Transformers 2007 meet the autobots

transformers 2007 meet the autobots

Arriving at college, Sam met his roommate, Leo Spitz, who Just then, the other Autobots arrived, causing Megatron. Transformers is a film based on the Transformers franchise. . [The Autobots meet Sam and Mikaela in an alley]: Optimus Prime: Are you Samuel James.

Sam was taken to the Autobots' ship, the Xantiumwhere a group of Autobots called the Wreckers were preparing the ship for launch. Sam pleaded for Optimus to ignore the government's demand for exile and asked what their plan was, but Optimus said they had none. After he and Bumblebee bade him farewell, Sam watched as the Xantium took off and called Dylan to let him know they were gone, only to learn that the Decepticons had never intended to let the Autobots leave.

Sam could only watch as the ship was then destroyed. He decided that he would find Dylan and save Carly, and with Simmons and Dutch's help he tracked Dylan's location to Chicago. Epps decided to help Sam and gathered a group of soldiers to accompany them. But en route, the Decepticons invaded Chicago, and the group arrived on the devastated city outskirts.

While the soldiers were reluctant to go in, Sam was determined, even though Epps tried to convince him they didn't stand a chance. They were then attacked by a Decepticon fighterwhich was brought down by Optimus Prime and the Wreckers. As the rest of the Autobots arrived, they revealed that they had known the Decepticons would never let them go or leave Earth alone and so had hid in a booster rocket that disengaged before the ship was destroyed.

With Bumblebee piloting the fighter, Sam infiltrated Dylan's building but was again attacked by Laserbeak, who dropped him over the side. Luckily, Bumblebee caught him, and after Carly jumped onto the fighter, Sam held Laserbeak in place as Bumblebee blasted the 'Con's head off. Once the fighter crash-landed, they awaited the arrival of the rest of the Autobots. After Carly explained the Decepticons' scheme to bring Cybertron into Earth's solar system to NEST via a downed UAV drone optic, Epps came up with a plan to destroy the control pillar with a rocket shot from a high building.

Before Sam and the other humans left, Que handed out grappling hooks and boomsticks. I love the Power Glove. Sam and the others made it into a tall buildingbut before the rocket could be launched, Decepticon fighters began firing at the skyscraper, causing it to tilt, and a Decepticon protoform came in looking for them.

Escaping by jumping out of the window and sliding down to a lower floor, the group's presence was discovered by Shockwavewho sent his Driller to finish the building. After their tower slammed into another, Sam and the others escaped while Optimus arrived and killed the Driller. They began rushing toward the building with the pillars, which had started to activate, but Sam and Carly were separated from Epps and his men. They were found by Starscreamwho relished the opportunity to be alone with Sam and started toying around with him.

Sam fired the grappling hook into one of Starscream's eyes, and as Starscream thrashed in panic, Sam was flung around and eventually crashed through a window. While he had the opportunity, he armed one of the boomsticks Que had given him, hoping that it had 'better work.

He was again flung around while Lennox tried to free him.

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Starscream flew to the top of a building, and as his head exploded, Bumblebee arrived to catch the falling pair. They met up with Epps's team and large force of soldiers, but Sam and Carly snuck across the river to find Bumblebee, Dino, Sideswipe, Que and Ratchet captured by Soundwave's forces. As the 'Cons began executing their prisoners, starting with Que, Sam desperately tried to prepare another boomstick to save Bumblebee when his turn came, but it malfunctioned, forcing Sam to watch in horror and despair as his friend was about to be executed before his eyes.

Luckily, Bumblebee was saved when Wheelie and Brains took control of a Decepticon ship and caused a distraction that allowed Bumblebee to kill Soundwave.

Sam and Carly ended up in the middle of the battlefield, and Sam called to Optimus to warn him about the pillars, and Optimus managed to stall the process by firing at the control pillar. Sam insisted on helping and assured Carly she would be all right, then began rushing to the pillar, which Dylan was trying to reactivate. Sam tried to stop him but failed, and Dylan kicked him off the collapsed structure.

Sam refused to give up, however. When Dylan said Sam wasn't a hero, Sam agreed, stating he was just the messenger Bumblebee and Ratchet arrived and destroyed the pillar, causing the partially formed Cybertron to collapse in on itself. Sam apologized for putting himself in danger and said she was all he needed and he would do anything to make it up to her.

She forgave him, and Bumblebee took the opportunity to pass out rings, though Sam interpreted this as needing to "slow way down". Sam then joined the Autobots and soldiers as they stood as heroes for rescuing the world from utter destruction -- perhaps finally with due credit. Dark of the Moon: The real mystery is why he thought this would make a good profile picture. Sam's profile picture from his eBay account was included among the portraits of members of the Order of the Witwiccans kept by Sir Edmund Burton.

Considering the man's proclamation of being the last surviving member of the Order of Witwiccans, it is likely Sam had perished by the time Cybertron returned to Earth's orbit. At first, thinking they would be priceless artifacts or treasure, Sam was not impressed with what he described as "junk" and made googly eyes with the arctic explorer's glasses. Movie Prequel 3 Years later, Sam discovered the concept of riding around in cars to cruise for chicks. His best friend Miles suggested an online auctionbut also convinced him to hold off on it until he was actually old enough to drive, as perhaps by then somebody would be interested in his family's heirlooms.

Fortunately, Ratchet crushed the creature before it could cause further havoc. Examining the liquid from its remains, Ratchet warned his human friends about the dangers in weight gain and tooth decay that the substance could cause to them.

Amused, Sam and Mikaela promised to be careful.

transformers 2007 meet the autobots

Alliance 1 A few months later, after the Autobots and the United States military had agreed to operation under a formal military alliance as NESTMajor Lennox became concerned over an ominous warning he had received from a Decepticon they had just destroyed.

The Decepticons were looking for "it", and both Lennox and Optimus Prime feared they could be after Sam again. Though Lennox refused Prime's suggestion of placing Sam in protective custody at their base on Diego Garciabelieving it was too much for the boy to handle, they agreed that somebody needed to keep an eye on Sam, and so Bumblebee once again assumed the role of his protector.

Alliance 4 Sam was delighted to see Bumblebee return, but the delight stopped when Bumblebee "helped" to get a cat out of a tree by shaking the tree until it got off. After learning that Bumblebee had returned to watch over him, Sam used the Autobot as his ride to the movies for a double date between him and Mikaela, and Miles with Mikaela's friend Lindsey.

Once there, he saw Trent's truck and hoped not to run into him. The night went without a hitch, and Sam was happy that Bumblebee behaved himself in front of Trent, but Bumblebee explained that he got back at Trent by flipping over his car, which displeased Sam.

As the days went by, Bumblebee's attempt to integrate himself into Sam's life didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped. Without the team structure of the Autobots, Bumblebee grew more reckless and impulsive, from smashing a would-be car thief with the door he was attempting to unlock, to inadvertently earning Sam traffic tickets for running red lights. Eventually, Sam discussed his upcoming college plans with Bumblebee, explaining that the yellow guy might not be able to accompany him at school.

He then had to persuade his parents to let Bumblebee stay in the garage while he was at school, but Ron strenuously said no, stating that 'Bee could stay for the summer, but once Sam left for school, the Autobot had to leave too. Frustrated, Sam walked to Mikaela's to cool off, but twenty minutes later, he was captured by Barricade, who chained him up and hung him from a hook over a junkyard car crusher. The Decepticon demanded that Sam tell him the locations of Bumblebee and the AllSpark, but Sam had no idea about either.

As Barricade prepared to drop the young human into the crusher, Bumblebee arrived just in time, and Sam safely fell onto a pile of tires while Barricade taunted Bumblebee about how Earth had made the Autobot soft and how their last encounter was just luck. Barricade easily swatted Bumblebee aside and went after Sam, but 'Bee managed to pull himself out of the scrap and assaulted Barricade once more.

Barricade had the upper hand, so Sam helped by operating a crane. However, he had trouble controlling the vehicle, and Barricade snapped the chain-hook off and tossed the crane aside before charging at the crane's occupant again.

Bumblebee then used the abandoned chain-hook to knock Barricade into a pool of gasoline. He sent Sam off to a safer distance and fired his cannon at the gasoline-soaked Decepticon menace, causing a massive explosion. Bumblebee survived the explosion, and Sam was happy to see him okay. He then asked what had happened to Barricade, and Bumblebee responded that they probably hadn't seen the last of the Decepticon. Tales of the Fallen 1 Sam and Mikaela later broke up, making him somewhat "testy".

Rising Storm 2 He was also invited to dinner at the White Househaving saved the world twice, where he met Carly Spencer. Bumblebee ejected Sam out of his car mode as he transformed to keep him out of harm's way while duking it out with the Decepticon. Starscream wound up landing in a river, and Sam used a downed power line to electrocute the water, damaging Starscream and forcing him to retreat.

Bumblebee Sam was enjoying a picnic with Arcee and Bumblebee when they detected an energy signature emanating from a nearby cave. Investigating, the trio was ambushed by Space Case. As the two Autobots faced off against the Decepticon, Sam warned Bumblebee to not use his missiles, as they might bring the whole cave down on their heads.

This only served to give Space Case an idea though, and the Decepticon brought down the cave's ceiling on Sam, Bumblebee and Arcee. Bumblebee shielded Sam from bodily harm, but Space Case got away.

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Space Case Buried under rubble, Bumblebee was strained to hold up a boulder from smashing down onto Sam as their oxygen slowly began to run out. Sam talked to Bumblebee to keep himself optimistic about their situation, but Bumblebee couldn't even respond, as the rocks were cutting him off from Earth's radio transmissions.

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Digging deep for inner strength, Bumblebee managed to muscle them out of their prison as Sam was beginning to choke for lack of fresh air. Outside, they found Ratchet, who had already rescued Arcee, and had been digging for them from the outside of the cave-in. Sam thanked Bumblebee for always being his friend when he needed him to be. Bumblebee I want to tell you about the Transformers! This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances.

You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Arcee Sam was returning from a fast food restaurant in Philadelphia when he found Bumblebee menacing a small robot calling itself " Brains ". Rising Storm 1 He and Bumblebee brought the renegade Decepticon brain unit to Sam's college, where they met Wheeliewho realized Brains was a scrap drone like him.

Sam asked Brains why he was in Philadelphia, and the little 'bot responded that he was running for his life from a Decepticon trying to kill him. Barricade then smashed through the wall and attempted to reclaim Brains. Rising Storm 2 As the place quickly became a battlefield and Sam was about to be killed by Space CaseCarly appeared and saved him by using a weapon attached to one of the fallen Transformers around her to fend off the Decepticon.

Both of them were saved from subsequent danger by the arrival of the rest of the Autobots. Rising Storm 4 Transformers: English When Sam was presented with Archibald Witwicky's personal effects, at first he was excited at the prospect of becoming rich, but was less than impressed with the "junk" in the box and made flippant remarks about Archibald's eventual fate.

This reaction mildly annoyed his father. Beginnings is a condensed, flash-animated retelling of the IDW Transformers: Movie Prequel that is detailed above this section. Titan Magazines movie comics Young Sam grew up with his dad's extreme Christmas cheer, to the extent he still kept the Santa myth going when Sam was an adult. Sam had stopped believing in Santa years before when his dad, in full costume, entered his room and fell on him "I thought Santa Claus was trying to suffocate me!

The Nightmare Bee-4 Christmas Sam's parents took him to college, and God, did he regret that when his mother kept holding his hand.

transformers 2007 meet the autobots

He was slightly surprised when Bumblebee drove off without warning. Is that Sam or Adam Sandler? Weeks later, he was en route to meet Mikaela when he was accosted by Skids and Mudflap. Annoyed, he pointed out he'd done his part and just wanted to be left alone, but the twins pushed him into taking a ride in Skids.

They explained they'd been framed for a crime they didn't commit, they had vital intelligence of a secret Decepticon army, and they wanted Sam to inform Optimus because Prime trusted him.

Sam, being a smart kid, didn't think much of wild stories by two strangers who'd abducted him and said he'd think about it. When Bumblebee turned up and the twins accelerated, he stopped thinking and starting banging on Skids window in a desire to GTFO.

Luckily, Skids spat him out. Unluckily, he then saw Bumblebee get gunned down by Soundwavewho'd come to recruit the twins. Outlaw Blues For ChristmasSam let Bumblebee observe the Witwicky festivities and worried the Autobot would start copying his dad's traditions. That was handy because the undead Dead End came for him! When Bumblebee intervened, Sam just about managed to keep the battle from waking his parents.

transformers 2007 meet the autobots

On Christmas Day, he handed Bumblebee some spare parts as a present and was given some snazzy decals. Sam was killed, and Mikaela and Bumblebee mourn him still. Bumblebee wondered if there was another reality where Sam's attempt succeeded and the Decepticons didn't conquer the United States. Twilight's Last Gleaming, Part: Revolution, Part 1 Mini Mayhem!

Sam asked Ratchet and Ironhide whether either of them ever thought of defeating The Fallen with water, him always being on fire and all. The two Autobots were stumped over how they had never considered doing so. Transformers Annual Just as Sam was getting bored with doing his homework, he was attacked by Starscream.

He dashed out towards the garage, but Bumblebee, already alerted, proved no match for the Decepticon. Starscream was about to make off with Sam, when Optimus arrived and quickly sent Starscream packing. Sam surveyed the effect that the battle had had on his dad's garden and reflected that he was in for trouble when his dad got back.

Sam in Danger Hunt for the Decepticons storybooks Sam was working in his University's science lab while Bumblebee was away on a mission.

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There, a new lab assistantwho in truth was a Decepticon spy, used Sam's computer to send a false distress signal to Optimus Prime. Sam found out about the phony message later that same night, and rushed to the science lab, where he found Optimus being beaten by Megatron. Sam and Optimus worked together to pin Megatron to a supermagnet, and then the two of them made their escape back to Autobot headquarters.

Prime Target Sam was enjoying a drive in the city with his friends Bumblebee, Wheelie and Mikaela when the group came under attack from Starscream!

Bumblebee and Wheelie began to argue on how to defeat the Decepticon, forcing Sam and Mikaela to run for their lives as Starscream came gunning for them. Thankfully, Optimus showed up and knocked Starscream out with one punch.

transformers 2007 meet the autobots

Optimus then chastised the other two Autobots for allowing their feelings get in the way of their mission to protect the humans. But Wheelie and Bumblebee were too stubborn to apologize to one another, and continued fuming despite Sam and Mikaela's attempt at having them reconcile.

I hope I didn't get you stranded or anything. So listen, I was wondering if I could ride you home. I mean, give you a ride home in my car, to your house. I can't believe that I'm here right now. You can duck down if you want. I mean, it won't hurt my feelings. No, no, I don't mean here with you, just here, in this situation.

Same situation I'm always in, and I don't know I just have a weakness for hot guys with tight abs and really big arms. Like, I just put that light there. My name is Optimus Prime. We are Autonomous Robotic Organisms from the planet Cybertron.

But you can call us "Autobots" for short. What's crackin', lil' bitches? This looks like a cool place to kick it! How did he learn to talk like that? We've learned Earth's languages through the World Wide Web a system of interlinked hypertext documents accessed via the Internet. Just kidding, I just wanted to show him my cannons. Our medical officer, Ratchet. You already know your guardian, Bumblebee.

You're my guardian, huh? His vocal processors were damaged in battle. I'm still working on them. Why are you here? We are here looking for the AllSpark, and we must find it before Megatron. All who defied them were destroyed. Our war finally consumed the planet, and the AllSpark was lost to the stars.

Megatron followed it to Earth, where Captain Witwicky found him. It was an accident that intertwined our fates. He accidentally activated his navigation system. The coordinates to the Cube's location on Earth were inprinted on his glasses. How did you know about his glasses? If the Decepticons find the AllSpark, they'll use its power to transform Earth's machines, and build a new army. And the human race will be extinguished.

Sam Witwicky, you hold the key to Earth's survival. Fire it up, Optimus. I sense the Decepticons are getting ready to mobilize. They must know it's here as well