Compton swap meet walmart money

How The Compton Swap Meet Became A West Coast Rap Landmark

compton swap meet walmart money

The Swap Meet (also known as the Compton Fashion Center) was once The center closed its doors in January after being sold to Wal-Mart. Rapper Kendrick Lamar donated more than $ million to Compton Unified sewer and retirement funds when the general fund ran short on cash. a Wal- Mart at the old Compton swap meet, and a million- square-foot light. Officially known as the Compton Fashion Center, the swap meet was a former . Enterprising vendors with money on their mind sold what more .. I mean we knew that Wal-Mart bought it, but once we got there and saw it's.

Inglewood famously turned away the giant retailer, fearing it would lay waste to numerous mom-and-pop merchants. Compton Fashion Center opened in the space of what had been a Sears in It was the first large Korean-owned indoor swap meet in Southern California.

With that, in a region then becoming a magnet for immigrants from across the world, the indoor swap meet idea took off.

compton swap meet walmart money

Swap meets became a safe place for immigrants, speaking little English and without much capital, to wedge into a cranny of the American Dream. Compton Fashion Center, in particular, drew people from all over with, in its heyday, vendors selling jewelry, makeup, music, cellphones, groceries and clothe. His shop and the center have been in numerous rap music videos.

compton swap meet walmart money

But a lot has changed since then. National retailers have discovered the hood. Whether the indoor swap meet is slowly fading away is an open question. Kirk Kirk believe the CFC owners have been keeping vendors out with an eye to attracting to a big-box retailer.

Kendrick Lamar dances on Compton Swap Meet roof in 'King Kunta' video

Whatever the case, he said, foot traffic has dropped along with the number of vendors. He strides across a balcony at the front of the building, while what looks like a crowd of hundreds cheer from below. Many of the external shots are filmed in the car park of the sprawling Fashion Centre. You might see Suge Knight, other folks from Compton.

As a legend passes, a Walmart in Compton?

The closure had been rumoured for some time, but store owners were kept in the dark until the very last minute. They were eventually told on 2 December that the building would close on 15 January.

compton swap meet walmart money

Business at the Swap Meet had been in decline since the recession began. On bad days, some sellers would reportedly make nothing at all.

Kendrick Lamar King Kunta video Compton Swap Meet

The city is in flux, and not everyone is happy about the direction in which it's heading. Perhaps inevitably, there are plans for it to be redeveloped into a Walmart - something about which Comptonites are less than enthused. A scroll through the comptonfashioncenter tag on Instagram reveals dozens of celebratory posts about the Kendrick video, but further down the tone becomes eulogising.