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i meet erlangen map

Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS. Am Wolfsmantel 33 Erlangen, GER. Phone +49 Fax +49 Google Maps. Erlangen is a Middle Franconian city in Bavaria, Germany. It is the seat of the administrative Show map of Germany . research to derive the name of alder ( tree species) and anger (meadow ground), do not meet toponymical standards. ETM , Design & CMS: EBERL ONLINE. dubaiairporthotel.info – in Erlangen you will find the perfect location for your event. BESbswy.

Lukas recommends having a picnic at the Imperial Castle in Nuremberg. Sometimes I also repeat things out loud, which would bother other students if I studied in the library. When the weather is good… The garden at my student accommodation, St.

I especially like Nuremberg because… Despite its size and all the people living here, you can still get to know the city well. Where are we going to go tonight?! You can meet nice people… Everywhere.

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It all comes down you. My recommendation for culture in Nuremberg… The historical rock-cut cellars.

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And no one has ever complained about a simple picnic at the Imperial Castle when the weather is good. The Bergkirchweih in Erlangen!

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Going is an absolute MUST. Rock im Park or Bardentreffen? I think the Bardentreffen festival is something special. The combination of bands from all over the world who stand on street corners and play music is phenomenal. You can just put your feet in the water and relax. For studying… The main library, because I can concentrate fully on my work without any distractions there.

i meet erlangen map

As there are only two crossings across the Regnitz anywhere near downtown that are open to cars, it is often easier to go by bike from one side of those four barriers to the other. By public transport[ edit ] Local public transport consists primarily of buses, and to lesser extent the S-Bahn with only four stops in the city area. The VGN website allows for automated route planning and provides fare and network information.

A Tagesticket plus is valid for up to two adults and a combination of up to four kids under 15 dogs or bikes e. During the day buses are reasonably comfortable and frequent albeit usually slower than going by bike, but at night they only run on nights from Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday or any night followed by a public holiday. Night buses also follow different routes from regular buses indicated on the schedules with a line number with a leading N. Night buses or no buses run from As of late there is no clear plan of changing this.

Conversely, only buses run by the city of Erlangen show up on the real time arrival screens at Hauptbahnhof and Arcaden. At night you won't have a problem finding a taxi near Hugenottenplatz or one of the partying hotspots. By bicycle[ edit ] Cycling is the best way to get around and most locals bike to work and leisure activities. This is true for all ages, genders and income groups and a middle-aged man in a suit on a bike is no rare sight - in fact, you may even see a former or current mayor on his bike.

You can rent one at various local bicycle shops or at the main train station. A large part of Erlangen was built with the Huguenot refugees from France in mind but before the advent of the car.

Therefore a number of streets are too narrow for two cars to pass side by side. Almost all of these one-way streets can be entered by bike both ways.

i meet erlangen map

Thus cycling makes for the shortest trip lengths by distance. In downtown, the pedestrian zone is only open to cyclists on its entire length from evening to early morning with somewhat confusing signs advising which parts are pedestrian only during which times.

The rule is frequently skirted and even the hyper-correct state police of Bavaria don't always enforce it. Many locals just go a bit slower when and where cycling is technically disallowed. If your lodgings aren't in central Erlangen or if you want to explore beyond the city walls, the Wiesengrund is another barrier to east-west movement that is vastly easier to cross by bike than by car.

Besides the shorter trip distances, it is also pleasant in almost any weather to see relatively intact nature a few hundred meters from the edge of downtown.

On foot[ edit ] In the heart of the city, everything is in a walking distance and there are a lot of pedestrian-only areas. Watch out for cyclists, especially around the university's main campus, as they often drive very fast and assume people will get out the way rather than the other way round.

As in most of Germany, red bricks or white lines indicate cycle routes, so try and walk on the pedestrian side to make life easier for everyone.


By car[ edit ] Common in Erlangen and making driving difficult: One way streets If you need to cross a cycle lane with your car, be prepared to reverse if a bicycle approaches. When you turn, give way to cyclists.

i meet erlangen map

If you drive, avoid downtown. On streets that are one-way for cars, cyclists may often use them in both ways. The best choice is to park outside downtown e. If you stay for more than a couple of days, don't rent a car, rent a bike and do as the locals and bike everywhere.

See[ edit ] Erlangen is a surprisingly eclectic mixture of old and new.