Relationship between two straight lines blog

How To: Create connection lines between two points

relationship between two straight lines blog

As you can see from our blog Equations in GCSE Physics, there are a lot of If two variables are directly proportional to one another it means that, proportional to one another will always be a straight line through the origin. Straight lines are key to recognizing shapes that we often see in the real world: Geometric Can you make a figure with two straight lines?. Category: Straight line graphs Equation of a tangent to a circle · View Gradient between two points Parallel or perpendicular?: positive integer gradient.

relationship between two straight lines blog

But I don't learn from this. My first novel was a direct shot at the target But then it got derailed, abandoned, picked up again and ultimately 'fixed' and published The slow way is the straight way. Now I am deliberately, at long last, attempting the winding, looping, spiraling, zig-zagging path to any desired goal.

Then I might do a slightly less indirect route. Writing is, after all, just a habit that sometimes pays off. Is it possible to be more specific? The English make a fetish of the opposite. Though more and more I see directness is in the ascendant- when people are in a rush, or corralled by greed.

Heroism is the triumph of courage over impossibility.

Slope ( Gradient ) of a Straight Lines , Its conditions . Angle between two straight Lines

Or an attempt at it. Battles are often won by the indirect approach. Strategist Liddell Hart made much of this. And whilst it is true that Colonel H. Of course it is hard to really say.

Which is yet more proof if you like that the shortest distance between two points is never via a straight line. Straight lines are not to be found in nature.

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Look at the cracked mud of a field recently in the sun. The three and four junction vertices fork out like lightning, another non-straight phenomenon, very jagged in fact. Water is curved as it lies in a glass- surface tension. Trees branch, even very straight trees waver at the top. There are no poles growing.

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Straight things, slabs of fallen slate, are fragile and small in comparison with things that are not straight. We accept the convenience of a straight edge. But if you start with trees then building is easier using bent and curved timber. Benders- by their very name- announce a curved kind of dwelling.

I know someone who has happily lived in one for twenty years. The lob, the serve, the free kick- all are immeasurably improved by exaggerating their natural curvature. He threw a curve ball- a sure sign of success. I think we have to look at the motion of bees, flies, wasps, birds- pendant, undulatory, wavering, fast, undecided, iterative. I watched the birds massing on the south coast before beginning their long migration to Africa.

relationship between two straight lines blog

Each of the straight lines we used now act as a part of the figure. We will call a each straight line a side of the figure. So, this figure has three sides and is called a triangle.

relationship between two straight lines blog

Can you imagine where we can find triangles around us? There are some very special quadrilaterals that have pairs of parallel sides. That is, there are two sides which are parallel to each other, and the other two are also.

In addition, the sides that are parallel are equal. How could we make these? We get two equal sides and put them parallel to each other: How can we place the other two sides so that they are also parallel? Simply by joining At this point we have three possibilities: All the sides are equal.

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Creating a diamond Where can you find diamonds? If we create a geometric shapes that meets both of the above conditions and also has all equal sides and four right angles it is a square. Geometric Figures With More Than 4 Sides We can keep adding all the lines we want to create different shapes with different numbers of sides. They are especially important when they have equal sides. For example, the following would be the pentagon 5-sided We can find them, for example, in the drawing of soccer balls And then we have the hexagon 6-sided.

We can find them … in beehives!