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When "Port Charles" premiered in as a spin-off of "General Their mother Mary (Patricia Crowley) had a brief dalliance caleb-livvie-port-charles-abc Erin Hershey Presley met real-life husband Brian Presley (Jack) on the show. Copyright SheKnows Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske. Suds and Duds will be an occasional feature profiling defunct soap operas Port Charles was a spin-off of General Hospital that aired from June. I have begun working on a new series for the Caleb & Livvie edits. Caleb gets loose and meets Livvie in the woods and is drawn to her. . Then its off to the press room, interviews there with Miriam Parish (Reese), Brian Gaskill (he talks.

He later revealed he was a Ramsey, Chris's younger brother. Chris wasn't done with Livvie's life yet. He schemed to break up Livvie and Jack. Chris framed Jack for stealing money from him and edited a tape to make sure Livvie heard Jack saying that he had only been using her. Livvie ended things and turned to Chris for comfort. Livvie and a cured Estelle moved into Rachel's old digs, and Chris hired a nanny, Kim, to care for Estelle, but Kim was really a spy. Chris had Kim steal Livvie's diary and began to make all her dreams come true.

Livvie shoved away Kevin and Lucy and changed into a wilder Livvie. Lucy found out Chris had the diary and broke into Chris's apartment and planted it, to make sure Livvie found it. Livvie did and dumped Chris. Jack and Livvie finally reunited, even though Lucy and Jack almost made love one night, and they were finally moving on in their lives. Livvie and Kevin grew closer, and Jack laid his roots down. However, Zach sent Sam, a trashy biker chick who was an old friend of Jamal's, to seduce Jack, one of Jamal's enemies.

Livvie and Jack finally made love after a dip in the river. A while later, Jack and Livvie went camping in the woods, and later that night, Jack made wild love to Livvie.

Livvie, Jack, Jamal, and Alison became involved with Motocross. Alison prevented Jamal from a dangerous race, and Zach forced Jack to ride by holding Livvie hostage. Livvie was devastated when Jack flew over a small cliff and died in her arms. Livvie buried her boyfriend, and the teens decided to keep quiet. Livvie was out for Zach's head on a silver platter while Lucy and Kevin began to suspect foul play.

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Livvie met Zach in an alley and tried to stab him, but he got the upper hand and was going to rape her until a mysterious man stopped him. That man introduced himself to Livvie as Caleb. Livvie had no idea that she was the dead ringer of his long-lost love, Olivia. Caleb began dazzling and enchanting her in order to have a second chance at love. At the same time, Jack miraculously returned from the dead. Livvie welcomed him back happily, but they had both changed.

Jack was wild, violent, frenzied, while she was withdrawn, yearning for Caleb thanks to his mental trickery. As the summer drew to a close, Caleb made Livvie his lover and convinced her to marry him, even conjuring up an image of Rachel to comfort Livvie during the wedding. Soon after, Jack burst in, claiming to want to be a vampire. Caleb ordered Livvie to kill him, but Livvie couldn't, breaking Caleb's iron hold over her in order to be with the man she loved. Caleb wouldn't give up, and when Jack, Kevin, and many others plotted to kill Caleb at the hospital, Livvie had to be locked up.

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He whisked her up to the roof, where she offered to go with him if he left her loved ones alone. He told her he didn't want her love that way. Jack intervened before Caleb could harm her, and soon after, the Michael personality in Caleb caused a lightning bolt to crash down on Caleb, turning him to ash. Email for complete description at CurlyQgrl aol. Stephen Clay in Port Charles! Other Michael Easton Edits: These guys were both so sweet! They both said they had no plans on doing an individual event this year but the outpouring of love and support from the fans they received after the show was cancelled, all of the cards and letters meant a lot to them and this is what lead them to have this event.

PC Dinner August, - 2 hours This is a very heartfelt event. I included pre-event shots of the ballroom, fans lining up, raffle items. Then its off to the main ballroom - additional cast members in attendance: Each actors takes the mic and says something about each other, the show, what they will miss. This is a very touching tribute to each other and the show, with some good natured ribbing thrown in.

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Livvie found it and broke up with him. Livvie then got back together with Jack. When Alison stops Jamal from doing a dangerous race, Zach, a foe of Jamal's, holds Livvie hostage to force Jack to do the race. Jack ends up flying over a cliff and dies in Livvie's arms.

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Livvie now has it out for Zach, and Lucy and Kevin suspect foul play. Livvie meets Zach in an alley and tries to stab him, but then Zach tries to rape her. Then, a mysterious man stops him. Caleb, a vampire, begins to romance her, but then Jack comes back to life. Jack, however, is now wild and and violent. Livvie, meanwhile, years for Caleb due to Caleb's mental trickery.

Caleb seduces Livvie and convinces her to marry him. Caleb orders Livvie to kill Jack, but she breaks the hold he has over her and doesn't do it. Caleb later takes Livvie to the roof of the hospital, where she agrees to go with him if he doesn't hurt her family.

Caleb's alternate personality, Michael, then causes a lightning bolt to strike Caleb and turn him to ash. Caleb's spirit, however, remains, and he manipulates Livvie through her dreams.

This causes Livvie to bring him back to life. Caleb needs Livvie to regain his strength. Under Caleb's spell, she uses lies and deception to break up couples around town. She even breaks up her own relationship with Jack. Livvie poisons Jack's drink, but Alison knocks it out of his hand.

Jack then breaks up with Livvie. Livvie later seemingly kills Lucy and works with Caleb to destroy his enemies. Livvie later stakes Caleb in the heart and informs everyone that she has broken Caleb's hold over her and is working with Lucy to trick him.