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You can also move up to the top perch setting, for even greater lift. second generation Ford Raptor was introduced, many buyers were pleased to see the The spacer was designed as a split ring to make installation easier. How to Level Your Ford Raptor Without Raising the Front Suspension The issue with placing the perch at the middle setting is that it. RPG - 17+ FORD RAPTOR Adjustable Spring Perch Collar. Regular Price: SVC OFFROAD - 17+ FORD RAPTOR C.A.S. Coil Adjustment System. Regular.

Basically, the core — the root cause — is that the vehicle is traveling too fast for the obstacle, and the truck is running out of travel.

Few questions for the Raptor owners...

By a large margin. They're going too fast for the obstacle by a large margin. The frame is not the first item to yield in that condition — despite what's been theorized, the first thing when you do exceed the vehicle's travel capability [is that] you have a certain safety zone where you will hit the bump stop and nothing will happen.

If you hit that same obstacle at an even faster speed, then you will yield the jounce bumper cup — that's the little piece of steel that holds the jounce bumper. If you hit that same obstacle at an even greater speed, then the next thing to go is the frame.

If you had an infinitely stiff frame, then what that would do is, the rear of that vehicle — the suspension — when that axle is going up so hard, so fast, it would 'donkey kick' the rear of that truck really high into the air.

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That's a very undesirable condition. Is SVT looking at making any suspension or frame changes — adjusting the cups or introducing progressive rate bump stops or deformable mounts, say — or are you happy with the way the truck performs? If you look at the video [above], in our opinion, the truck performed flawlessly through there — it didn't do anything crazy from a vehicle dynamics standpoint.

It didn't put the truck into an unsafe condition and it didn't strand the driver. If you hear their voices [on the video], you can hear them go 'Argh!!

That's not a good thing for any vehicle when you hit that hard, that fast. The other thing is that we run microcellular jounce bumpers that are progressive rate — this is why we run that kind of jounce bumper. In your opinion, it doesn't sound like any changes are necessary — this is just a clear-cut case of vehicle abuse? I don't know if I'd call it vehicle abuse — I think there's a certain learning curve going out there. The cool thing about the Raptor is that it's something new that has never been done before.

So it's bringing a lot of new enthusiasts into this realm of high-speed off-roading. There's a learning curve with these new enthusiasts and the organizers — of how to properly run an off-road, high-speed event like this. This is part of that learning curve. One of the things that we state in our owner's manual is that you need to do a low-speed reconnaissance run — you can't just find an off-road trail and barrel down it at miles an hour. Do you have any idea how fast they were traveling?

This is just our guess, we don't know for sure, but judging by the video, they look like they were going 60 to 80 miles per hour.

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We've heard sound bites from other people on that run that they were going mph in certain parts. From the factory, the truck is speed-limited to miles per hour, so all of these guys would need to be removing the speed limiters on their trucks [in order to achieve those kind of speeds].

The other thing that's going on So were any of those vehicles on the run equipped with that setup? We don't know how many — if it's all of them or if it's a fraction of them — but we know some of them were running those multiple leaf springs with the jounce bumper landing pad deleted. Obviously, the suspension was designed to work with all of its parts intact.

So how has the process been — we understand that at least a couple of trucks with frame damage have been reported to dealers with the hope of filing a warranty claim. Our understanding is that none of these warranty claims have been granted thus far, but that maybe some more communication needs to be done with the dealers about how to communicate with these special types of vehicles and special types of buyers.

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Can you talk about that? Yes, some of the marketing is working on that, but really, our owner's manual is really good at outlining all the precautions and safety steps you need to take for safe, high-speed off-roading. The three key points in high-speed off-roading that we mention in the owner's manual are Every desert racer, they'll go and prerun a trail and they will mark all of the ditches and obstacles on their GPSso that when they're coming upon an obstacle like that, they will know to slow down.

Also, a race organizer would probably mark that ditch with a big red X or something like that, so that people know what they're driving.

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You can get yourself into trouble very easily if you don't know what you're doing or if you're driving above your ability or those of the vehicle. It's not very different than a very capable, very fast sports car on a road course. You previously mentioned an aftermarket 'solution' that's hit the market — have you had a chance to play around with it?

We know those multiple leaf spring stacks are out there, but we have not played with them ourselves. The other thing we say is, 'build speed slowly. The last thing we say is, 'Drive what you can see.

This is probably more of a marketing question. You've got videos and ads that show this vehicle bombing through the deserts at very high rates of speed, and obviously you've pre-run under those conditions I know we've done videos on the Raptors with people like Rob Maccachren, and we've explicitly said that it's a vehicle that's highly capable, but you can break anything — you can even break a trophy truck — so you have to be responsible and sensible about the way what you're doing to the vehicle and the way you're driving it.

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