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Car meets UK: 5 events you have to attend in

best car meet need

I kind of felt like I'd stepped into a scene from Need for Speed: Of course, atmosphere alone doesn't make a good car show – the cars do. Top Gear's whistle-stop tour of one of the car world's most fascinating . naturally aspirated Mazda RX-7 is what you really need to get heard. Car meets are a gearhead rite of passage. Finally, you can't forget the crowd, who show up to have a good time, not to deal with those who.

With all this being said, you are now equipped with a list of things to do when attending a car meet, now all that is left to do is to give you the run down on 10 things you absolutely should not do at a car meet. Start A Rev-Off Via YouTube Full disclosure, at one point or another, you will, as a car enthusiast, feel the urge to do something pointedly stupid.

One of those dumb things that are often the quickest to get a meet shut down, or at the very least, attract unwanted attention from the fuzz, is 2-stepping in the parking lot. This is an especially egregious party foul if you happen to have a straight piped car, which basically means you're treating the audience to the sounds of thunder.

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This is about as bad as 2-stepping, although I personally slightly feel that rev-offs are particularly worse, given the nature of how they arise in the first place. Only one of these is actually quantifiable, neither, however, actually matter. Although, I have to admit, shooting flames is pretty cool.

best car meet need

This bad idea, however, is often brought about by the instigation of members of public. The throngs of camera wielding spectators are almost insatiable in their lust from increasingly sketchy behavior. Shouting and cheering for loud revving cars, and burnouts does not do anyone any favors, including those doing the shouting. The most salient example of crowds encouraging bad behavior has to be the crowding of car meet exits.

You know exactly what I am talking about, if not, let me paint you a picture: You are mildly responsible so at first you are hesitant, but a few more cheers and the promise of Instagram fame seal the deal for you. What happens next is something that has happened all too often, because I almost forgot to mention, you are driving a Mustang. We have all seen the infamous videos of wild behavior going terribly wrong, and I am not suggesting the crowds are at fault here.

But what I am saying, is that it is best to try to discourage such behavior, and the most effective way to do that is to ignore it, not reward it. Seriously Via Legendary Speed Like the loud revving and the 2-stepping, doing donuts, whether in the parking lot or an adjacent street, is a remarkably bad idea. In fact, it is a substantially worse idea than just revving loudly. The only real danger from 2-stepping is from damaged ear drums, with donuts, however, we could be talking serious injuries to bystanders.

Not only that, cops will absolutely not tolerate this, and will all but immediately shut down the car meet and may obstruct any future possibilities of holding car meets at that particular location. If that is not enough of a deterrent for possible tire-slaying rogues, know that those same police officers can go as far as impounding your vehicle if they feel you pose a great enough harm to the bystanders around you.

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This is serious stuff, as it should be. Car meets are events designed to be enjoyable for people of all ages. One of the prerequisites of having a successful car meet, is to ensure the safety of all participants. So, doing donuts is a strict no-no for those looking to go a local car meet. You have been warned, be safe and exercise sound judgement when showing off your pride and joy. No one likes the person that goes around putting their dirty paws all over your shiny, clean paint.

This is especially prevalent among the non-car enthusiasts that attend their occasional car meet. This is a function of both ignorance and ambivalence. I like to think that these are well intentioned people who simply let the exuberance of beautiful cars temporarily override sounder judgement.

best car meet need

Sometimes, however, these well intentioned people can lead to some serious damage. From scratches to dents, many car meet veterans have stories of wayward bystanders ruining into their car without the slightest shame. Even worse still, are the wretched group of people who are not well intentioned, and who instead have malevolent intentions when they attend a car meet. Whether jealousy, or pure evil, sometimes bystanders will purposely wound you baby. This is both cruel and excessive, but something that has happened before.

This is why it is always important to ask the car owner for permission to touch the car, whether that be for a picture, or something else. This is especially true if you are trying to get inside their car. Common sense, despite being seemingly uncommon, should be followed carefully at all times.

As I have already covered, doing any of these can lead to losing your car, or even someone losing their life. Drag racing is also a common feature at car meets. Nothing especially organized, perhaps something as simple as coming across your local car meet rival at a stop sign. Regardless, this is not something you want to be taking part in, because it is both dangerous and, again, stupid. For that matter, I should also caution those attending car meets to obey all traffic laws.

Not just speed limits either, though that is obviously an important one and one that is often the point of greatest contention at car meets.

best car meet need

This is not the same as speeding, what this means is, people who quickly accelerate or rev their engines. I have already covered the trappings of revving, but quickly accelerating is also something to be aware of as you are exiting or arriving to a car meet. Someone who only has one objective, bring other down. Whether that be through snide remarks, sour looks, or a combination thereof, car meets are filled with people getting their hate on.

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That is because the car community is a microcosm for the world at large. Filled with mostly decent, kind people, but also host to a seething, ugly underbelly where people thrive off disrespecting others. That is why, when attending a car meet, you should do your utmost to make sure you steer clear of any such behavior. Complaining just is not an attractive trait. It is only exacerbated when what you're complaining about it something as subjective as which car looks or is better.

Complaining effects more than just yourself too, it has a pernicious effect on all those who happen to be misfortunate enough to be around you. It casts a negative cloud over what should otherwise be a pleasant event.

In extreme cases, complaining could lead to confrontations when the owner of the object of your complaints decides they have had enough.

This is really just a friendly reminder to be kind and avoid cynicism. It can be a scary thing to attend your first car meet, especially if this is your first time going and you are going by yourself.

If you have groups of slammed cars showing up each week, and your parking lot is filled with speed bumps and potholes, it will quickly turn those people away. It takes a keen eye to understand exactly what sort of space will work. Another aspect you might overlook would be the surrounding businesses.

A business park might have excellent lighting and will be clear at night, but affords absolutely no food or restrooms to people who attend. Finding a business that will let people come in from the cold in the winter, take a break from the heat in the summer, grab some food or use the restroom really goes a long way to getting repeat attendance from the local community.

Finally, consider if your neighbors will be happy with you there.

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Say you setup a meet in a gym parking lot. Every Monday night you and your friends show up in your cars and take some spaces in the back. After a few months the meet grows, and once a week cars start taking up spaces in the lot. What you need to find is a business that your attendees will give business to on a regular basis.

From my experience the ideal location is a fast food place with a large well lit parking lot. You may start your meet with the best intentions of remaining above the board on everything. Unfortunately the reality is most shopping centers have no interest in allowing this sort of event to take place on their property.

They view it as a liability, and may ultimately refuse you outright. This is where it becomes a matter of asking for forgiveness rather than permission. It is far easier to just start showing up and hope no one minds, rather than deal with the potential of being barred from showing up before you even get started. I have successfully thrown events where hundreds of cars show up unprompted.

As long as the show is well organized, and you have people helping you police bad behavior, there should be no issue in you being there.

best car meet need

Staying there long term is another matter entirely. It is easy to get kicked out if your group leaves garbage behind on a weekly basis, causes traffic jams coming in and out of the shopping center, or generally disturbs your neighbors. Rules This leads to the most important part of establishing any meet. Typically the quickest way to get kicked out of a location, or black listed by the local community, is to not police your own meet. You absolutely cannot allow burnouts, revving, fights and so on.

While at first this may not be an issue, as you grow you will inevitably attract the random Ken-Block-Wannabe who drifts his way into a curb. The neighbors hear, they call the police, and next thing you know you are out of a spot. Nor does allowing this behavior win you any points with the community. A great way to help curb this problem, is to speak to everyone. Not as a group, but one on one. Hanging out with your friends is great, but getting to know the new people who take the time to come to your meet is far more important.

If they know who is in charge, and exactly what the expectations of people in attendance are, they are far less likely to misbehave.