Inutaisho and izayoi meet fanfiction percy

Inutaisho and Izayoi meet Chapter 1, an inuyasha fanfic | FanFiction

inutaisho and izayoi meet fanfiction percy

Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Drama - Inutaisho, Izayoi - Chapters: 17 - Words: 16, Izayoi wondered if she would ever meet him. Tribulations by betsib & midnightinjapan: Percy and Nico are caught in an argument between two goddesses and are put to the test. Nico meets merman Percy. . 35 - Updated: Dec 5, - Published: Dec 28, - Inutaisho, Izayoi . The back history of Inutaisho and Izayoi. Inutaisho and Izayoi meet is part one. The swords still talk, I kept that the same. Alright on with the story.

I think that is a wonderful use for it. Of course, it all depends.

Demigods aren't always cut out for school. Yes, I understand entirely. I will see you later mom. Sally, would you like a tour, or to go back to Artemis' cabin? I think sesshomaru can handle rin a little longer with out my help. I am pleased to meet you Sally.

You as well Zeus. A daughter of yours, then? A fine young woman, if I say so myself. She's a real good kid. I don't think I've met Kagome, but she's marrying Sesshomaru's brother, am I right?

Izayoi and Inu no Taishou tribute

I'm sure I'll meet her, maybe even go to the wedding. A bit overdramatic, but yes, he's nice. See you later, Sally. Rin has been doing very well. It is rude to keep you away from your family. Rin has been as good as gold and better. Good, as we hoped. Quiets down in her mother's arms Sesshomaru: She hasn't seen me all day. Sally, did you just feed her?

Can't help but be concerned. Artemis as much of a maiden as you are you are every inch a typical mother. Jaken do not dare to Insult Artemis or her Huntresses. I don't see that they will do any Harm to Rin's development if anything the exact opposite.

My huntresses are perfect around infants and children. What is it Artemis? Jaken is getting snippy with me Jaken be respectful to Artemis she has a right to know what you fear even it is a fear that is irrational Artemis: If she so chose, it would be because she truly believed in it, not because they're role models. I wouldn't allow that. Rin's path in life is her own to make as long as she is happy I don't care what she decides. They will be like older sisters, not what she has to be.

I should know I was the youngest our of a family of fifty older brothers and sisters. But I don't think she will. But that is years away. Try to forget her, Sesshomaru.

I am trying but it is rather hard to forget her when her image and the memories of her haunt every corner of my dreams at night. She just hopes she can survive the journey. Percy Jackson and the Olympians - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Fortunatley Gabriel, Micheal,and Rapheal are Gods angels there to help earth, and a young girl named Rose,who may be able to help them send the demons back.

He catches his scent and watches Inuyasha jump into a well with the weird human female, curious he follows after them. Zeus is sick and tired of Ares and Athena constantly fighting,so he punishes them with the 1st thing he can think of. Athena and Ares are in for the surprise of their immortal lives. T cuz annabeth is pregnant -not what you think!

But she was far from the truth. Taken to Camp Half-Blood, she soon learns that she will never fit in because of her father.

But who will she choose: The gods or the titans?

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All angels and demons are going, not excluding Satan and God himself. Or are they confused? Or is Ivy not a Demi-god but a creation? Read this fanfic for the answers. Writing a story by SonnyGoten reviews I was starting on a new story of mine, when suddenly Satan decided to kidnap me and force me to become adjudicator of a supernatural baseball game between Good and Evil.

MichaelxLucifer Bible - Rated: It's only for ten days. I'll even let you take a month of Hunting off. Who will lead her the right way? Rated M for later content Inuyasha - Rated: They take comfort in each other, but what happens when Katniss gets back?

Or when Madge's life takes an unexpected twist? When she is on the road to fame, what will she leave behind? Will it be worth it? They DON'T know about camp half blood. So what will happen? All PJO characters dead are alive. This story is obviously AU! And now, professional quidditch player. Quite possibly, a dangerous combination.

D Harry Potter - Rated: Converse by writer-of-demigodishness reviews And it all started with a pair of Converse. Percabeth and Thalico and a bunch of other pairs. But don't be fooled, there's alot more to this story. Pre-written so I will update quickly! Hope you like it! Heart-wrenching, funny, and heartfelt one-shots on various PJO couples.

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Just a bunch of Zarter one-shots. Rated "T" for possible later chapters. Come Home - She promised she would. But she never did. The bonds that are stronger than chains. The bonds of family - but not only those you're related to. Now, Apophis is rising, and the Kanes are now on a new journey-but will they find the Book of Ra and stop the serpent before it's too late?

We are the Greeks. They already suffered so much. A poem about the Greeks.

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In short, the Greeks are prepared this time, and they've got ammo. If Rome invades, Gods of Olympus above, they were going to be ready. K - English - Poetry - Chapters: Lyrics even more so. Follow the Egyptian magicians as they live, laugh, and love - all captured through the lens of music. A collection of song-based one-shots, all pairings.

Crawling Back To You. But she wants a little mistletoe meeting with Carter Present for Animal Charmer 11 and FlameTamer16! But you know what? I'm already this close. Set at the end of Red Pyramid. And this happens to be Reyna, who agreed on a date with him. And a whole lot of people don't understand the weight they carry. Well, this is an eye-opener. These are the fears of those deemed perfect.

inutaisho and izayoi meet fanfiction percy

We hope you understand. A wedding cake, a wonderful dress, and her best friend.

inutaisho and izayoi meet fanfiction percy

Everything is about to change when two giants arrive at the occasion. Wait, where is Frank's piece of wood? Co-written by Animal Charmer