The two popes meet

Meet Lidia Bastianich, the woman who cooked for two popes

the two popes meet

The first time two Popes have broken bread together in more than years, their lunch at Castel Gandolfo acted as a poignant symbol of the. If you were asked to cook for the pope, what would you choose to make? This was a real question for chef Lidia Bastianich in both and. Two popes meet. PM. Michael Victor. Whereas the whole world looks to Pope Francis's visit to Cairo tomorrow and his projected meetings .

Perhaps this persuaded Benedict to take the plunge. Purely hypothetical but interesting. Benedict must have known there was a chance that Cardinal Bergoglio would succeed him. My guess is that when the Argentinian emerged on the balcony the Pope Emeritus was dismayed but concluded that God works in mysterious ways. This is a puzzle. Benedict, by his own choice, is no longer the Pope.

the two popes meet

He is — and regards himself as — an ex-pope. Why, then, did he choose a title that included the P-word? Professors emeritus, however, are addressed as professor so-and-so. This is confusing, and the Pope Emeritus now seems to recognise this: Who was telling the old man, still pope, that he must assume the grander title? Another possibility is that Benedict has been leant on by an ally of Francis to play down his papal title. Why does Benedict wear white?

the two popes meet

My theory is that, by remaining in papal white, Benedict communicates that although he is an ex-pope he is also a living successor of Peter. It would be fascinating to know whether Benedict feels that he retains some spiritual status or responsibility by virtue of having held his office.

the two popes meet

Do some Catholics believe there are two popes? He and other conspiracy theorists therefore believe there is only one pope, but he is not called Francis. But, to repeat, there is confusion.

On the other hand, the impact of this confusion is modest, for the following reason. Does Benedict still seek to wield influence in the Church? At the end of the meting of the two popes exchanged gifts. Among them one given by Pope Tawadros to Pope Francis: My heart skipped a beat as both popes entered into the church of the Apostolic Palace, to the tune of Coptic hymns.

Pope Tawadros said a prayer of thanksgiving and a prayer for peace. Pope Francis stood next to him in his legendary modesty listening to the Bible being read. At the time I wrote: We eagerly look forward to the day when the Bishop of Rome visits us in Egypt.

Pope Francis sent Pope Tawadros a letter in which he recalled their historic meeting on 10 Mayand reminded of the many steps which had since been taken on the path of dialogue and better mutual understanding.

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He wrote that he hoped the dialogue conitnues and bears fruit to testify to the bond uniting the two Churches. This was taken to extremes by the pardoners who sold absolutions for all kinds of sins to the poor. While pardoners were hated but needed to redeem one's soul, the friars who failed to follow the Church's moral commandments by failing their vows of chastity and poverty were despised. This sentiment strengthened movements calling for a return to absolute poverty, relinquishment of all personal and ecclesiastical belongings, and preaching as the Lord and his disciples had.

A political Church[ edit ] For the Catholic Churchan institution embedded in the secular structure and its focus on property, this was a dangerous development, and beginning in the early 14th century most of these movements were declared heretical.

Furthermore, the display of wealth by the upper ranks of the church, which contrasted with the common expectation of poverty and strict adherence to principles, was used by enemies of the papacy to raise charges against the popes; King Philippe of France employed this strategy, as did Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

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In response, William charged the pope with seventy errors and seven heresies. The proceedings against the Knights Templar in the Council of Vienne are representative of this time, reflecting the various powers and their relationships.

In the collegium at Vienne convened to make a ruling concerning the Templars. The council, overall unconvinced about the guilt of the order as a whole, was unlikely to condemn the entire order based on the scarce evidence brought forward.

Are there really two popes?

Exerting massive pressure in order to gain part of the substantial funds of the Order, the King managed to get the ruling he wanted, and Pope Clement V ordered by decree the suppression of the order. In the cathedral of Saint Maurice in Vienne, the King of France and his son, the King of Navarrewere sitting next to him when he issued the decree.

Under pain of excommunicationno one was allowed to speak at that occasion except when asked by the Pope.

the two popes meet

The Templars who appeared in Vienne to defend their order were not allowed to present their case — the cardinals of the collegium originally ruled that they should be allowed to raise a defense, but the arrival of the King of France in Vienne put pressure on the collegium, and that decision was revoked.

Papacy in the 14th century[ edit ] Curia[ edit ] After the arrest of the Bishop of Pamiers by Philip IV of France inPope Boniface VIII issued the bull Salvator Mundi, retracting all privileges granted to the French king by previous popes, and a few weeks later Ausculta fili with charges against the king, summoning him before a council to Rome.

In a bold assertion of papal sovereignty, Boniface declared that "God has placed us over the Kings and Kingdoms. The King of France issued charges of sodomysimonysorcery, and heresy against the pope and summoned him before the council.

Two Popes meet for Christmas prayers

The pope's response was the strongest affirmation to date of papal sovereignty. In Unam Sanctam November 18,he decreed that "it is necessary to salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman pontiff.

Nogaret coordinated with the cardinals of the Colonna family, long-standing rivals against whom the pope had even preached a crusade earlier in his papacy. In French and Italian troops attacked the pope in Anagnihis home town, and arrested him. He was freed three days later by the population of Anagni. However, Boniface VIII, then 68 years of age, was deeply shattered by this attack on his own person and died a few weeks later. Cooperation[ edit ] Clement V in a later engraving The death of Pope Boniface VIII deprived the papacy of its most able politician who could stand against the secular power of the king of France.

He was born in Gasconyin southern France, but was not directly connected to the French court. He owed his election to the French clerics. He decided against moving to Rome and established his court in Avignon. In this situation of dependency on powerful neighbors in France, three principles characterized the politics of Clement V: The latter was directly challenged by Philippe IV when he demanded a posthumous trial of his former adversary, the late Boniface VIII, for alleged heresy.

Phillipe exerted strong influence on the cardinals of the collegium, and compliance with his demand could mean a severe blow to the church's authority. Much of Clement's politics was designed to avoid such a blow, which he finally did persuading Phillipe to leave the trial to the Council of Vienne, where it lapsed. However, the price was concessions on various fronts; despite strong personal doubts, Clement supported Phillipe's proceedings against the Templars, and he personally ruled to suppress the order.

Louis followed the example of Philippe IV, and summoned the nobles of Germany to back his position. Marsilius of Padua justified secular supremacy in the territory of the Holy Roman Empire.