Meet stevie wonder

meet stevie wonder

Buy Stevie Wonder tickets from the official site. Find. Meet Stevie Wonder with 2 Floor Seats to His Concert on September 2 in Stateline (Lake Tahoe), NV Plus Receive a Harmonica Played by Stevie and a $ Last night I got to meet Stevie Wonder and talk to him about how I create my own accessible music and encourage visually impaired people to participate in.

Close Encounters of the Wonder-Kind

He overcame immense obstacles and impossible odds to achieve his status as a giant among peers. Anticipation can cause expectations that fly so high that not even the voice of an angel can reach their heights. Anticipation can make a great performance seem only good in comparison to those unreasonable expectations.

So it was that I found myself immediately disappointed last night. I guess only shitty photos and videos were allowed?

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We were on the floor, but in assigned seating. No one was sitting down, but even in an upright position, there was barely room to move because the rows were positioned on top of each other. Somehow, in my vision of the evening, I completely forgot I was going to be in the Pepsi Center. Stevie was surrounded by a rotating circus of musicians and backup singers, as well as a full string section. At one point I think there were over 40 people on the stage. I am not a fan of the jam, so once again I found myself staring up at the ceiling, cursing my lofty expectations as they danced along with those in the nosebleeds.

Everyone else on stage and off were in lockstep from the beginning. It just took me a bit to come around. From that point on, it was smooth sailing through the first half of the album.

Stevie Wonder

We were an hour and a half into the show, but things were just getting started. Aisha assisted her father back on stage for the second half, and after a quick speech about gun control which divided the Denver crowdhe sat down at the piano to sing that song he wrote for her when she was born.

The second half started out as a true representation of the album, but then it took a few twists and turns. A little MJ was just what some people needed to get their second wind as the night got later. Her photo was on the big screens as he sang the song over her gorgeous strings. It was a touching part of the evening and it also showcased how perfect his voice still is. It was worth the price of admission alone. Dorothy Ashby died of cancer, but another Songs collaborator was alive and well.

meet stevie wonder

This collaborator also happened to be in town performing a show with Chick Corea at Boettcher Concert Hall. What also made the evening special was the audience. Somewhere aroundpeople in a soccer stadium that easily takes 40and they all seemed to be true fans!

Stevie apparently noticed this, as he let them sing the entire first verse of "Living for the City" without providing the lyrics. All in all, a nearly perfect show without any of the drawn out moments that burdened the "Live At Last" tour. I am so happy I could make it to Copenhagen. There is of course another reason for that. She could not find them but came back with another member of Stevie's crew. I did not realize then, but this was Eddie Wolfe the photographer. He said he would talk to Milton to make sure we could go backstage afterwards.

meet stevie wonder

He also took a liking to my slippers, designed to look like bulls with a ring in their noses. My feet are twisted so it is hard for me to wear shoes. After the show I wasn't sure if Eddie or someone else would come to fetch us, so I sent Ester again to have a look. The first person she talked to said that they were probably leaving early, but Ester said I had better come to the exit myself if something should happen. Now we waited for minutes without spotting Milton.

Meanwhile the arena personnel were cleaning up, and a large truck blocked the exit that led to the backstage area.

Stevie Wonder - Encounters

We sensed that they wanted us to leave, but none forced us, and finally Mr Hardaway emerged from behind the truck.

An interesting conversation followed! Ester asked if we could go backstage.

meet stevie wonder

Milton said that they "normally" have a "meet and greet" for a number of fans, but this night Stevie was leaving early and there would be no time for that. Now I chimed in, asking for "one minute" only. Milton could not hear me say that, but Ester "translated" it. Milton did not understand, or pretended not to: With what sounded like a mixture of disbelief and admiration for our perseverance, he exclaimed: We were allowed to wait at our current location, but he could not say how long it would take before he'd get back.

meet stevie wonder

So we waited, endless minutes during which my hope sometimes faded, but I was determined to stay as long as there was anything left of it. The next thing that happened was that another crew member, I think his name was Abdullah, came and said hi to us. He then talked to a woman from the arena personnel about what apparently was an obstacle for me to go backstage: