Speech for meet the candidates

The English School: Head Boy and Head Girl Elections Meet our Candidates

speech for meet the candidates

Meet the Candidates. The Committee on Nominations and Vice President for Academic Affairs in Speech-Language Pathology. Elizabeth (Betsy) Crais, CCC- . Accordingly, some associations schedule a "Meet the Candidates" forum either and each candidate makes a statement (or short speech) as to why members. A good campaign speech can persuade, excite, and motivate, compensating for the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article meets our high standards. Whether your speech is for a student election or governmental election, you can use .. Have a Block Walking Party for Your Candidates or Party (U.S.A.).

My goal is to represent and serve each student equally, by working as a team, the students and I. If you are successful, what would you like to achieve? Firstly, I believe that improving the relationship between younger and older students is of major importance. A newcomer or a student from the lower classes should feel confident enough with older members of the school community. This is achieved by organising more sports events, where students are involved, giving them the opportunity to meet new people while passing their time joyfully.

Moreover new events that have to do with local customs and traditions like Tsiknopempti could be introduced bringing closer students and staff. Lastly, student voice is important to be strong and so it can be strengthen even further, with a number of possible improvements such as sending regular questionnaires to each year group enabling students to express their views on life within the school terraces.

What personal qualities do you have that would make you suitable for the post?

speech for meet the candidates

I believe the most important charisma I have, is the fact that I show commitment and complete dedication when it comes to delivery of anything I undertake and am responsible to carry out.

I make sure everything is done properly and on time. Moreover, I am a trustworthy and honest person and every student can rely on me for advice for any issue that concerns him or her. As a person who believes that everything starts from hard work, I am ready to work tirelessly for improving the school community. Do you have any relevant experiences that you believe would helpful in this post? Taking part and actively participating in different kind of events allowed me to gain some useful experiences but also develop multiple skills.

At the same time, I was able to cooperate with other people, all of us aiming to bring out the best. I am looking forward to continue doing this if I am given the privilege to fill the post of the Head Boy.

Head Boy and Head Girl Elections Meet our Candidates

I started thinking about running for this position from the time I first started campaigning. The more I learnt about the position, the more I understood about its importance. The elected Head Boy should not be such a person that would be shy to approach people nor should he avoid face to face communication. He should always be at a reachable and approachable place to have access to problems of students and to try his best to find solutions.

Our school is one of the unique schools that tries their best to listen to their students and lets them raise their voices. Although this is the case, some students are still not quite open to raising their voices and some are still not able to fit in.

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That is why the position is quite crucial. Another reason that brought this idea to my mind was when a friend told me she would come to me whatever she needed from A to Z. I believe this would not only be true in my personal life but also I would reflect this to the students that choose to come up to me.

My main aim would be to approach all the needs of students and teachers and represent them in the most excellent way possible. As the main slogan of Amazon. In the English School, the students work hard but we cannot say that having fun is really happening. I believe that there is not enough emphasis given on the stress problems of the students so the nucleus of my plans would be stress relief activities and clubs.

These could be achieved with increased number of events and less pressure imposed on students by teachers. The school clubs should also increase in number and get widen in variety.

speech for meet the candidates

I also believe that in the school, there are some problems with the topics that need focus. It is as if for the topics that needs focus and detailed improvement, there is a lot less care shown than for the smaller things, where there seems to be a lot more pressure. Two of the main ones I hear a lot are the policy of clean shaving and Games. As the hair is identity for most of men, I see no reason in this policy whatsoever and acknowledging the fact that there is no way we can remove Games completely I predict that with a more lenient way of addressing, it would be more beneficial to students.

speech for meet the candidates

Another point I find very essential to be touched upon is the division between students. This aim of mine would be achieved by the stress relief activities and clubs.

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There is a saying by J. The students are not close to teachers, not even to each other. This damages the school environment and goes against the principles of the English School. Because we are stronger when all is for one and one is for all. I love meeting with people and am quite sociable in and outside of school.

This is a quite important aspect that a Head Boy has to have easier access to as many people as possible. As I am a confident person, I would not be shy to put into words any problem there is. My passion of working for and helping people makes me suitable for this position. I started helping out at school from a young age. I took part in welcoming the year 1s when I was junior as well as going to the Jubilee camp with the newcomers twice.

As a very good listener, I believe I would have perfect communication with the students and actively keep in touch with everyone that expresses their problems until a solution that satisfies everyone is found.

My commitment into work can be seen through the emphasis I give on extra-curricular activities which stretches from chess to violin, bi-communal activities to video competitions, conferences to job experiences, from A to Z. Another quality that I have is that I try to make everything more fun and in case I am chosen, this would definitely be reflected to the school.

As a very active person, I started doing extra work from when I was 6. Playing chess was my first opening up to the world outside the school-home life. Then this continued with sports, arts and now it evolved to multi-communal activities.

I would never let my parents know my schedule as I believed I could manage my timetable from the time I was in primary school. This boosted my discipline and helped me plan my time effectively, thinking about the smallest of details. When I was 11, I went to a camp in Scotland on my own. Then when the taste of doing things freely was so sweet, I continued to do everything on my own. I have learnt more than what is there in the textbooks so for that I would like to thank this school.

This school has taught me how to deal with challenges that you will meet in your everyday life, it has made me a better student, a better citizen and of all a better person. This school has also helped me and my peers to be mature and has guided us through the right path. I am sure that these experiences and knowledge will help us students in our future.

I hope that I can act as a bridge between the students and the teachers. Thank you and I hope you make the right decision in choosing your head girl.

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But I am one. I cannot do everything. But I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do what I can. Respected madam principal, deputy principal, teachers and all my dear friends.

My name is Karma Lhaden Tobgay. I have studied in this school for 12 years and at present I am in grade IX. Since I am nominated as the head girl, my aim is to let your voices be heard and your talents and interests to be shown. I realized that being a head girl is a challenging role but I want to graduate knowing that I have done something to change this school for the better.

Being the head girl requires a lot of sacrifices, hard work, tolerance and gratitude but with the help and cooperation of both the teachers and students, I assure you that I will be able to live up to your expectations. There is no limitation to what we can achieve.