Ls7 chevelle swap meet

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ls7 chevelle swap meet

Meet the Chevelle Sleeper You Never Saw Coming . automotive use, and according to Henning, it's pretty much like any other LS swap. Welcome to the LS Swap the World subreddit! The only rule here is that the post must be relevant to an LS engine replacing the stock engine of. A-Body LS Conversion. This LS swap kit is made specifically for Chevelle, Le Mans, GTO, Tempest, Cutlass, Skylark, and GS. The center.

Meet the Ultimate Sleeper Chevelle: A Sleuth With a Quad-Cam LS7

We chose ARP bolts because we planned on doing some head swaps. However, you can buy 10 sets of one-time-use head bolts to save some cash. We know that stock LS valvesprings are less than ideal, so we replaced them with a set of Comp beehive springs—to raise the seat and open spring pressure to maintain control over the valves—along with better Comp pushrods. The original timing chain was loose, so we splurged on a Comp billet timing set with a multi-keyed crank sprocket.

Adapting the LS engine to an older, Chevy-style automatic transmission is easy. We used a Chevrolet Performance previously GMPP adapter between the crank flange and the flexplate to properly position the LS flexplate to the converter.

This required longer crank bolts. We used ARP metric flywheel bolts. Remember that bolting the trans bellhousing to the engine requires five 10mmx1. We always take the time to degree the cam, but this time we ran into some weird intake centerline readings. We realized that, unlike a first-gen small-block Chevy, LS engines position the intake port in front of cylinder No. This means the first lifter is the intake lobe on an LS engine. On the first-gen small-block, the intake lobe is the second lifter back from the front.

Once we were on the correct lobe, everything came in with a degree intake centerline. To remain faithful to the budget, we used the stock truck accessory drive. The height of the stand establishes the pulley alignment. It works perfectly and clears the stock steering box. Here is a rear view of the adapter bracket Candoff built for our power-steering eliminator conversion. We combined the Hooker engine-swap mounts with a pair of Energy Suspension polyurethane motor mounts to bolt the 4.

After installing the Comp cam, the stock heads, and our Edelbrock Performer RPM intake, dropping the engine into the engine compartment was relatively easy. The stock truck accessory drive is very tall but will clear the stock Chevelle hood using the stock-location engine mounts.

We pieced a bunch of leftover radiator hoses together with scrap stainless tubing to make our upper- and lower-radiator hoses.

Meet the Ultimate Sleeper 1966 Chevelle: A Sleuth With a Quad-Cam LS7

If we had used these bushings, our radiator hose connections would be much cleaner. It also features a built-in oil-filter mount and uses the small GM cover that can be drilled and tapped for an oil-pressure gauge source. We show the Holley pan with a gasket, but the gasket it is not included. The Hooker headers hugged the floor nicely for added ground clearance.

ls7 chevelle swap meet

Because it's easy to install, compact, and, in our opinion, simpler to deal with, we went hydraulic. The firewall bracket is especially nice since it seals the required hole in the firewall and is much stronger than the angled steel plate brackets we've used in the past. The kit also included all the various bits needed for installation. Having these parts, especially the electrical pigtails, included sure beats running around town trying to source them.

ls7 chevelle swap meet

In this case we just wanted something functional and reliable and this kit from Chevrolet Performance fit the bill perfectly. It's pretty much a factory replacement for the LS7 Z06 Corvette, so it should serve the wagon well. As a bonus, it came pre-bled. Trust us that an out-of-shape bell is nothing but headaches down the line. If you're on a super-tight budget you could source something like this from a bone yard, but we feel the convenience of having all the bolts, nuts, and widgets along with the sparkly new parts is worth the asking price.

ls7 chevelle swap meet

The return off the bottom of the regulator sends the unneeded fuel back to the gas tank. Again, you can spend a little or a lot on this, but we found a great bargain to be the aluminum radiators offered by Summit Racing. The computer came pre-programmed to run the LS We were also careful to route the fuel line away from heat sources, like the headers and exhaust.

We found the best grommet for doing this over at Speartech Performance where in addition to making killer wiring harnesses they also offer specialized LS swap widgets. With this in place, we were able to mark the firewall and make the hole for the Tilton clutch master.

1970 Chevelle ss with LS swap

Quite a few companies bend up pipes for various Chevys, but we thought we would try out the new ceramic-coated Super Comp headers from Hooker. Best of all they are designed to fit when used with Holley LS engine mount adapter plates. We then continued plugging in all the various wires to the throttle body, MAP sensor, fuel injectors, and coils.

You can see the clutch reservoir mounted to the firewall behind the booster. Hurst Driveline Conversions was then able to send us the appropriate driveshaft. You can also see where we mounted the Holley fuel system. Even more importantly, there was a detailed instruction manual for those of us who are electrically challenged.

The fuse box can be mounted in the engine bay or, as we chose, under the dash. The system is centered around a pair of sweet-sounding Super 40 stainless mufflers.

ls7 chevelle swap meet