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meet the engineer applejack

Ask Applejack and Red Engineer is an ask blog that follows Applejack and Dell And every time they meet up with him, he goes on one of his stories and. Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Scout, Soldier, Pony Fortress 2: Meet the Heavy by Lobo Argost reviews. MLP:FIM Imageboard - Image # - applejack, artist:blondenobody, engiejack, engineer, iron will, meet the rabid heavy taming engineer.

meet the engineer applejack

As I realize my calling But is he as weak as she think she is? Rated T for mild language. Rated T for violence, suggestive themes, and use of alcohol and tobacco Rated: Teamwork Is Magic by beatlemaniac-in-the-tardis reviews A pegasus named Icicle Breeze, who welds the Element of Intelligence is granted a mission to interact with humans on a battlefield, gaining friends, enemies, and even a few injuries or two.

He does not grasp the concept of reality. He's very lovable and friendly, but still insane.

Meet The Rarity

Teamwork is Magic by Moonlight Shines reviews A mash-up from a teleporter gets the nine mercs tumbling into the world of Equestria. Princess Luna isn't Luna,she's Nightmare Moon. Will they survive Nightmare Moon again,without the Elements of Harmony? Rated T for some language,and might be Rated M as it continues. Three weeks later, Pyro discovers a multicoloured oval in his bedroom, and the three mercenaries investigate.

No killing here, all the weapons are mostly harmless. They just want to knock each other out. Please check his list out. When these heroes are brought together, the must save the entire multiverse from destruction! The first chapter is basically the same but from chapter 2 onwards, it will be different so bear with me.

So what are we expecting? The vignettes are in the order the "Meet the Team" videos were released. Meet the Pyro A lone pony stalked through the dusk toward a small fort of mercenaries. Its body was clad in a red and black fireproof suit. Its head clad in a black rebreather mask, the eyes tinted to prevent sight of them.

And in its hooves it held a menacing looking homemade flamethrower, the blue pilate light letting off an ominous sound that foreshadowed death Pinkie laughed happily as she spread rainbows with her special rainbow maker. That mercenary screamed before an ax was buried in his skull.

Pinkie laughed with the pony as he enjoyed the lolypop, and smiled at another who landed on the nozzle of her rainbow maker. The mare fell to the ground dead after being shot in the chest with a shotgun. Pinkie laughed and skipped along with the two ponies and saw another one duck into a box. Smiling, she fixed the lid on the hastily closed box.

The hiding medic tried to open the door only to find it barred with an ax, and the arsonist in front of him to his horror. She waved at them when they waved at her.

The mercenaries kept trying to flee the mad arsonist. One fell from a balcony and crawled over to the first set of legs he saw and gripped one. To the agreement of his comrades. I was just coming through the woods heading for Zecora's place when I saw you and thought, 'they look all worked up!

Suddenly, they were very nervous about the pink ball of happiness, laughter, and smiles. Meet the Engineer Applejack whistled a tune as she set down her wrench and sat down in front of her campfire with a bottle of good cider.

meet the engineer applejack

They had come to her for such an escort because the train tracks from Ponyville to Canterlot were damaged and the area in between was bandit territory. For a hefty sum of bits, Applejack had agreed, and now they were camped out in a forest clearing, with the upper class couple being on edge compared to the relaxed Applejack. Which means Ah solve problems," Applejack said. Better question for Rarity if ya ask me.

In answer to his question, a third turret, this one with a rocket launcher mounted on the top along with the machine guns, turned and fired its rockets at a group of bandits.

Ask Applejack and Red Engineer

Built by me," a quick buck sent the leg flying, where the semiautomatic turret shot it down. A country mare she might have been, but this unassuming looking apple farmer was dangerous. Some more bandits got cut down by machine gun fire. Though not from the turrets. Another couple got blasted with rockets not from a turret, and yet another got hit in the head with a single well placed bullet. Who knew Ah'd find you three in these parts?

She had never expected to find Twilight Sparkle of all ponies wearing an outfit more suited to hunting than research, and carrying a sniper rifle that looked quite menacing despite looking to have been made from random items in one of those flea markets she'd heard about. I call it the Bazaar Bargain," Twilight said. Meet the Scout The sky above Ponyville was split by a rainbow trail as a familiar cyan pegasus flew overhead, busting clouds with powerful kicks.

Once the sky was cleared up, the one and only Rainbow Dash, marefriend of Wonderbolt Soarin, and due to become one herself, landed on a cloud and lay back with a content sigh. Only for a familiar yell to pull her from it. Though their tormenters had somepony else with them today: Before D Muscle could do anything, he felt something tap the side of his head.

Turning to look at it, he saw Rainbow Dash hovering beside him. You want that scooter, you gotta go through me. Do you have any idea who I am? D Muscle yelled as he tried to get her off. Dash held on while admiring her muscles. Grass grows, birds fly, sun shines, and dude Meet the Spy Spike perked up as an alarm went off. A spy is in the base! A little help here?! Mouth muzzled and tied up with a lot of rope and duct tape.

Stand back, son," another voice said. That was the door code? Pretty weak in Spike's opinion. Did any of you kill the enemy spy on your way here? Then we still have a problem," he said as he deposited the body he was carrying on the table, showing the butterfly knife lodged at the base of the unicorn's skull.

I've killed plenty of spies," The pegasus said as he pulled the knife out and started twirling it. And causing Spike to blush under his muzzle. So listen up, boy! Or those photos will be the last pleasant sight you'll ever see," he said as he lit a cigarette and took a drag.

Prepping a sapper, she quickly made her way over and slid the sapper under the sentry to take it out as she pulled a revolver and shot the engineer between the eyes point blank. The sniper grabbed his knife and tried to slash Rarity. But the fashionista easily parried and stabbed the base of his skull, letting him fall down a stairwell. It could even be - " he was cut off by his head getting blown off.

He'll change back any second now. Who's ready to go find this spy?

Steam közösség :: Videó :: RED Engineer and Applejack Meet LUN Engineer and Applejack?!

The oh crap faces of the two earth ponies was priceless to Spike as he watched Rarity stab them to death before they could react. Smiling sweetly, Rarity went over to Spike and cut him free while her telekinesis removed his muzzle. My dear Spiky Wikey," she said as she nuzzled him lovingly. Normally she'd be flying, but her wings were in bandages from her injuries. As she struggled back to her feet, she saw more rockets coming at her. Within the building, laughter could be heard.

When they woke up, their skeletons were missing, and the diamond dogs were never heard from again," Fluttershy said before breaking out in a bout of maniacal laughter, her patient laughing with her. Even though his heart was held in her blood covered hooves, quite literally, and the red stream from her mounted medigun was the only thing keeping Big Macintosh alive.

meet the engineer applejack

That's how I got into medicine. Most hearts couldn't withstand this voltage," she said as she turned away from him and stuck the heart under the medigun beam. Fluttershy got a smirk on her face. Come on," she said as it started beating fast. That in turn made her start laughing manically again. Big Mac laughed with her, though more nervously. He loved her to death, but she really scared him sometimes. Fluttershy stopped laughing when she noticed the heart was now glowing red and beating normally.

Fluttershy thought for a moment. But as long as you are, could you be a dear and hold your rib cage open a bit while I push this in? Fluttershy looked and saw he'd broken a rib off. Ribs grow back," she said before taking it in her teeth and tossing it away.

She then grabbed the medigun and aimed a more concentrated flow into her patient, sealing up his chest cavity good as new.

Big Mac put a hoof on his chest and took a deep breath. Rarity saw her from where she was cradling Spike. She then turned her medigun on Rainbow Dash. Dash felt her bones knit themselves together and her wounds close up. And with them, her strength returned. Are you sure this will work?! Big Macintosh yelled as he glowed red and started advancing, all attacks bouncing off him as his bullets tore through the enemy ranks, impressing Twilight and Applejack as he passed with Fluttershy in tow.

They had accepted, and Rainbow Dash was currently getting hers. You would not believe, how much this hurts!

meet the engineer applejack

Meet the Demomare Twilight was reading a book while cleaning her rifle and waiting for the potential demolition expert. Just as she finished, the door opened in a puff of blue smoke, revealing a blue mare decked out in demolition specialist gear. The Great and Powerful Trixie, your demomare!

Would you like a drink? Twilight smiled at Trixie. After the things that happened to Trixie in Ponyville, Trixie was unable to reclaim fame as a showmare," Trixie said. If Trixie were a bad demomare, she would not be sitting here discussing it with you! Twilight raised her forehooves in a placating gesture. Just calm down, Trixie. Then she downed her drink like nothing had happened.

Expiration Date The repurposed and magically expanded interior of the caravan was silent as the ponies and dragon within relaxed after a successful job.