Bill and ted meet themselves

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bill and ted meet themselves

In Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure when they meet themselves at the From Bill and Ted's perspective it happens twice, as they revisit that. Ted: Deacon, do you realize you have just stranded one of Europe's greatest leaders in San Dimas? Deacon: He was a dick. [Bill and Ted meet themselves]. With Bill & Ted 3 finally confirmed, we take a look back at the first two movies in the them, or that they're lazy drop-outs with no interest in bettering themselves. . even meet them – they don't feel one-dimensional, or conjured from thin air.

Ted is the shortened name of the name Theodore. Bill and Ted are of the Twindividual variation; even if they're not actually related and look completely different, they have almost the exact same personality Bill seems to be slightly more practical-minded and Ted slightly more carefree, but the differences are minimal and in the plots they're important as a duo, not as individuals.

Joanna and Elizabeth are even more of an example; they're never seen apart and don't seem to have separate personalities at all. Given that they are sisters and seem to be the same age, they may even be actual non-identical twins — though this is never confirmed or denied. And then there's Station, who is literally one mind in two bodies, with the ability to merge back into one being when needed. Bill and Ted use a lot of pop culture references in their chatter. They even dress up as knights and have a mock sword fight while quoting Star Wars.

Excellent Adventure takes place in and the titular duo make plenty of use of trendy fashion and slang of the era and location. Too Hip For The Womb. While Napoleon is at Waterloo, his swimsuit really just his era underwear becomes somewhat see-through.

Bill and Ted are flippant about their schoolwork and can't even take their music seriously in spite of their passion for it. Bill and Ted always introduce themselves as "Bill S. Preston, Esquire and 'Ted' Theodore Logan". Wyld Stallyns is just the two of them jamming on guitars in Bill's garage initially.

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Alex Winter, though this is largely because he retired from acting in to begin a directing career. Despite being uncomplicated slackers, Bill and Ted have a natural instinct for mastering the causal and paradoxical effects of time travel. Also, while their use of the English language is most unconventional and egregiously unorthodox, their vocabulary does seem to be more well developed than most teenagers, or for that matter most anyone.

Try reading that in their voices. Bill not only knows what an Oedipal Complex is, he can recognize he has a minor case. Bill and Ted can communicate with and translate for people who speak French, Mongolian, and Ancient Greek. Bill and Ted do everything together. Including proposing to their girlfriends.

Hyperspace Is a Scary Place: While they have an intuitive understanding of San Dimas Timetheir basic response to everything is almost always a tell a dumb joke, b make a rock music reference, c going along with what someone smarter suggests, or d some combination of the above.

Missy can't even prepare grilled cheese sandwiches without torching them. Both movies are this for George Carlindefinitely. He doesn't cuss even once in either movie.

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Missy definitely seems to have a thing for men who are old enough to be her father; first marrying Bill's dad, and later Ted's dad. A newspaper headline suggests she later marries Chuck DeNomolos.

Neither of the boys' mothers are ever so much as mentioned, let alone explaining where they went. Possibly because digging into that would take the funny out of the running gag with Missy. Stupid as Bill and Ted may both be, it's hard to deny that they are both sincere, decent and kind-hearted kids when push comes to shove.

bill and ted meet themselves

The founders of a Utopian future are these guys. Yes, Bill and Ted will eventually usher in a Utopia with their music.

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Greetings, my excellent friends. Do you know when the Mongols ruled China? Perhaps we can ask them. How's it going, royal ugly dudes? I am the Earl of Preston!

bill and ted meet themselves

And I am the Duke of Ted! Put them in the iron maiden. Okay, if you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of? Future Bill and Future Ted: Miss Preston, we'd like you to meet some of our Way to go, egghead. What is a geek? Our first guest speaker comes from the year BC, a time when most of the world looked like the cover of the Led Zeppelin album, Houses of the Holy.

There were many steps and columns. It was most tranquil. He is sometimes known as the father of modern thought.

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He was the teacher of Plato, who was in turn the teacher of Aristotle, and like Ozzy Osbourne, was repeatedly accused of corruption of the young. And so, Ted's father's own fear of failure has caused him to make his son the embodiment of all his deepest anxieties about himself. And hence, his aggression transference onto Ted. Thank you very much, Sigmund Freud Just got a minor oedipal complex.

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He was 80 years old when the second of his two episodes aired, making him the oldest actor to ever play the Doctor and rendering his earlier objections highly ironic. Bayldon passed away on May 10, at the age of He was on the shortlist to succeed Tom Baker, but was passed over in favor of Peter Davison. However, Davies had no real pull with the casting decision, as he turned the show over to Steven Moffat inwho in turn ushered in the reign of Matt Smith and his bow ties.

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