Meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

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meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

Meet the Robinsons: The Junior Novel [Irene Trimble, Mary Olin] on . Paperback: pages; Publisher: HarperFestival (February 20, ). Labyrinth (Henson) –2 Lee, Ang 65, 91 Lee, Stan, and Kirby, Jack 64 Les 28, 48, –14 McKellen, Ian 64 Meek, Margaret 27 Meet the Robinsons (Walt 52 The Nightmare Before Christmas (Burton) Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell) relationship between words and pictures in 28–9, research on 26; three-part. BradyGames' Meet the Robinsons Official Strategy Guide includes the Apps & Games, Arts, Crafts & Sewing, Automotive Parts & Accessories, Baby, Beauty . that delivers hand-picked children's books every 1, 2, or 3 months — at 40% off List Price. Paperback: pages; Publisher: BradyGames (March 20, ).

You'll need to use alternate mode to hit the power switch not the turn switch ahead at to the left to continue. You can run onto the platform with the camera bot and deal with in and the armored security bot. Shoot power switch and get onto the force field. Shoot the turn switch twice, shooting power switch at the same time as the second shot.

Shot both switch ahead to the right for the next segment. Run ahead and left to where a camera bot guards a disassemble chest 1. Deal with the camera bot and the armored sentry bot it summons.

The chest only contains components. Zap the power switch and run to the other side. Deal with two camera bots, a robot sentry, and an armored robot sentry. Before getting on the lift, scan the crates: Push the single crate beside the stacked crates.

Climb up the crates, disassemble the fan and go into the vent. You'll need another carrying capacity upgrade before you can even think of making this. Return to the room and take the lift to the next section of the room. Deal with 2 camera bots and 2 armored robot sentries at the top of the lift. There are more crates here. Push the single one up to the double and climb up the crates. Disassemble the fan and jump into the vent.

You'll find a disassembler chest 1 in the vent which contains nothing but components. Hit the turn switch three times and the power switch once. Run onto the force field and turn left onto the next section. While on this section target both the power and turn switch by the camera bot and allowing you continue on toward the next section.

Target the turn and power switches ahead to the left to turn the next section into place. Run across it and deal with the camera bot and the armored security bot that it summons.

There's a disassembler chest 1 here containing Uncle Art's VR disc. While you're here target the power box across the gap with the disassembler in alternate mode. Charge it up with the charge glove to disable the laser. Shoot the power switch beside you and run back to the beginning of the section. If you want, rotate the section on the way back and deal with the camera bots and the armored sentries that they summon. When on the initial segment, target both the power and turn switches twice and run onto the final segment.

Take the branch to the right and follow the ledge at the end to find a disassembler chest 1. It contains the Health Level 2 upgrade. Back track and shoot the switch. Run across the force field and turn right to the end of the force fields. Use the aid station here if you need to. Follow the path and deal with the camera bot and the armored sentry it summons.

Go through the door and follow the tunnel to the next room. Here you'll need to dispose of 2 camera bots, 2 armored sentries, 2 more camera, and 2 more sentries. Go through the door after defeating them to the next level. Go ahead into the room. Make the second health upgrade at the tranmogrifier if you can afford it. Scan one of the half spheres on the floor here. Also scan the door between them. Go through the door to the left of the maintenance door.

Enter targeting mode and start dodging to the other side of the room to get under the lasers. Charge the power box on the other side and go through the door that opens.

In the next room deal with the 3 camera bots, 2 sentries and 1 armored sentry in the room. Scan the object in the center of the room: Fire the charge glove at it to charge up the left side of the maintenance door. Use the transport tube in this are to get back to the maintenance door.

Go through the right door this time. Dodge through this room like on the other side, but keep to the right to avoid the lev turret and be in position to charge up the power box on the other side.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

Deal with 2 camera bots, 2 lev turrets, and 2 armored sentries. Shoot the charge glove at the generator lens in the center to power up the other side of the maintenance door which will open it. The first order of business is to scan it. There are three stages to the fight. Start by firing the charge glove at one of the generator lenses here.

Wait for the guardian to finish discharging the energy to the remaining lens. Charge up one activator switch on each side of the room, making sure the colors match and shoot the generator lens that gets powered up. It helps to be targeting one while the robot is doing the discharge Repeat for the last lens. While you're doing this you'll need to avoid the guardian's laser, just keep moving and you should be fire.

The only differences in the second phase is that the lens are not charged to begin with and the robot fires missiles in addition to the laser. Charge up the first lens like the last two in the previous stage. Stay out of the circles on the ground to avoid the missile. For the final stage you'll need to disassemble the covers from the three lenses first. After that it is just like the second stage. The mission is complete after firing the last lens.

Wilbur Robinson Unstoppable Movie Unlocked: Scan the school sign in front of you. Go into the school through the door by the sign. Disassemble one of the locks on the left side of this hall and a boy with drop out. You'll earn a blueprint for the Charge Glove Energy Upgrade 2 for the 60th scan. There are four rooms off this hall, two on each side. There's a bunch of stuff to disassemble in them but nothing of real interest. Go through the door at the far end of the hall and around a couple of corners.

There's another classroom to the left, again there's nothing of interest in it. Proper Villain informed by that the Science fair concept art is in a locker to the right at this point, which I'd managed to miss when I was writing this walkthrough.

Continue into the cafeteria. Disassemble one piece for the railing above you while you're here. Go through the other door at ground level in the cafeteria.

Disassemble the second locker on the left and scan the boy that falls out. Go into the classroom on the right side of the hall both doors on the left are locked. Scan the chest in here: This contains the All Blueprints Cheat Blueprint. Return to the cafeteria and go up the stairs. There are two halls on the landing at the top. Lets go straight first, into the hall that leaded to the library.

Meet the Robinsons

Disassemble the locker past the first door on the left. Go into the door to the right. There's an antique dissembler chest 1 in here. It contains the Robinson Garden VR disc. There nothing of interest in the only classroom on the right of hall that you can enter. Take the other hallway from the top of stairs, which leads the janitor's closet. The only room you can get into, which is on the right side, contain nothing of interest. Return to the top of the stairs. If you haven't disassembler the railing blocking the ledge to the clock do so now.

Sidle the ledge to the other side of the cafeteria. Disassemble the cover on the vent and go into. Drop into the kitchen.

Pick up his note and dismiss the popup. Do a general scan in the hall and you'll see his tracks to the left turning into the inner hall way and leading in the farthest room to the left. You'll see the man inside when you approach the room. Open the door and go in. Shoot the charge glove at it to light up the room a bit.

Disassemble the large bookcase and the vent cover. Push the smaller bookcase under it. Climb onto the bookcase and disassemble as second vent cover. Drop into the room on the other side of the vent. Go through the outer office and into the hall.

A general scan will show the bowler hat guy has gone through the cafeteria and up the stairs. He's then turn down the hall towards the janitors closet and turned into the second door to the left into a lab. You can enter a small storage room through the first door from the top of the stairs. Walk over the books onto a balcony. Sidle over to another balcony. Enter the class room. If you missed scanning the man earlier you get a second chance here.

Go out into the hall. A general scan show the man when toward the cafeteria and then to the library. Pick it up and return to the janitor's room. Go inside and climb the ladder. Turn around and follow the outer wall of the roof until you get to a chest. It contains the Health Level 4 Upgrade blueprint.

Follow the into wall back to a ladder leading to the upper portion of the roof. Disassemble the cover on the activate switch. Fire a charge at it to turn the crane, breaks a skylight. Go down the ladder and drop through the skylight in the library. Get the man's note. A general scan show him descending leaving the halls and descending the stairs and going into the gym at the bottom. Following him ends the mission. Wilbur messes up the Science Fair Movie Unlocked: It requires two special components, a Radiofeter and Transaluminum.

You may want to detour to you room to play charge ball against Art and Billie. You may also go around the house disassembling enough stuff to build everything that you're current carry capacity can afford. There are two new items in the living room to scan: In the cannon room, you'll find that Uncle Gaston has upgraded his challenge. The meatball pattern is the same as before but there's a second circle to the right of the course. You may need to stop your forward motion when you get to it until the gaps allow you to get over to it.

You'll get the blueprint for the Energy Level 4 Upgrade for beating the challenge. Approach the call box in the Living Room and select transit station from the list it's the only entry. Task 1 is on hold. Two ants will be attacking you be now, scan one. They take 3 shots from the charge glove to kill.

After you deal with four grunts as blue ant will come in through one of the side doors. You'll earn the blue print for the Carrying Capacity Level 2 Upgrade for the 75th scan. This will allow you to carry of each component when you get to build it.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

There's one more grunt and one soldier ant to deal with outside. Deal with the two grunts ants and the soldier ant to drop the force field on the protectosphere. It contains an action figure. Get into the protectosphere. Record time is 2: You'll get the blueprint for the Ant Helmet Cheat for beating the record. This course is more difficult than the first.

You can fall off the edges and be put back at a checkpoint. Take it slowly as you roll along the path as you turn several corners until you get to some fans. Wilbur sneaks out of his room, on his quest to find Carl. He finds Carl in the garage. They said something about a surprise that will make me excited.

Do you by any chance know what it is? Look at the time! It's getting so late! I just thought best friends told each other everything, but I Wilbur looks up at Carl with big sad eyes.

This time, I will not tell for sure! This will not turn into last year's Christmas. Promise not to ask any more questions. Wilbur draws an invisible line across his chest. Here's the big hint! I don't know if you're ready for a hint like this.

There, that's the hint. No more hints for you!

meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

Now off to bed! I thought you said you had to study! He wishes Lewis was with him, he'd know what Carl meant. Wilbur makes his way back to his room, still thinking of the hint. What happened fourteen years ago?

It must have been important. There was only one problem with Carl's hint. Wilbur wasn't even born fourteen years ago! He needs someone to help complete the puzzle.

Who could he ask? Not Franny or Cornelius. They'd get suspicious of his sudden questions.

Meet the Robinsons | part 2 | script | pictures

Uncle Art would go on a rant about a pizza delivery, Uncle Gaston would talk about a cannon of some sort. Tallulah and Laszlo would rant about how they annoy each other and Fritz and Petunia would get mad at each other again.

Billie would change to subject to trains and Joe doesn't talk that much. Spike and Dimitri would talk about doorbells and Lefty can't talk.

That leaves two more Robinsons to ask. Grandpa Bud and Grandma Lucille. Grandpa Bud probably lost his teeth again, and Wilbur is in no mood to go on a teeth hunt.

That leaves Grandma Lucille. Grandmothers can't keep secrets from their dear grandchildren. It's almost like a law. I needed some help on my math homework. Wilbur can't stand to lie to his grandmother. It's just not right. He didn't exactly lie to her. He did go to a friend's house for math help, he just didn't say what year.

What was it about? Taught them everything they know. Franny, this is Lewis. Nice to meet you, ma'am. We need someone on maracas. Where is your heart at? Nobody knows that Even though you've him, her, me And an army searching I've got a feeling You will be reeling When you are bad And the circus comes to town Grandpa, I think I found your teeth. And you see me leaving Dressed up as a magician Or something like that Sarsaparilla! My teeth are back! Well, glad I could help with the teeth, but, wow, look at the time.

Lewis, I told you to stay in the garage! I did, but I went up the tube, and I ran into your family, and I You met my family? Who have you met, and what have you learnt? Bud, Fritz and Joe are brothers. Fritz is married to Petunia, and is she Tallulah and Laszlo are their children. Joe is married to Billie.

Lefty is the butler. Spike and Dimitri are twins, and I don't know who they're related to. Lucille is married to Bud, and your dad, Cornelius, is their son. What does Cornelius look like? Okay, Cornelius is married to Franny, and her brothers are Gaston and Art. Wilbur is the son of Franny and Cornelius. And nobody realised you were from the past? Thank you very much. Doris, get it off!

I've got you now.

meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

No, Lewis is my stupid roommate. My name's Mike Yagoobian. People call me Goob, but today, everyone that beat me up called me "puke face" and "butterfingers" and "booger breath. I didn't mean to Well, I was just looking for Lewis.

He's always up there being dumb. Why didn't I think of that? Mr Steak, you're my only friend. Game didn't go so well, huh? No, I fell asleep in the ninth inning, and I missed the winning catch. Then I got beat up. Afterwards, Coach took me aside and told me to let it go. Everyone will tell you to let it go and move on, but don't. Instead, let it fester and boil inside of you.

Take these feelings and lock them away. Let them fuel your actions. Let hate be your ally, and you will be capable of wonderfully horrid things.

Heed my words, Goob. Don't let it go. Where is that boy? Separate and look for clues. Look what I found! Now, what did you find? That plus my stick must mean I don't even know what I'm doing. I mean, this stuff is way too advanced for me. And what if I can't fix this? What are we gonna do? Why do you keep saying that? And don't just say, Keep moving forward. It's my dad's motto. Why would his motto be keep moving forward?

It's what he does. What's that supposed to mean? Robinson Industries, the world's leading scientific-research-and-design factory. My dad runs the company. They mass produce his inventions.

His motto, "Keep moving forward. What has he invented? Carl, the time machine, the travel tubes. Your dad invented the time machine? Five years ago, Dad wakes up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. He wants to build a time machine, so he starts working. We're talking scale models. The very first, or what's left of it. Dark day at the Robinson house. Prototypes two and three, not much better. Number six, 58, and they all end the same way. But he doesn't give up. Dude, I can't take you seriously in that hat.

He keeps working and working until finally he gets it, the first working time machine. Then he keeps working and working until finally he gets it again, the second working time machine. I'm assuming that's a joke. I'm ignoring you for time reasons. This, my friend, is merely a model because, unfortunately, time machine number two is in the hands of the Bowler Hat Guy.

Pretty amazing story, huh? Now, are you ready to start working?

meet the robinsons part 2 of 144

I think that's it. I knew you could. Nice work, my friend. Well, you know what they say! If you aren't up here in five minutes, I'm gonna come down and get you! We'd better get up there. Let's get that boy! But I want to look, too. I didn't even know you could do that. Let's take her out for a spin. Now, to lure him out of the house. I'll blow it up! No, that won't work. Then he'll be dead. I'll turn him into a duck!

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Yes, it's so evil! I don't know how to do that. I don't really need a duck.