How to meet the harvest king

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how to meet the harvest king

After you ring all 5 bells, you will meet the Harvest King at the top of the mountain in Garmon Mines. The sprites will tell you to meet them up there because they. It was the harvest day and on this day we were all to meet in the community center – a large open field in the middle of the homes and farmland. Once you have reached the rank of hero, champ, or king, go through the Garmon Upper mine in order to reach the seat of the Harvest King. The five sprites will.

If you forget to water the tree for even one day, it will die. If you allow the sapling to die, then you will get a stern lecture from the Goddess. She will send you to speak with the Harvest King, who also gives you a guilt trip for allowing the tree to die.

Eventually he will soften and send a new seed down to the Goddess for you to try again. You don't have to collect the 5 blessing ingredients again. Stand next to the baby tree and press the A button to allow the two of them to water it.

Each day the tree will grow just a little bit. On the 5th day after your child waters the tree, the Goddess will inform you all that the tree is growing wonderfully. She recognizes how much effort your child and Finn have put into taking care of the little tree.

It's said the next step is to find out who the tree's protector should be. All the sprites gather together to give power to the Goddess, who then gives the power to Finn. Finn thinks of the guardian and summons a mighty rainbow! The rainbow trails off into the distance, and the Goddess says that the guardian will have to take the tree to the far, distant island. She's sure the Harvest King will recognize Finn and your child as the official guardians.

The Goddess will give you the tree sapling and instructs you to take it to the Harvest King. At the king's throne, the Harvest King will tell you it is time to set off for the other island and asks if your preparations are ready. This is your last chance to change your mind! If you are not ready to start a new game then do not tell him you are ready. The remainder of the game is a series of cut scenes that you just sit back and watch.

The King will tell Finn that he will become the new helper and the protector of nature for Waffle Island. You seem sad, but the Harvest King reminds you that at some point in time you have to let your children go free.

The game will immediately shift to your evening meal, where your entire family is spending their last night together before your chosen child leaves for the other island. In the middle of the night you'll find your child has left the house and traveled down to the beach. You will give your child some words of encouragement. In the morning you will all gather at the Harvest Goddess' Pond to see the chosen child off to the next island.

A few of the villagers have also come to see the sending off and give their words of encouragement. Hamilton takes a group photo and now it's time to go. You can only give items, and not tools or any other key items like the camera. After giving over the item, your child and Finn will travel across the rainbow bridge.

how to meet the harvest king

Starting A New Game After the child walks across the rainbow, you can choose to have the last photo appear on your Wii's message board. You also can choose which save slot you want to use for the new game. Our food, our tools, our homes — we raised our own livestock and taught our children in the ways of the world and of the Lord. I see people attending schools here for many years after your fourteenth, which is when we would start getting to work in the community.

Your world and mine are immensely different. Which is one of the reasons I had to leave. I never intended on trying to get out of the community. My family, just like all the others, had been there for as long as we could remember and there had never been any reason to leave. We, just like this normal society of yours, have traditions that need to be upheld and issues that need to be dealt with. I broke the traditions. I ruined my family. I destroyed my friends. My last day in the community started like many others, even though I knew that it was going to be significantly different.

It was the harvest day and on this day we were all to meet in the community center — a large open field in the middle of the homes and farmland — to celebrate. There was always an abundance of food and drink and we all wore our finest clothing and people would play music to dance to. It was the happiest day of the year. And that year I was old enough to be the Harvest King. The Harvest King was the most highest held position for the following year in the community. People would hang pictures of the King around town and we would add them to our prayers every night.

Only the strongest and most worthy of young men could be considered the Harvest King and this year, I could just feel that it was going to be my year. I was both nervous and excited as we headed towards the community center, my mother, father, two sisters and I.

I knew there were two other boys that I would be competing against, however there was nothing I could do to better my chances now. The community voted just days earlier and today we would learn the results.

The community center was full of people, as expected, upon our arrival. We danced and sang and I drank my fill of wine made from the vineyard on the edge of the community. If you do not marry, however, you cannot have a child. Both Harvest Moon and Rune Factory adhere to traditional standards of morality in this respect! Having a child may not be part of the general story in many games, but in both Tree of Tranquility and Animal Parade, it is essential if you wish to experience the complete story, as moving into the 2nd Generation is a vital component of the plot.

As in Tree of Tranquility, however, you need not move out of the 1st Generation, however, even if you have a child or more than one child. Players of Tree of Tranquility will discover that the rules of Courtship and Marriage are similar in both games.

Rival Couples can marry and will have children of their own. If, therefore, you wish to meet all possible Characters in Animal Parade, you must allow all your Rivals to marry.

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This will limit your own choice of partner as you will have Rivals for the affections of most of the Eligible Girls and Bachelors. In fact, there are Rivals for the affections of every 'human' Character. Animal Parade, like Tree of Tranquility and indeed, all Harvest Moon and Rune Factory games, places an emphasis on personal relationships.

Financial success and the success of your Farm are only one part of the general equation. Friendship Visits will constitute Heart Events when the visitor is a member of the opposite gender and eligible for Marriage. The next morning, the individual will arrive at your door at 6. You have the option either to accept or refuse the Gift. Acceptance increases the giver's Heart Level. The visit at 2 Hearts only occurs with Characters of the opposite gender in Animal Parade.

Friendship Visits from Rivals as well as Rival Heart Events will be discussed in detail in another section of this Guide. When the visitor is a Character who is a possible candidate for marriage, the Friendship Visit at 2 Hearts constitutes the 1st Heart Event in Animal Parade. Even if you have your own heart set on one specific candidate for marriage, it is a very good idea to raise the Heart Levels of all Eligible Candidates before you propose marriage to any one.

The benefits of doing so are manifold. In some cases, the Gifts are quite ordinary but in others, they are valuable and sometimes rare items. For example, Toby's Gift at 2 Hearts is a Huchen. Many of the Eligible Bachelors offer Gems. Chase will give you Salt and Luke gives Honey. Others are Accessories that can be worn.

Renee's Gift is nothing more costly than an Egg. Even if the actual Gift is less than valuable, acceptance raises the giver's Heart Level and enables you to receive a second visit at 4 Hearts. In order to ring the last Bell, you must raise at least 10 Characters to 3 Hearts to persuade each to confess a Wish to you. You therefore can 'kill two birds with one stone' by raising every candidate for Marriage to 3 Hearts as quickly as possible. In fact, it is advisable to raise ALL Characters, even your potential Rivals, to three Hearts as quickly as possible in Animal Parade, as there are other Events involving villagers that will occur only when specific Heart Levels have been reached.

The Festivals where you can meet a potential spouse are: Keep all your Dates in Animal Parade! As with respect to the 1st Heart Event, you will receive a Visit from that individual at 6. Again, you will have a choice to accept or reject the Gift. There is no point in rejecting a Gift from any individual eligible for Marriage. Accepting the Gift does not obligate you in any fashion. You need to be at the designated location between 4.

Failing to arrive in time will decrease Heart Level significantly. The Invitation for the Romantic Date must be made on the same day as the proposed Date from 8. Whether your Character is a male or female is irrelevant here. Each Eligible Girl or Bachelor will make a different arrangement with you.

Again, there is no reason why you should not experience all possible Dates with Eligible Candidates at 5 Hearts before you marry any one.

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Although it does not constitute an 'Event', it is a necessary step in any successful Courtship in Animal Parade. If you agree to meet the individual between This is a critical point in the Courtship.

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  • Summoning the Harvest King

A number of them are positive and some are negative. Respond in a positive manner to increase Heart Level. It is more complicated than this, however. A positive response at the Lighthouse will lower the Heart Levels of all other candidates for Marriage.

You then have to make your choice or risk alienating some one. Go to the Lighthouse between 4. When you meet your intended spouse, respond positively and move forward inexorably towards marriage as the Confession really is the last Heart Event.

You can continue to give Gifts as well, provided you avoid greeting the individual in the morning hours. You then can save your game with every one at 10 Hearts and proceed to trigger the Confession Invitations one by one, reloading after each Wedding is played out. At the point where I would need to make a decision, I save my game and then never overwrite that file. It is time-consuming but far less so than beginning a new game for each Marriage. Noon each day to prevent the Confession Invitation from occurring.

Once you have experienced the Wedding and Honeymoon events, you can reload your game back to the point where no Confession had occurred. You first will learn of the tradition of the Blue Feather in a Letter that Mayor Hamilton will send to you the morning after you experience a Confession at the Lighthouse.

Harvest Moon: Animal Parade - Marriage & Courtship Guide

When both requirements are met, exit your House at 6. She will tell you that she has seen a Blue Bird. This Event is similar to one in Tree of Tranquility where the sighting of the Blue Bird prompts you to search for the elusive symbol of Happiness. The Event will occur only between 5. Note that it will not occur on a Festival Day. Hamilton's Letters about Marriage Mayor Hamilton actually will send your Character Letters that gives all marriage requirements in Animal Parade as well as a Letter about the Requirements for having a Child.

The letters are entitled: How to Propose How to Propose How are you doing? Getting used to living here? I just thought you should consider getting married soon. That's why I'm writing you this. To get married, you'd need to be romantically involved with someone.

The size of your house is also important. You'd want to live together if you're married, you know! A level 2 home should be good enough. Finally, there's the blue feather. It's tradition to give a blue feather upon proposing to someone. How to obtain it? Get a bigger house. You need to have your friendship level as 'true friends.

So You Want a Baby… Hey, how's married life been? I think it's about time you two considered having children. You should first talk with your spouse about having children. Planning is really important, you know. The size of your house is key.

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You'll need more space and a room for your child. A level 3 home would do just fine. If your spouse is not divine, you will receive a Wedding Ring and a Honeymoon Ticket. You cannot expect a divine being to live with you, however.

Anissa and Jin Son: Van Candace and Julius Daughter: Angie Kathy and Owen Son: Roy Luna and Gill Daughter: Vivian Maya and Chase Daughter: Dakota Phoebe and Calvin Son: Heath Renee and Toby Son: Matt Selena and Luke Daughter: Lucy In order to experience the Rival Marriages that result in a child for each couple, you must experience all Rival Heart Events for that couple.

Remember that the Wishes of every character must be added ultimately if you wish to receive the Trophy. There are three Rival Heart Events. The first occurs when the Rival reaches 4 Hearts. Your Rival will arrive at your Farmhouse the next morning at 6. On the morning after you experience the 3rd Rival Heart Event, you will receive a Letter consisting of an Invitation to the Wedding.

how to meet the harvest king

The Wedding Ceremony will occur at the Celesta Church at Go to the Church at No time whatsoever will elapse and you will find yourself in the Church at Future Home of the Rival Couple: Choral Clinic Candace and Julius: Julius' House Kathy and Owen: Flute Fields outside Horn Ranch Time: Mayor's House Maya and Chase: Chase's House Phoebe and Calvin: Entrance to Garmon Mine Time: General Store Renee and Toby: Horn Ranch Selena and Luke: They are 'optional' Characters simply because they will not be born if you marry one of their prospective parents or fail to trigger the Rival Heart Events by raising the Heart Level of your Rival.

Players of Tree of Tranquility will recognise many of the Children of the Rival Couples but a few are new to Animal Parade, even though they are born of unions between Characters in ToT as well. Friendship in Harvest Moon requires regular attention as well as a knowledge of the individual's likes and dislikes. As in reality, you learn about a prospective friend by speaking to him or her, speaking to family members and other friends. If you know where some one is to be found, you needn't waste valuable time searching for him or her.

Knowing every one's schedules will allow you to create your own ritual of meeting and greeting every one on a daily basis. If you cannot visit every one daily, try to focus on one specific district, taking a special gift to every one there. Every individual has specific likes and dislikes and there are degrees of both. There are three positive levels of acceptance of any item. The highest level is represented by a burst of hearts and is the response to a 'Most Favourite Gift'.

Unlike many games, in Animal Parade, there is more than one item that will be received as a 'Most Favourite'. The second degree of acceptance is represented by a single heart. This indicates that while not a 'Most Favourite', the Gift is one that is loved.

The third and lowest degree of positive acceptance is a burst of musical notes. When an individual responds in this fashion, you can be assured that your Gift is an item that the Character actually likes.

how to meet the harvest king

In Animal Parade, whatever the degree of acceptance of any Gift, only one item can be given per day. In this respect, Animal parade is different from ToT where you could continue to give items until the maximum Friendship Point total of 15 per day was reached. In ToT, therefore, you could remedy a 'bad gift' that decreased Friendship Points by giving a series of 'good' gifts afterwards. This is not possible in Animal Parade. In the Calendar that follows, both Birthdays and Festsivals are listed.

With each Birthday is at least one suggested 'easy' gift. These items are NOT always the 'Most Favourite' but they are the easiest items to obtain early in the game. For that reason, you will see Sakura Seashell and Sea Urchin are suggested whenever possible, as both items can be found on the beaches regularly.

Tulips are listed as a suggested flower because you will find them growing in your 'starter' field at the beginning of Spring and can grow quite a few more before the end of the first Spring for use as future Birthday Gifts or ordinary Friendship Gifts. It is only when an individual does not like any of those three items that I have suggested a different gift. Note that any acceptable Gift on a Character's Birthday should obtain a special response that differs from the response to the same item on any ordinary day.

There are different Birthday responses as well, depending on the degree of happiness that the specific Gift engenders. A 'Most Favourite Gift', for example, will elicit the most enthusiastic response, while a Loved or Liked Gift will elicit acknowledgment of the fact that the item is a Birthday Gift, but in slightly different words from the receipt of a 'Most Favourite'. Gifts on Birthdays are worth more in terms of raising Love or Friendship than when given on any ordinary day.

For Green Tea on her birthday: You're giving an old lady like me a birthday gift? This is such a wonderful gift. For a Gift such as Herbal Tea that she loves, indicated by a single heart: For Herbal Tea on her birthday: Thank you so much. It's nice when others celebrate for you.

For the same Green Tea on an ordinary day: For Green Tea with burst of hearts: Are you giving that to me? Thank you very much. You made my day. The same Gift of Herbal Tea on an ordinary day would elicit the same single heart, but the following response: At the start of the game, you will have almost no access to the items that are the true 'Most Favourite Gifts' for most of the Characters in Animal Parade.

When you have purchased the bare necessities of life and have a little money beyond that which is needed for Crop Seeds and primary purchases, consider an investment in an Aging Pot for G. Even the wild fruits that you find in early Spring such as Blueberries and Raspberries can be made into Cocktails. Note that the Purple Bell Quest requires that you raise at least 10 Characters to 3 Hearts in order to persuade each to confess a 'Wish' to you.

Raising Heart Levels in Animal Parade takes time and requires patience. If you begin immediately in early Spring of your first year, you should be in a good position to begin the Purple Bell Quest after completing the other four Bell Quests. Tracking As in Tree of Tranquility, you have an option to 'track' any Character you have met.

Tracking requires nothing more than accessing your Friends Page and pressing 'A' after highlighting the individual's name.

how to meet the harvest king

You can track another character easily simply by returning to the Friends Page and performing the same action after highlighting that individual's name. The Map that is displayed when you press the 1 Button is a valuable resource. When you use the Z Button to zoom in on any location, you will be given useful information. When the location is a shop, you will be given its hours of operation as well as the day when it is shut for business.

Many of the Festivals, including the Flower Festival in Spring, are venues for Romance but only if you have invited some one at 3 Hearts or higher to meet you. You must have at least 10 Characters at 3 Hearts or higher if you wish to complete the fifth Bell Quest. It is a Most Favourite Gift and some definitely are more valuable than others.

Note that you only will receive these Visits from members of the opposite gender in Animal Parade. Weather is no deterrent where these little Events are concerned. A Character will arrive even when thunder is cracking across the sky and the rain is pouring down. You have the option either to accept or reject the Gift when it is offered. Note that, even if your Rucksack is full when the Gift is offered, you can accept it, although you immediately will be prompted to chuck out an item in one of the slots to make place for the Gift.

You therefore should keep abreast of Friendship Levels before you go to bed at night and, if your Rucksack has no empty slots, throw something into the Shipping Bin rather than be obliged to throw it into the rubbish the next morning There are two ways by which to discover Friendship levels.

The second, where articulate Characters are concerned, is by noting dialogue. As soon as Heart Level changes, dialogue will change. Value of Conversation In Animal Parade as in Tree of Tranquility, simply 'meeting and greeting' every individual on a daily basis will increase Friendship Levels gradually. Animal Parade offers a wealth of individual Dialogue from every Character based on weather, season, special Events and Festivals as well as Heart Levels.

Beyond this, there are a number of responses to Gifts that indicate the precise value of the Gift from enthusiastic responses to Most Favourite Gifts to the responses made to the most Detested Items. On Birthdays, a character will response uniquely either to a Most Favourite or a simple Favourite as a Birthday Gift, providing two different Birthday Acknowledgement responses for each Character.

Dialogue will change at each Heart Level. Sometimes, after giving even a Most Favourite Gift, the Heart Level will not change until you have spoken to the individual once or twice. Make certain that you go through all possible Dialogues if you wish to raise Friendship Levels as quickly as possible. A Character always will speak of the Weather and of the Season as well as delivering the specific 'Heart Level' Dialogue. It is at 5 Hearts that a more intimate relationship begins with any Character eligible for Marriage in your game.

Often, the Dialogue at 5 Hearts is not related to romance but at 6 Hearts, the Character's Dialogue definitely will display some kind of romantic interest in you.

In my Guides, therefore, Heart Level Dialogues at 5 Hearts and higher will be given for both the 'Boy' and 'Girl' versions of the game.

how to meet the harvest king

It is interesting to note how the general topic of ANY Character's dialogue tends to become more personal at 5 Hearts. Below 5 Hearts, Characters tend to impart general advice about various areas of activity in which they may or may not have some expertise. As Friendship levels increase, however, Characters may begin to speak of their own relationships with family members or friends.

They may speak of their childhood as well. Dialogues relating to the Weather, to the Season and to impending Festivals can be experienced in addition to the regular Dialogue that is based on Heart Level.

Characters each have specific Dialogue for every type of Weather: Where this Dialogue is concerned, however, it is determined by the time of day when you speak to the Character. Whenever you encounter some one in the evening or at night, however, the current Weather conditions no longer will be a topic of conversation. There is Seasonal Dialogue as well for every Character and this changes halfway through the Season.

You therefore can experience one Seasonal Dialogue early in any given Season and a different Dialogue in the second half of the Season. For some Characters, there is a third Seasonal Dialogue that tends to be related to all the major Festivals that occur in that Season.