroque Works, and Ace demonstrates his power by destroying several ships in one attack. Luffy and the rest of the gang find the Desert Pirates, and Vivi meets a figure from her past. Of course they were no match for Ace and Luffy and were swiftly defeated. " Sounds fun, I'd sure like to meet them," Ace finished "by the way Luffy where are.

Suddenly a wall of flames appeared behind the straw hats separating them from the Marines. Both groups stopped running and stared in amazement as the flames receded and a man was standing there. The man looked remarkably like Luffy; he didn't have a scar under his right eye but had some freckles on his face instead.

The man wore black boots and knee-length shorts with an eyelet-studded orange belt, a blue pouch belted around his left leg. He also wore a short second unfastened belt with a large red "A" on the silver buckle over his right hip.

A dagger in a green sheath hung at his left hip. He wore a red beaded necklace and an orange hat with two blue smileys, one frowning and one smiling, and a string of red beads sitting above the rim. As the straw hats ran towards the ship the sounds of battle behind them. Luffy looked back and saw a whirlwind of smoke and fire battling against each other in the sky.

Everyone but Luffy went left. The captain was more interested in the battle and he went right. Once the merry was insight the straw hats picked up the pace and jumped on bard. Nami gave orders to set out immediately and the crew were quick to obey. As the merry was pulling away it was only then did they realise that Luffy was missing.

Luffy was indeed left behind and lost.

Alabasta Arc

Fortunately Ace had found him and he wasn't the only one. No sooner had the two started talking; they were attacked by Billions, the Baroque works henchmen. Of course they were no match for Ace and Luffy and were swiftly defeated. Zoro says he's love sick," Luffy confirmed innocently.

I'm following you," Luffy claimed. Luffy and Ace looked at each other and ran to the source of the cry. When they got there they found a silhouette of a man in a top hat holding up a young woman in expensive clothing. The man in the top hat turned to Ace and Luffy. What are you doing back here?

The other woman died instantly and the man in the top hat dropped the body and walked towards Luffy. As the man approached Ace recognised him and stood in front of Luffy protectively. Luffy on the other hand just smiled. Better than hers I hope," "What? Ace was not going to leave his brother in the hands of Jacob Frye.

He had only heard rumours about this man's brutality and Ace prayed that Evie Frye wasn't around. One of them was a force to be reckoned with but the two together…they were unstoppable.

Jacob led Luffy down a maze of alleyways and true to his word the ocean came into view. Luffy ran up to the edge of the path, scanning the horizon for the Merry. Ace watched him but kept his eye on Jacob.

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Luffy stretched his arm out and grabbed the Merry's railing, he flew towards the ship. Ace watched him go and turned his attention back to Jacob. Now that Luffy was out of the way he could fight the man without any distractions. What surprised him was Jacob was already leaving. Where are you going? I might even meet a Shichibukai" Jacob joked. Ace couldn't tell if the man was serious or not. But then Jacob stopped and looked directly into Aces eyes.

On the ship Luffy had crashed into Chopper and Sanji. The rest of the crew came over and Nami yelled at him. He then sprang up and began to look over to where he just was.

Everyone got into a defenceive stance. Now on board the Merry Ace got a good look at the crew, they were just like Luffy described and there really was a reindeer among them. He didn't show his surprise to find a young boy amongst them, but he knew once Luffy made his mind up about something there was no changing it. My big brother," Luffy introduced excitedly. Ace bowed politely "It's a pleasure to meet you all.

Thank you for looking after Luffy, I know he can be a handful," "Yes he is," the entire crew agreed. BOOM The sound of a cannon being fired was heard and a cannon ball landed in front of the Merry the in water with a splash. The crew got into action and Ace noticed the young boy freeze up. Ace looked at the fleet of ships in front of him "Keep going, I'll handle this," He claimed.

ace and luffy meet in alabaster

Ace jumped of the ship into a small boat, as soon as he landed flames came out of his feet and the boat propelled towards the approaching fleet. Bon Kurei is then picked up by his own ship and crew and leaves, swearing on friendship.

Just as they leave, Vivi realizes that he is Mr. The Straw Hats finally reach the port town of Nanohana in the desert kingdom of Alabasta.

Nefertari Vivi

Luffy, hungry from the long journey, storms off into town without waiting for his crew. At a bar, he interrupts a confrontation between a man named Portgas D. Ace and Captain Smoker of the Marinesknocking both through the wall without his noticing.

Luffy grabs a lot of meat, but flees when Smoker stands back up and gives chase. He leads the Marines directly to his crew mates that were purchasing provisions and water in the town. Just as Smoker tries to catch them, Ace interrupts and secures an escape route for the Straw Hat Pirates. Back on the ship, Luffy tells the crew the man who saved them was his brother. Ace hops onto the ship and meets the crew, but does not stay long and gives Luffy a piece of paper before leaving, destroying seven ships with Billions of the Baroque Works on the way out.

Vivi also sends Karoo with a message to Alubarna to warn the King. They encounter a group of Kung-Fu Dugongswho challenge the crew only to be beaten up by Luffy.

However, the dugongs now want to become his apprentices, forcing Chopper to bribe them with half their food so they can leave. They enter the town of Erumaluformerly also known as the Green City, but is now deserted and destroyed by the sand. They continue their journey through the desert, and Luffy, while resting in a shadow of a big rock, loses half their stuff to Warusagi Birds who trick travelers and steal their luggage.

He chases after them but returns alongside a camel that is being chased by a gigantic Great Sandora Lizard. In joined efforts, Sanji, Zoro and Luffy kill the lizard and cook it. The camel, who happens to be a pervert, is given the name " Eyelashes " by Nami and joins the crew, giving Nami and Vivi and only them a ride on his back. In the meantime, the Officer Agents have gathered in the Spiders Cafe and are led to Rainbase for the briefing of their final mission as Baroque Works.

However, the only citizen left in town tells them that the rebels are now in an oasis near Nanohana, for Yuba is now almost a daily target of sandstorms. The old citizen turns out to be an old friend of Vivi's, Toto. Here, we learn of their past together along with his son and her friend, Kohzawho is currently the leader of the Rebel Army. He gives the Straw Hats a place to sleep and also digs up a gallon of water in the night.

The Straw Hats leave Yuba in the morning as Vivi wants to return to Nanohana, but Luffy becomes gravely serious and tells her that stopping the Rebels will not get rid of Crocodile nor prevent any loss of life and they should go to Rainbase where Crocodile resides. He notes that even if they manage to reach the rebels, Crocodile will still try something to continue the war—it should be noted that, at this point, they still thought there was time before the battles started.

After a tough argument and a scuffle in which Luffy states they're all risking their lives, Vivi agrees and leads them to Rainbase. They are told the goal of the Baroque Works, their final mission and their respective parts in overthrowing Alabasta.

They are interrupted by Mr. He asks Crocodile for forgiveness, but is fed to his pet Bananawani huge crocodiles with banana-shaped growths on their heads instead. The Officer Agents all get pictures of Vivi and the Straw Hat crew excluding Sanji with the help of Bon Kurei's abilities and are given the order to hunt them down excluding Chopper as Crocodile believed he was the Straw Hats pet.

Crocodile's Plan Unveiled Edit Upon their arrival in Rainbase, the thirsty Luffy and Usopp rush right into a bar to get water, only to unexpectedly run into Captain Smoker and Tashigi there and spit water in their faces from shock. They get chased by the two and their Marine squad, which also draws the attention of the Baroque Works Billions stationed. The crew splits into groups: Luffy finally meeting with Crocodile. Vivi is surrounded by Billions, but is saved by Pella guard of the king who flew to Rainbase after Karoo's arrival in order to scout.

There Crocodile tells her his plan to overthrow Alabasta while it is being executed. There, he "admits" that he used Dance Powder to make it so that it rains only in Alubarna, and orders his soldiers to destroy the town, because they were the ones who saw the powder being carried in. Kohza confronts him, but he is shot.

However, during execution Mr. Kappa, heavily wounded, is spotted by rebel soldiers, and seeing what the "king" has done, Kohza decides to launch an attack on Alubarna. Crocodile dares Vivi to try and help her friends and he floods the room, lets Bananawani in, and has one swallow the key. However he suddenly gets a phone call by a Mr. Prince, recognized by the crew as Sanji, who starts off by imitating the phone call in Little Garden.

Sanji makes Crocodile believe he got caught in front of the Rain Dinners and Crocodile goes to check out the situation in front of the casino. Chopper acts as a decoy, using his powers to avoid Crocodile while Sanji destroys the bridge between the Rain Dinners and the rest of Rainbase to ensure that Crocodile can not return to Rain Dinners right away.

With Smoker's suggestion, Sanji kicks the right Bananawani with the key, making it cough up both the key and a large wax ball. Sanji defeats a Bananawani. As it turns out, the wax ball was created by Mr. However, Sanji forces him to make a copy of the key using his powers, and releases everyone. When Crocodile returns, he sees that everyone is gone, as they had escaped by going underwater with Sanji and Zoro carrying Luffy and Smoker through the water because of their Devil Fruit powers.

Chopper picks up the crew with a Moving Crab named Scissorsa friend of Eyelashes. Smoker decides not to pursue the Straw Hats to repay the favor to them for saving his life and instead gives the order to have nearby Marine forces depart for Alabasta immediately, heading out to their ship and leaving Tashigi in charge.

As the Straw Hats run away, Crocodile tries to snatch Vivi from the crab, but she is saved by Luffy who lets himself get dragged off by the crab, promising to meet them in Alubarna. Luffy is defeated by Crocodile for the first time. Crocodile says that he will humor Luffy for three minutes, but will finish him off once that time is up. Luffy attacks Crocodile, but discovers that he can not hit Crocodile as he just turns into sand thanks to the ability of his devil fruit, the Suna Suna no Mi.

Crocodile also shows off some attacks as well, one of which dries Luffy's arm out, but Luffy takes water from his small barrel to restore his strength. Once the three minutes are up, Crocodile creates a sandstorm and sends it off to Yuba, where Toto is, and explains that he was the one who was sending storms there every day.

Luffy yells for him to stop it but Crocodile impales him with his hook during his distress. When Luffy proves he is still alive, Crocodile leaves him in quicksand to die. She then leaves Luffy in the hands of Pell, telling Pell that Luffy is responsible for the safe return of Vivi. Edit The rest of the Straw Hat crew is on the way to Alubarna, only to discover that the Sandora River is in their path and that moving crabs can not swim. They try anyway, but they almost drown and are attacked by a Sandora Rare Catfish.

However, the fish is defeated by the Kung-Fu Dugongs they met before. The Dugongs bring them on the back of the fish to the other side of the river where they are met by Karoo and the Spot Billed Duck Troopsthe fastest animals on Alabasta. Meanwhile the Rebel Army under the leadership of Kohza have started their rush on Alubarna. Alubarna is evacuated and the royal army, led by Chakais preparing the city for the rebel attack.

Outside of Alubarna, the officer agents are waiting for Vivi to arrive and catch her, but are thrown into confusion as six hooded people arrive on Spot Billed Ducks. They are forced to pursue them in a hasty decision trying to figure out which one is Vivi. Bon Kurei and Sanji fight. The real Vivi however hid behind a rock and waited for the Straw Hats to distract the officer agents to buy her time. She tries to stop the rebel army, but a dust cloud caused by a Baroque Works agent under cover in the royal army prevents the Rebel Army from seeing her.

She is covered by Karoo to not get trampled down by the rebel army. As she awakes she is greeted by Usopp, but she sees through Mr. Karoo runs off with her climbing the steep walls of Alubarna but still is pursued by Mr. However, he gets delayed by Sanji, who buys Vivi time to get to the palace.

Doublefinger is defeated by Nami. The Straw Hats each face a dangerous battle. Chopper and Usopp battle Mr. Nami fights Miss Doublefinger in her first solo fight in the series, using a new weapon created by Usopp called the Clima-Tact and her knowledge of weather to beat her opponent.

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Zoro faces against Mr. Vivi arrives at the palace and gives order for the Royal Army to blow up the palace in order to get everyone's attention, but is stopped by Crocodile.

ace and luffy meet in alabaster

The army, realizing what is happening, try to enter the palace but are stopped by Miss All-Sunday. Kohza also arrives at the scene, intending to demand Cobra's surrender, only to find out the truth of the situation. Crocodile reveals that he is going to blow up the palace plaza, soon to be center point of battle, with a massive and powerful bomb. He also reveals his true intentions: Kohza wants to warn the city but is stopped by Vivi, who states that it will create a panic.

The Royal Army raises the white flag, with Kohza in front, but he is shot down by a double agent in the Royal Army, provoking the rebels. A battle starts on the palace plaza and Vivi watches in horror. Crocodile proceeds to throw Vivi off a palace wall, but she is saved by Luffy who came in flying on Pell's back. Vivi meets the rest of the Straw Hats on the foot of the wall and goes to search for the bomb with them and Pell.

Luffy flings himself back up to Crocodile and Miss All Sunday goes off with Cobra to the Poneglyphwhich is supposed to reveal the location of Pluton.

Luffy, armed with a barrel of water, confronts Crocodile again, as he found his weakness and manages to get a few good hits. Crocodile however can still dry him up and stop his attempts at getting him wet by trying to blow away the soaked Luffy and his barrel.

Seeing this, Luffy decides to take in all the water from the barrel, completely filling him, dubbing himself "Water Luffy". Crocodile does not take this form seriously and pays for it when Luffy fires a water bubble completely soaking Crocodile, and hits him with a Gomu Gomu no Bazooka.

While the fight continues, Miss All Sunday takes the nails painfully out of Cobra's body and cuffs him with her powers to force the King to the location of Pluton. Meanwhile, a furious Crocodile recovers and orders his partner to quickly depart.