Meet and greet justin bieber purpose songs

Justin Bieber Setlist Purpose World Tour 20 Best Songs

meet and greet justin bieber purpose songs

Then consider Bieber's Ultimate New Year's Eve VIP Experience! Does $k earn you the right to scream during Bieber's Purpose speech. Buy Justin Bieber tickets from the official site. Find Justin Bieber tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos. Below you will find the average Justin Bieber Setlist Purpose World Tour. The Purpose World Tour is in support of his fourth studio album Purpose released in.

With just one day remaining for the event, Jain feels that all the prep is under control and it is time to now watch Bieber take over. How have you pulled-off the impossible? We started the process within the company in July when we had an idea that he might be visiting India in January. We received formal confirmation in October and made the official announcement in January. Why did you zero down on Bieber? We thought that a massive global sensation has still not been brought to India.

And when we started pondering over who could that big name be, and we could only think of Justin Bieber. The sheer scale of people who listen to and admire him is astonishing. From yr-olds to their parents who bring them over for the concert, he caters to people of all age groups as an artist.

We spoke in August. His team was setting up the Asian calendar then and planning the Purpose Tour, that's when we told him that we were keen to bring him to India.

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Our company received the official confirmation to bring him to India in October. Why did you choose DY Patil Stadium as the venue? While selecting the venue, we wanted a place where people could get an amazing view of the stage, irrespective of the ticket prices.

Justin Bieber Cancelled His Meet And Greets For A Pretty Serious Reason - PopBuzz

And what better than a cricket stadium, a good view is guaranteed no matter where you are standing. Apparently, an auto driver's son got a free ticket. Are there more free tickets in store? For people who have actually gone out of their way and shared heart-felt messages with us, we are considering handing out a couple of tickets to such die-hard Beleibers who don't otherwise have the means to make it to the show.

What could have been a potentially awkward and rude announcement actually came across as empathetic and mature.

meet and greet justin bieber purpose songs

While this announcement might surprise some, this is the latest in a line of small disasters involving meet-and-greet experiences that hint at how difficult artists can find them to be. Often artists receive abuse for bad meet-and-greet experiences but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that they obviously feel uncomfortable, which leads to unnecessary stress. A classic example of this would be Britney Spears inwhen fans complained that she requested not to be touched or to receive any gifs from fans.

meet and greet justin bieber purpose songs

Avril Lavigne received similar criticism when her admittedly very cringe pictures with fans emerged. Both were written off as divas. But in light of Justin's announcement, and, y'know, common sense, it's much more likely the performance involved in meet-and-greets results in artists feeling drained and demoralised.

It's essentially an extra hour or two of performance on a show day, when they're probably already feeling tired.

Justin Bieber Fans Outraged Over High Meet & Greet Package Prices

That extra responsibility must take it's toll on an artist if they're expected do that every day when on tour. Obviously not all artists are like this.

meet and greet justin bieber purpose songs

Many do enjoy them, and it's likely to be the best 15 minutes of your life if that's the case. But Justin says something very revealing in his Instagram post, which exposes the hypocrisy in the meet-and-greet experience packages.

meet and greet justin bieber purpose songs

You, the fan, pays lots and lots of money for them, the artist, to be who you expect them to be.