Big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro

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big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro

The following is a list of fictional characters from Disney's feature film adaptation of Big From this, Hiro decided to use his smarts to form a team with his friends and lead Big Hero 6. . In the premiere episode of Big Hero 6: The Series, "Baymax Returns", Yama has started to work for the mysterious Obake of whom he. BIG HERO 6 Clip Introduces Unlikely Friends Hiro and Baymax who, with his robot companion Baymax (Scott Adsit) in tow, teams up with a. Big Hero 6: Meet The Team: Fred - Scene Or Clip. Big Hero 6: Meet The Team: Scott Adsit On Baymax's Relationship With Hiro - Behind the Scenes. —.

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Carl is somewhat friends with Dibs, though he looked down on his attempts to be a criminal and told him to give up. After Dibs transformed into Globby, he still continued to criticize him though the two still seemed to be okay with him.

He nevertheless manages to find work as a bouncer for various places including the underground Food Fight competition [11] and for various clubs throughout the San Fransokyo night life. He appears uninterested in his job or really anything around him. He did offer his tape to Baymax when he was deflating and later perked up when they gifted him more tape. Heathcliff voiced by David Shaughnessy [42] - Fred's family butler who appears really close to him.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro

Nothing phases him and he takes his job seriously. She was a silent character in the film, but in the series she speaks for the first time. She is sarcastic and bluntly talks about her boss and his company. Mochi - Hiro and Aunt Cass' overweight calico cat. They care deeply for their pet cat, though he can occasionally be a nuisance.

Ringleader voiced by Charlotte Gulezian [44] - An eye-patch wearing Asian woman who heads the bot-fights in San Fransokyo.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro

She works under Mr. In the series, she is credited as Yama's Assistant. She wanted to be a bot-fighter, but grew up to be a pilot for Krei Tech. An accident left her lost in between dimensions and in suspension. Abigail is rescued by Hiro and Baymax and hospitalized. Frederickson was once a superhero named Boss Awesome, but settled and had Fred whom he let into his past secret by the post-credits scene.

He travels the world on exotic exhibitions and appears to possess super strength. Frederickson voiced by Susan Sullivan [47] - Fred's wealthy socialite mother who is embarrassed by her son's antics, but loves him nonetheless. She was initially embarrassed by how people perceived her and her family, but later learns to deal with it.

Known for his somewhat pompous delivery. They get their power from an electricity orb, [24] but also have wristbands that are powered by a special cell battery. She never speaks and is always disappointed with something. Frederickson, he was old back when he fought him. He is offended that not a lot of people remember him and is apparently behind on the times. However the building blows up and Tadashi dies. Later, Hiro activates Baymax and the robot follows the direction pointed out by the last microbot kept with Hiro.

The boy chases Baymax and they come to an abandoned building.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro

Hiro discovers that someone is producing microbots and they are attacked by a masked man who controls the microbots. They succeed to flee and Hiro decides to include armor and another chip in Baymax to make him a master in fights. The masked man attacks the group and they team-up forming Big Hero 6, using armors and their skills, to capture the masked man that they believe is Alastair Krei.

But they have a huge surprise. Next to his older brother, Tadashi, Hiro's closest companion is Baymax, a robot whose sole purpose is to take care of people. When a devastating turn of events throws Hiro into the middle of a dangerous plot, he transforms Baymax and his other friends, Go Go Tamago, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred into a band of high-tech heroes.

When a criminal plot threatens the hi-tech metropolis of San Fransokyo, brilliant young robotics whiz Hiro Hamada leaps into action with his tech-savvy friends, and his robot companion Baymax in Disney Animation's adaptation of the popular Marvel Comics series Spoilers The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Synopsis In the city of San Fransokyo a portmanteau of San Francisco and TokyoHiro Hamada Ryan Potter is a teenage prodigy, but seems to be unable to use his intellect for anything more than trying to enter illegal, back-alley bot-fights.

His older brother Tadashi Daniel Henney wishes to change Hiro's mind, and tricks his brother into coming to the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, where Tadashi is a student.

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While there, Hiro is introduced to a number of Tadashi's 'nerd school' friends: Millerand the different inventions they have constructed. Tadashi then shows Hiro his own project: Thanks to a chip that Tadashi programmed with numerous medical analysis information, Baymax is quite knowledgeable, impressing Hiro. Once he has performed his task, Baymax returns to sleep mode by being told, "I am satisfied with my care. Tadashi then encourages his brother to come up with something that will impress Callaghan at the next robotics exhibit coming up.

After Tadashi encourages his brother to 'use that big brain of yours,' Hiro then uses the robotic technology in his battle-bot, and crafts them into thousands of micro-bots, controlled by a neural transmitter. Whatever the wearer thinks, the microbots will do. Needless to say, Hiro's presentation wins over a number of people at the exhibition, even impressing a high-profile technology guru, named Alistair Krei Alan Tudyk.

Alistair offers to purchase Hiro's microbot invention on the spot, but Callaghan claims that Krei is not a trustworthy man with technology. Hiro then declines Krei's request, but is excited when Callaghan presents him with a letter of acceptance to the Institute. Hiro, Tadashi, and their friends head off to celebrate, but the mood is cut short when a fire erupts within the exhibition hall.

With word that Callaghan is still inside, Tadashi rushes into the building to save him. However, as Hiro watches, an explosion rocks the building, blasting him back. After Tadashi's funeral, Hiro becomes distant from his friends, still working through his grief. His aunt and guardian Cass Maya Rudolphtries to encourage Hiro to go to the Institute and take advantage of his acceptance letter, but he seems unwilling to do so.

After accidentally hurting himself in his room, Hiro is surprised when Baymax appears. Apparently, Tadashi had brought him back to their shared bedroom before he died.

Baymax attempts to help Hiro, who is reluctant to accept it.

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However, the mood is broken when Hiro finds one of his microbots wriggling in a pocket of his jacket. Putting it in a specimen container, Hiro tries to ignore it, but Baymax notes inquires if he can try to determine where the 'small robot' wishes to go. Hiro casually affirms this Chasing him down, Hiro and Baymax find themselves at an old warehouse.

Sneaking inside, Hiro is surprised to find a machine churning out similar microbots, with numerous containers filled with them. However, his surprise turns to shock, when a masked man appears, attempting to kill Hiro and Baymax with the miniature robots. Hiro first goes to the police station to report what he's found, but the officer taking down his story seems reluctant to believe him.

It also doesn't help that Baymax's battery starts to run low. Hiro manages to get him home to be recharged. It is then that Baymax inquires where Tadashi is. Hiro attempts to explain to the robot that his brother is 'gone.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro

Deciding to figure out who has stolen his invention, Hiro decides to upgrade Baymax. After creating a carbon-fiber suit for the robot, Hiro also programs a new chip that includes numerous martial arts moves, inserting it into an additional slot in Baymax's 'heart' drive, right next to Tasashi's chip of Baymax's programming.

The two then return to the warehouse, only to find it empty. However, Hiro notes his microbot has started to move again, and the two follow its movements to the docks off San Fransokyo. However, something pulls the microbot out of the container, and it disappears off into the misty bay. However, moments later, the masked figure appears, using the microbots as a transport means, and carrying a large object with the symbol of a red bird on it.

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Hiro is just about to send Baymax to get the masked man, when they are accosted by Hiro's friends. Baymax's invite for them to help cheer up Hiro got through, but just then, the masked man attacks them. The group pile into Wasabi's car, as the masked man gives chase.

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In the aftermath, the car ends up driving into the bay, but the group is saved by Baymax, who has shed his armor, and helps the group float to the surface. After getting on land, Fred leads the group to his home While recovering, Hiro shows the group the red bird symbol he saw on the piece of machinery to his friends, but none have seen it.

big hero 6 meet the team baymax and hiro