Skylanders trap team meet the gearshift

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skylanders trap team meet the gearshift

Gearshift trap master tech Skylanders, Awesome Things, Jackson, Profile, User Skylanders Trap Team: Trap Master Gearshift Character Pack. Gearshift is a robot who is one of the Tech Trap Masters in Skylanders: Trap Team. For this, Gearshift was made part of the Trap Team, using her new awesome Traptanium-forged gear to help defend . Meet the Skylanders Gearshift. Skylanders: Trap Team > Now take the left taxi platform, it takes you up to Gearshift . To the right of the monster gate is a Traptanium Crystal. go to the right through an open gate to meet the Light "Unknown" villain Blaster-Tron (Light ).

He will sometimes jetpack a short distance to get away from you but it shouldn't be too much trouble to get behind him again.

skylanders trap team meet the gearshift

Directly in front of you now, in between the two taxi platforms, is a mabu called Noobman in a giant ice cream with a Quest for Rage Mage Ice Cream in the Future?. You should now also start to find extra Ice Creams dotted around in levels. Jump back down and take the right taxi. Electro Bridge Controls Pull the switch on the left to bring up a bridge, as you start walking over it a few rockets will be fired from the Big Bad Woofer across the bridge, hang back and wait for three bursts before rushing along.

On the yellow on the other side drop off where the rocket is flying past.

skylanders trap team meet the gearshift

Astro Bug Zapper Smash a few boxes and then pull the switch on the right to turn off a laser gate. Bounce back up and wait for the three bursts before running through the gate safely. Sub-Orbital Combat Plaza A few Chompies will attack and be followed by a group of spinning Cyclopses and some of those blue electric enemies on the far side. After them a few Brawlruses will appear along with a few more electric enemies.

The vacuum droid will move about a bit generally following you so the place you need to take them will change.

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Anyway, to pick up your first lot go down the ramp past some anemones and smash a sack of grain, the tribbles will start following you so try to lead them towards the vacuum droid that's hanging about here, jump up to the left and smash some more grain to get the imps to follow you back down again. Cross a bridge to the right to smash a few more and gather up the imps to take back to the vacuum. At the end of this section is another gate that'll lower at a certain number of imps and there's a switch behind it to lower a red gate a little further back.

There should be plenty of imps in the last section to finish off the quest, just take out the anemones and the grain sacks and it's done. On the right is a Traptanium Crystal to smash through to reach a bridge puzzle area of sorts. Cross back over and pick up the metal bridge again, take it back across the original crystal bridge and place it in a slot opposite where Q.

That leads to a platform with a Super Bounce Pad on it which will take you all the way over to a platform with Legendary Treasure - Legendary Rocket on. Super Bounce back and use the taxi platform to get out of here. Go across to the left side of the plaza and talk to the mabu in the platform.

Meet The E3 Trap Masters: Krypt King, Jawbreaker, Gear Shift, Snap Shot, Wildfire, Wollop

Snuckles X9 will then lower the platform to let you on. Anti-Grav Truck Time for a block puzzle! Push the right block to the right, then the one next to the cannon forwards twice to push it off, push the cannon left once and fire it.

Push the other two blocks off the edge as well and then push the cannon left three more times before firing it and freeing the truck.

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Space Dog Field This area is supiciously large and empty, wait a while and a bunch of spinning cyclopses will appear, after them a Brawlrus or two. After that a Chompy that creates other Chompies will run in, take them all out to open up the blue gate on the slope.

Pull the switch on the right down here to lower a barrier in front of Persephone if you want to go get some upgrades though. Go up the slope by Zeta Blobbers now that it's open, at the top of the second bi of the slope jump off the edge and pull a switch to open the red gate where Blobbers has paused.

There's also the Villain Stash at the back of this platform to open up. Go back up and through the gate you opened. Sub Atomic Particle Smasher Keep attacking the giant atoms as they appear until the door opens, they don't do too much damage so even getting hit by a lot of them shouldn't be too much trouble unless you're already quite low on health. After bouncing out go to a block puzzle on the right.

Push the back block right, the left block down and the right block to the wall. Push the tower of blocks to the left now not the right! Though the secrets were lost, Dr. Krankcase still needs one final piece to the weapon, a large amount of "stinkocity".

Kaos knows that the most powerful substance of that level is in the Secret Sewers of Supreme Stink. With Flynn back in action, the Skylanders go and cut off the supply of goo, earning the gillmen workers trust in the process. Krankcase substitutes the goo for cheese, and comes up with a plan: Only one problem, they need a portal master to do it.

Reopening Kaos's Wilikin Workshop for his own purposes, the Skylanders are lured to investigate with Kaos in tow, fighting through Evilkins and Trolls. Finally battling the Mad Doctor, he traps Kaos in a barrel, but Wolfgang appears and takes Kaos for himself, the Skylanders go in pursuit, but not before trapping Dr. Fighting their way through town, they arrive too late as Wolfgang has already headed to the far future. Arriving in that time period, they discover that Wolfgang has completely taken over and constructed the "Big Bad Woofer", a giant speaker that amplifies his painful music fold.

The Skylanders make their way to the sinister speaker and shut it down, fight Wolfgang, and cage the Big Bad Man-Beast before he can freeform the ultimate concert. However, the rotten cheese was sent to the Golden Queen in the present, and she completed the weapon.

skylanders trap team meet the gearshift

Holding Skylands hostage, she demands her fellow Doom Raiders to be freed and all the gold in the world as tribute. Oh, and to make infinite number of more rules. The Skylanders and their comrades steal a rocket from the Trolls and use it to get to the Skyhighlands, where they find a crystal to locate the Golden Queen's lair.

Traveling there, Cali is imprisoned in gold, and the Skylanders have to fight their way through the lair to rescue her. In an epic battle against the Queen, the Skylanders are victorious in trapping the queen and putting and end to her tyranny once and for all.

Skylanders Trap Team - Gearshift - Duel Mode Dualist Path Guide

But just when it looks like its over, Kaos takes the weapon for himself and absorbs the combined stinkocity and energy from the collected Traptanium. His skin turns purple as a result, also developing enhanced senses, being able to see everything. He then realizes it was not the Skylanders he had to the destroy, but the one thing that was always in his way, the player, or portal master, and sets his sights on Earth.

With both worlds hanging in the balance, the Skylanders make their way through the weapon and battle Kaos, who transforms into an enhanced traptainium version of himself.

In this final battle Kaos pulls out all the stops, but is finally defeated and put in a trap of his own.

skylanders trap team meet the gearshift

The weapon then over loads and explodes, freeing the trapped cities. The game ends with the residents of the academy celebrating. In the credits, Kaos makes his comments while they roll. Using Traptainium, a magic material that can harness the power of the elements, they now have the amazing ability to trap the villains and return them to Skylands to fight for them.

The Trap Team must begin the ultimate adventure as they explore the world of Skylands in search of the escaped villains. Gameplay[ edit ] As in previous games, the player controls a variety of characters by placing toy figures representing the characters onto a near field communication -enabled interface device known as the Traptanium Portal, which activates the character in the game. In Trap Team, however, a new item type has been added: Unlike the figures, which brings characters into the game, the traps can be used to store forty-seven [7] enemy characters originally found in the game including Kaos apparentlywho may then be controlled as good characters.