Obama meet the press 2013 corvette

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obama meet the press 2013 corvette

President Obama spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin on said White House counselor Dan Pfeiffer on NBC's Meet the Press. U.S. President Barack Obama delivers the keynote address at the awards dinner for Even Axelrod called it “a mistake” on Meet the Press. .. In , the White House was overwhelmed by media uproars over Benghazi, . “This is a childhood dream,” he said as he rode a Corvette Stingray around. Obama pled with the graduates not to meet such hurdles with rage or despair, Instagram and Twitter, but those social-media movements will disappear faster tweet to the NBA's Jason Collins when he came out in

Barack Obama On Meet the Press Sept. 7, 2008?

Biden was known to lose his temper with White House staffers—from junior aides to high-ranking officials—who saw the middle class as an abstraction. We will deluge the White House.

obama meet the press 2013 corvette

He pointed out that, all together, the tech sector employed fewer workers than GM shed in a single year during the Great Recession. A big debate ensued that was reminiscent of one Biden had for years with Ted Kennedy—should money be targeted on the poor or the middle class? Even though Republicans were blocking them at every turn, Biden thought both interests could be served and he wanted a middle-class tax cut.

The consequences of these policy decisions would be felt in the election when the noncollege educated white voters Biden argued needed more attention voted for Trump, who won by 20 points in several Ohio and Pennsylvania counties carried by Obama in He later told me that of all the issues he and Biden worked on together, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were the most important: He quickly developed deep knowledge of the complexities and a useful relationship with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki.

But in al-Maliki lost a close election and refused to relinquish power, leaving the government in limbo. Getty Biden ended up on the losing sides of some debates—for instance, bombing Libya—and he told me that he advised Obama to hold off a couple of days before going after Osama bin Laden. Biden recommended one more reconnaissance flight before going ahead with the mission. ISIS has been rolled back without U. Overall, Obama sided with Biden and U. Afghanistan is hardly paradise, but dire predictions about a collapse of the U.

He spent dozens of hours with Xi Jinping before Xi became president of China, which gave Obama a useful heads-up on a crucial relationship; helped secure global sanctions against Iran that led to the nuclear deal; pushed for European sanctions against Russia after it invaded Crimea; helped restore ties between Israel and Turkey and offered tough love to allies.

In both cases, the threats produced results. Biden incentivized researchers to collaborate better and signed scores of agreements with other nations designed to improve global cancer research and enhance prevention. He will work on it for the rest of his life. Biden likes to point out that Beau, a major in the Delaware National Guard, showed such leadership in Kosovo, and later in Iraq, that Gen.

Ray Odierno said at his funeral that he expected to address the younger Biden as commander in chief some day.

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Inhe was diagnosed at M. After chemo and radiation, he suffered from aphasia, which gave him trouble finding words. For a year-and-a-half, the White House closed ranks around the Biden family, protecting them from public attention. Biden refused to admit that Beau was dying, and it looked for a time as if he had stabilized. The vice president pursued all possible leads, including a Hail Mary clinical trial. Game face in place, he showed up at Yale to give the Class Day speech wearing Ray-Bans and cracking jokes about his Corvette.

obama meet the press 2013 corvette

Two week later, Beau was dead. Planning for a campaign had actually begun inbefore Beau got sick. He told me he had the support including from organized labor to beat Clinton in the primaries with an innovative, forward-looking campaign that rejected SuperPAC financing. Suddenly, he was ticking off caucuses and primaries: But there were big hurdles. Biden complained privately in that Clinton had vacuumed up most of the big donors and talented operatives. Had he jumped into the race, he would have been far behind her in almost every aspect of organizing a campaign.

obama meet the press 2013 corvette

In retrospect, the two of them might have split the establishment vote and the black vote, giving Sanders the edge. The plagiarism that drove Biden from the race would have been resurrected, and friendly reporters might have bent over backward to be tougher once he jumped into the race.

Michigan and Wisconsin liked him, too. But counterfactuals are tricky. No one can know what knives Trump would have pulled on Biden had he been the Democratic nominee.

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When Biden was making his decision in the fall ofthe Obama White House tried to nudge him out of it. Polls showed Biden doing better than Clinton in head-to-head matchups with Republicans, but running third on the Democratic side. The president himself was respectful of his right to make his own decision.

Four decades later, Beau knew his death would ravage his father, so he urged him to fill the void as he had after the accident—again, with politics. Hunter, too, thought it was the natural thing for him to do.

obama meet the press 2013 corvette

But Biden, pressed gently by Jill to make a decision, was having doubts, agreeing with friends who said that running for president should not be therapy. As the phantom campaign pressed up against hard deadlines, family considerations became overwhelming.

Hunter, a corporate executive, had been dismissed in from the Naval Reserve after testing positive for cocaine. The idea of subjecting his only surviving son to withering scrutiny filled him with dread. Obama told me that the two men talked about Beau constantly for a year and a half. Hide Caption 4 of Photos: The goal was to stimulate the country's staggering economy by increasing federal spending and cutting taxes.

Hide Caption 5 of Photos: The President focused on the three priorities of the budget he presented to Congress later in the week: Hide Caption 6 of Photos: Sotomayor went on to become the court's first Hispanic justice.

Hide Caption 8 of Photos: Hide Caption 9 of Photos: Hide Caption 10 of Photos: In a speech at Cairo University, Obama pledged to "seek a new beginning between the United States and Muslims around the world," imploring America and the Islamic world to drop their suspicions of one another and forge new alliances.

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