How did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

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how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

While meeting the Trumps in Washington, Her Majesty opted for a monochrome today during a visit to the White House with her husband, King Abdullah. While the King and Queen were busy doing business abroad, their. After cooing over Queen Rania's message of love to her husband three days ago, The wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan is so proud of her family she regularly. She is a brilliant woman, a gorgeous mother of four and an international fashion icon. Oprah Winfrey: When Abdullah's father, King Hussein, was on his deathbed, Queen Rania: I think today is one of them because I got to meet you.

Queen Rania to Oprah: “I think what would surprise most people is just how alike we are”

This is dispelling all the royal myths we knew. He's very proud of his ability to produce the best steaks and the best burgers. Like all men around the world. So it's a man--it's definitely a man thing. But I enjoy cooking as well. So it's one of the things we do to relax on the weekends and just to connect and just to feel grounded.

Do you have a barbecue--a grill at the palace? That is so cool.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

Come over and you can try our steaks. Do you like--I might take you up on it. Do you like--is it like a grill in the backyard or what? We have a grill in our garden, yeah. That is a cool thing for a king to barbecue. So I was asking Queen Rania during the commercial break if there was like a formal something going on at the palace.

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And I was brought to the palace, and were in line to meet you, we would all have to like bow and kiss your ring? We don't really enjoy the whole ceremonial aspect of this. There are certain occasions when there is ceremony and there is the formalities, but we try to limit those as much as possible. I think it's important to just be yourself. What have you told your oldest son about being king, if anything? You know, what's important for me, now, he's just a child.

And what's important for me is for him to be, you know, grounded in reality. And the most important thing is to instill him with the right values. I just feel that values are the shield that you carry with you throughout life and it protects you from whatever life throws at you.

That's a wonderful quote.

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So how do you give a strong value system when you have everything? How do you do that? You try to take away some of those things. Well, how do you do that when they're in the palace? You're in a palace!

Hey, mom, you know. I think--I think that's part of the myth of the whole royal thing. I mean, our palace is very much a home. And when my son asks for something, he doesn't automatically get it. He has to work for it and he may not get it at all.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

Like I control--like I don't let him watch as much TV as he wants or Or--and what kind of shows he's allowed to watch. If he's allowed to buy the latest gadget or whatever, he doesn't get it automatically, so. At the time, neither knew they were to become the next King and Queen of Jordan. Queen at 28 years of age! A powerful philanthropic and an influential change maker I am convinced that education is our best hope for lifting the darkness.

To combat those who destroy and invest in those who can create — Rania Al Abdullah QueenRania March 9, Since her coronation, Queen Rania has become a progressive and powerful icon in the Arab world, fighting on behalf of multiple fundamental causes. An advocate of cross-cultural peace dialogue Queen Rania created her own YouTube channel into open the door for global dialogue and change Western perceptions and stereotypes regarding Arabs and Muslims.

On her Instagram account, Queen Rania occasionally shares intimate family shots expressing her love and affection for the king and her family, proving just how relatable she is!

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

The most beautiful First Lady indeed! Noor was seen as too Westernised, too ambitious for her son Hamzah, and much too into the glitzy world of lavish spending and Western fashion for the Queen of a sober Muslim nation,'' said Ms Faisal, although she is known for disliking Queen Noor, according to Amman based diplomats.

Like Princess Diana, Rania enjoys talking to people and mingle with them in common places. Having a Bedouin Arab heart inherited from the Hashemites and an English head, he has to overcome problems like not mastering Arabic language - he spent 15 of his years studying in England and the United States, while also appears slightly foreign, thanks to his English mother. He is clean-shaven in a country where a moustache is a badge of manhood and the older generation swear oaths on their whiskers.

Those rumours that King Hussein referred to in his letter of dismissal to his brother Prince Hassan. She brushed off the rumours and managed to blend her traditional background with a modern image befitting a new generation of Hashemite royals. Like many women in the Royal family, she is known to tackle issues that are often taboo in Jordanian society. She chairs the Jordan River Foundation, which aims to promote income-generation and the empowerment of women through handicraft enterprises.

She is also keen on sport, and chairs the Jordanian Water Sports Federation.

how did queen rania meet king abdullah wife

She is very close to people, and has a good understanding of their problems.