Did the munsters ever meet addams family

The Addams Family vs. The Munsters on Family Feud @ WWWF Grudge Match

did the munsters ever meet addams family

(7) Since the pilot never aired, the only chance audiences ever had to see the Why do they not play The Munsters and The Addams Family on TV anymore?. No. CBS knew that that Addams family, already established through cartoons, was readily primed for a TV adaptation, and decided to create a. I was talking about the Munsters yesterday and somebody said there was an episode or movie about the Munsters and The Addams Family.

A bumbling idiot with defective brains, he is practically a caricature of Fred Flintstone. Add on his oddly effeminate traits, and it is clear that Brad Garrett states correctly in his stand-up routine that Herman Munster was the first gay sitcom star. Lily Munster Lily is a generic bride of Frankenstein note the white stripe of hairwho is the matriarch of the Munsters.

However, she is also a vampire being the daughter of Grandpa Munster. Which is it folks? Eddie carried around a little wolfman doll and annoyed viewers everywhere. Clearly a vampire, so we are unsure who Grandpa knocked up to produce Lily.

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Most of the time he did experiments in the basement, providing convenient plot devices for many of the episodes. Herman and Lily are her aunt and uncle, so we can only assume that they have killed her parents and are holding her against her will. She is also apparently too dumb to realize that she is normal, and is viewed by the other Munsters as lacking their good looks. Oh how very hilarious…the first time.

The Addams Family v The Munsters

The Munsters also had a number of pets, but they are too boring to mention here, and it would only further hurt their cause if I did. Child actors who end up in Morningside Recovery rehab are bound to make the news.

did the munsters ever meet addams family

Morningside Recovery can usually help celebrities with their problems. Loring and Patrick who did enter a rehab facility like Morningside Recovery were both able to beat their addictions. Next, consider the theme songs between the two shows. The Addams family theme is well-known, incorporating a lyrical explanation of the family, accentuated by finger snaps that are imitated everywhere.

did the munsters ever meet addams family

I defy you to snap your fingers twice while humming the theme and see who else knows what you are doing. It is often played during NBA games due to its popularity. The song describes the Addams Family as altogether ooky. This is further proof that the Addams Family is so indescribably unique, that there was no English word to describe them, meriting the creation of a new word!

did the munsters ever meet addams family

The Munsters, however, had a forgettable composition that contained no lyrics and was thankfully brief. The Addams Family is so well known they have even inspired schoolyard rhymes sung to the tune of The Addams Family themesuch as: The Addams Family has led to three feature films, with 0 for the Munsters. Even more importantly, the Addams Family led to a wildly fun pinball game, and an obscenely frustrating Nintendo game: Would to God that they had stayed asleep forever and spared both us from their painfully unfunny humor and spared themselves from further humiliation.

I know this was a long blog, but I felt it was necessary to definitively demonstrate the superiority of the Addams Family. For the most part, reviewers were pleasantly surprised at how well the Addams series had captured the blackly funny tone of the cartoons. Although there were concessions to certain sitcom conventions and the ever-present sound of the requisite sitcom laugh track, the show definitely had a certain subversive vibe, a celebration of all things kooky, spooky, and off-the-wall, an endorsement of nonconformity, as the Addamses made absolutely no apologies for who they were.

Although the show appealed tremendously to children, it had a great deal more dark wit in its presentation than the tamer and more sit-comically traditional Munsters, thereby earning its share of loyal adult viewers as well.

The Addamses vs. the Munsters | The Paley Center for Media

The performances were spot on, with Jones dryly lugubrious in her line readings; Astin wiggling his eyebrows and brandishing his stogie with manic delight in a most affably strange manner; Coogan pitching his vocal intonations higher to make Fester that much more child-like and weird; and Cassidy speaking volumes most often by simply groaning gutturally.

Outside of the premiere episode which featured an actual backlot house set, this was the only exterior shot that would be seen in the subsequent show once it was inserted into the opening credits.

did the munsters ever meet addams family

The house on the series was otherwise represented by a drawing. ABC responded enthusiastically to the sales film and purchased the show, which would be produced by Filmways, Inc.

did the munsters ever meet addams family

A full-page ad heralding its upcoming debut appeared in the March 25,issue of the New York Times, dominated by the very same Charles Addams drawing of the family posed in front of their creepy digs that had given David Levy the idea for the series in the first place.

Nat Perrin, who had written for such comedians as Eddie Cantor, the Marx Brothers, and Red Skelton, was brought in as producer, doing a great deal of writing as well, though without any onscreen credit. Knowing they would alienate audiences if the family was simply too weird to warm up to, the series version made the characters less ominously anti-social and more gleefully eccentric, as if unaware that their behavior is interpreted as strange to others, cheerfully inviting outsiders into their specialized world, if any of them dared to stick around long enough.

Instead, the Addams lived on North Cemetery Drive in a much tidier abode, albeit a cluttered one featuring just about the most entertaining set dressing in the history of the medium.

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The living room featured a huge stuffed grizzly bear; a hanging noose used to summon the butler; a ticker tape machine; a mounted sword fish with a leg protruding from its mouth; a bear rug that growled when stepped upon; a piece of furniture resembling a two-headed tortoise; a moose head with a bent antler; and a portrait of a giraffe in a tuxedo.