Blues clues meet joe special

Blue's Clues, 10th Anniversary Special on iTunes

blues clues meet joe special

Introduces Joe, Steve's brother, to Blue's Clues fans through a review of all his favorite things, such as a his favorite color and special pet duck, Boris. "synopsis" . Blue and friends welcome Joe by playing the game Blue's clues! Special features: features 2 volumes - "Meet Joe" and It's Joe time!. Special offers and product promotions. Get a $ statement Blue's Clues - Get to Know Joe DVD Blue's Clues - Blue's Big News - Read All About It! [VHS].

You sound exactly the same. But, first of all, I am much shorter than anyone expects me to be.

Blue's Clues - Get To Know Joe (DVD, 2003)

I look nothing like that, which I think is kind of fun. A photo posted by Steve Burns steveburnsalive on Dec 28, at You said you never pictured yourself hosting a kids show your whole life, so why make a kids album? By the time I left that show, I felt like I had a little more in the tank, and it was just kind of a natural thing. Wait till you hear the song, man. What makes them tick? What are their fears? That is their No. More than monsters under the bed? I think it all goes back to that.

That really is just shot on a green screen. What is it like seeing all those death hoaxes?

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I think the last one I saw was that I wrecked a Dodge Charger, which in a way was the cruelest one because I would never drive a Charger.

No real serious offense to Charger drivers, but like, come on. Yeah, sometimes I wonder [Laughs]. Am I somehow undead? Was that all true?

You got a lap dance in the Thinking Chair? They are a really great organization I compressed a little bit of time, but they want dinner party stories. They want it to be real. Did you come up with that? Joe Donovan Patton replaced you on the show. Do you still keep in touch with your brother, Joe? He has a habit of moving to LA. I know his wife. We are definitely friends. I wish I saw him more, but he tends to be in LA a lot.

blues clues meet joe special

Before this, I was arguing with my roommates. Could you clear something up? Blue is a girl, right? Is Magenta a guy?

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Blue is a girl. Magenta is a girl. In a lot of ways, I was the only male figure on that show. It was me and the salt shaker and, I think, the shovel [Laughs]. Was that part of the research — why the show included so many female role models? Every bit of that show was researched and carefully considered to brilliant effect. Do you still have one of the Handy Dandy Notebooks?

I have the original one. They gave it to me on my 25th birthday, and it sits in my study. The 10th anniversary celebration of Blue's Clues is filled with fun and creative activities for both parents and their children to enjoy in the mall," said Melinda Holland, Senior Vice President of Business Development at General Growth Properties.

Participating malls will present special Blue's Clues-themed activities throughout the month of July. Blue's Clues host Donovan Patton is scheduled to appear for "meet and greets" and book readings in the following markets: ET "Meet Joe" - Steve introduces Blue and their pals to his younger brother Joe and they play "show and tell" to welcome and get to know their new friend.

blues clues meet joe special

Steve, Blue and the gang teach Joe how to play Blue's Clues, and Joe gets his own handy dandy notebook. Later, Steve is thrilled to share the news that he's going to college. Everyone is excited for Steve's new adventure and that Joe will be staying at the house to play Blue's Clues with them. ET "Legend of the Blue Puppy" - Moona the moon fairy tells the Legend of Blue and how she was born with a little golden key, which unlocks a great gift.

Blue's clues. Get to know Joe!

After much trial and error we find the lock that Key will fit in and are swept away to a whole new world -- Blue's Room. Blue's greatest gift is that, in her playroom, she can talk! ET "Blue's th Episode Celebration" - Steve visits from college, and he and Joe change from their trademark rugby shirts to tuxedos to remember the games, songs, laughs and skidoos from the first five seasons.

They introduce the first video montage of the evening -- "The Places We've Been.