My little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

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my little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

My Little Pony Meets is a series of animations involving characters of My Little Pony: G Scootaloo ends up falling off a cliff while the ponies who had been . Mish Mash Mee, appeared in Pinkie Pie and Ladybug Jamboree and Meet the Ponies · Storybelle, appeared in A Very Pony Place. Outdoor Play Party Hasbro Official Channel: HasbroStudiosShorts.

As she woke up, she explained everything to Scootaloo about her dream. Scootaloo said that there is nothing to worry about and her party would go well as planned.

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At that Pinkie Pie went back to her house and do all the preparations for her party, she checks everything to see if she is doing right, only finding out her nightmare on preparing a party came true. Her friends came in and Pinkie Pie accepted their help: In the end, everything went well and Pinkie's party goes well as planned. Rainbow Dash's Party[ edit ] Pinkie Pie went to Rainbow Dash's home, only to see her that she got buried in a pile of clothes. She went inside her house and helped her up, also asking Rainbow Dash why is she inside her pile of clothes.

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She answered that she is getting ready for her dress up party happening in her house. As the others arrived, they all joined in her party. Rainbow Dash said she will host her own fashion show, with a special grand prize to be awarded to someone with the best clothing design. As the fashion show started, Cheerilee, Starsong, Toola-Roola, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle showed off their awesome clothes they're wearing.

In the end, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash decided that they all win and got the grand prize. Cheerilee's Party[ edit ] Cheerilee has finished styling Pinkie Pie's mane and she likes how it turned out.

Pinkie Pie asks if Cheerilee is ready for her own slumber party, responding yes seeing that everyone will help out. Later on, her slumber party began and she and her friends were having a lot of fun. As nighttime comes, everyone is still enjoying the party, listening to one of Cheerilee's spooky stories. But then, they hear something strange in the room and each one of them gets scared on what's making the strange noise.

But it all turned to be a mouse hiding behind Starsong's tape recorder.

my little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

In the end, their slumber party is a success, and they decide not to sleep and continue the party. Scootaloo's Party[ edit ] Scootaloo and Pinkie Pie are both taking a walk down the streets of Ponyville until Scootaloo decides she's hosting her own party, asking Pinkie Pie to help her. Pinkie Pie agrees as Scootaloo decides to throw an outdoor party for her friends.

My Little Pony: Meet the Ponies

As they both think, Pinkie Pie feels dizzy on Scootaloo's doings and gets an idea, saying that Scootaloo should do an all activity outdoor party. As the party started, everyone in Ponyville competes in several athletic events. At the end of the competition, Scootaloo can't decide who to give the award to, but decides that she wins and she gets the trophy.

In the end, everyone is happy, especially Scootaloo.

my little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

Rainbow Dash first appears in " A Charming Birthday " where she and several others discuss the ideas for Kimono's birthday present. Later, she can be seen celebrating with others when their present idea problem is solved. She can be seen with another pony as Pinkie Pie and Sunny Daze gleefully run inside the cafe.

my little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

In " Dancing in the Clouds ", she's among the ponies watching as Skywishes and her group take flight with the help of Star Catcher's butterflies.

Afterward, she gives Twinkle Twirl the award for her work.

my little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

In " Friends Are Never Far Away ", she's with other ponies that are listening to Skywishes' story and doesn't believe it to be true. Rainbow Dash also appears in the " Best Friends Ball " PC Game, though is only heard giving instructions or other info until the end where she can be seen among others at the Friendship Ball.

In " A Very Minty Christmas ", she's first seen with others listening to Pinkie Pie's speech and getting special rememberences as the previous Christmas Host.

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Later, she's helping to get decorations up with Pinkie Pie's help. Towards the end, she commends Minty for her efforts in trying to make things right. In " The Runaway Rainbow ", she tells the ponies multiple rainbow stories but still doesn't know everything about them. Later, she's among the the residents suffering the loss of their colors but doesn't realize it until she looks at her reflection in the water.

At the end, she's among the crowd, cheering on Rarity for making the first rainbow of the season. She also appears in the Game Boy Advance adaptationmostly as a background character but becomes a playable character temporarily for one of the tasks you are to complete.

In the game, she's building kites and needs the parts to make it.

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In " Greetings from Unicornia ", she writes and sends a letter to Ponyville about her adventure in Unicornia. She's later seen with Rarity and Cheerilee singing a song about the making of rainbows and why one should come to Unicornia. In " The Princess Promenade ", her role is much less as she's only seen for brief scenes where she's either arguing or struggling with the others to figure out what to do.

Her last apperances are in the Meet the Ponies shorts where she participates in each of her friends' parties and her own party and " Twinkle Wish Adventure ", where she has a more important role in getting Twinkle Wish the wishing star back.

my little pony g3 meet the ponies characters

Rainbow Dash in "A Charming Birthday". Rainbow Dash in "Dancing in the Clouds".