Meet the stars of lonelygirl15 hoax

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 hoax

We met at a karaoke bar in L.A. called the Gaslite, and I told him the idea. We just saw a bunch of actors, and that's how we ended up finding Jessica and Yousef. Jessica Lee Rose (actress who played Bree, aka Lonelygirl15): It was . the account for Lonelygirl—and saying, “I know you're a fraud and. As YouTube turns 10, we take a look at the biggest viral stars through the years. From Alfie to Zoella: Meet the YouTube stars of Hello World. Without LonelyGirl15, there would be no Zoella, no Tyler Oakley, no Bethany Mota. But by September, a group of fans obsessed with Bree found proof that she was a hoax. She was Meet the Cast of "Good Trouble".

The clip of Williams -- then a homeless man begging for change with his "golden" voice -- was posted on YouTube on a Monday. By Wednesday, he was fielding job offers and flying to New York to appear on national television. The video of Randy Pausch's "last lecture" goes on for 76 minutes. In spite of its length, millions watched the terminally ill Carnegie Mellon professor discuss how to live your life.

The video was posted by his university so that a few people who missed the talk could still view it.

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He also co-wrote a New York Times bestseller based on the presentation. The clip itself is barely noteworthy -- a British boy sticks his finger in his brother's mouth, who bites it and expresses a bit of glee at his sibling's squeals of pain.

But it has been viewed more than million times, as people watch a clip just because so many others have watched it. That was before Aprilwhen he started posting songs he'd composed. His "Chocolate Rain" was marked by cryptic lyrics, awkward mannerisms and the mismatch of Zonday's Barry White-like bass voice coming from his baby-face, slender body. Zonday jettisoned his plans to become a professor and made YouTube his job. With his channel now at million views, he still posts videos of himself covering popular songs and answering fan questions.

To further the initial illusion that Bree was a real girl, a MySpace page was set up for her and she seemingly began corresponding with many of her fans. Later the show moved to a bizarre narrative that portrayed her dealings with secret occult practices within her family, and included the mysterious disappearance of her parents after she refused to attend a "secret" ceremony prescribed by the leaders of the family's cult.

Lonelygirl15: how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet

Hoax accusations[ edit ] At first discussion regarding why they thought lonelygirl15 might be a fake went on in her video comments. In early Augusta fan began a discussion at the previously stagnant www. Soon the message board became full of discussion about even the tiniest details in each of her videos, everything from the quality of the lighting to the flora seen in her outdoor videos.

Fans used the forum to collect, organize and share their findings, and pointed to small inconsistencies within the videos as evidence that the story might not be genuine, wondering if Bree's posts were part of a teaser campaign for a television show or an upcoming movie [7] similar to the viral marketing used to promote The Blair Witch Project.

Others thought that the blog might be part of an alternate reality game. Software engineer Grant Steinfeld was also involved in this project, as a photographer. Amanda Solomon Goodfried assisted in their efforts to hide their identities as well as posed as "Bree"'s online alter-ego.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 hoax

Goodfried's father-in-law, Kenneth Goodfried, handled various legal matters. The personnel involved worked under a non-disclosure agreementaccording to Grant Steinfeld. Steinfeld has verified most of this information to the Times, and provided photographs he took of Rose on set as proof. The subject matter in the video focused on poverty relief, which broke from the regular subject matter of the show.

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The video was posted on an alternate account, separate from the main channel. In early Februaryit was revealed that Glenn Rubenstein was the original puppetmaster behind the OpAphid alternate reality game and also the creator of its characters, OpAphid, Tachyon, and Brother.

meet the stars of lonelygirl15 hoax

Criminal Intent was based on the lonelygirl15 phenomenon. The episode " Weeping Willow " featured a blogger named weepingwillow17, played by Michelle Trachtenberg. Willow and her boyfriend were kidnapped by Men in Black who demanded her fans donate money to a website to save their lives. The investigators did not know if Willow was real or fake.

Various other video bloggers were also seen decrying weepingwillow as a fake, just like many did on YouTube. The site on the episode was named YouLenz. A "summary" video from the first season was offered as a part of the event, and it logged in over a million views on its own. In the last episode of the Season One finale, Bree's character is killed off by the order during the ceremony in the season finale and her trait positive blood was transfused into one of the order's elders.

The reason for her character's death was attributed to Rose not renewing her contract for Season Two. In another example of a product integration first, lonelygirl15 landed on the front page of Variety for the integration of a character from Neutrogena in the storyline over the period of more than two months. Spencer Gilman became such a popular character that Neutrogena made him "Employee of the Month" and gave him his own e-mail account on the company's corporate website.