One piece manga luffy meet sabor

one piece manga luffy meet sabor

غلاف المجلد الـــ91 من مــانغا "One Piece" One Piece Comic, One Piece Anime Finding Blackbeard pg 23 Ace Sabo Luffy, Anime One, Manga Anime, Anime Stuff. This Pin was discovered by Tanya Viohl. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. all i gotta say to this chapter is oh my fcking god:D i am so suuuuuuuuuuper happy right now xD im gonna get more in dept with the whole sabo.

Since then his parents thought he was dead. A few months later, Ace met Sabo, two kids have decided to make money by stealing to buy a boat and sail as pirates.

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One day after being overheard making plans pirates of Ace and Sabo, Luffy suddenly appears and wants to become the pirates too, but Ace did not agree because he mentions that he dislikes spoiled, crybaby brats, which Luffy vigorously denies being. Some time later, Sabo's father with Bluejam pirates find him. If he doesn't come back home with his father, Bluejam pirates will kill Ace and Luffy.

Sabo finds no other choice, he follow his father in order to let Ace and Luffy escape. And Sabo know a terrible thing that the Gray Terminal will be burnt down before the World Goverment's Inspector arrive. He eventually arrives at Great Gate after the fire have spread and shouting for Luffy and Ace run.

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Unfortunately his ship come across the World Noble's ship. The world noble aboard the ship thinks that is offensive and command to fire Sabo's ship. After the first shoot from a rifle, Sabo's ship is catch fire and burning. All that can be seen of Sabo is his own hat.

Sabo is still alive? Yes!! He still alive now :D

And the big question is beginning from here. Before that, however, they must succeed in defeating an agent of Doflamingo, in order to make her power lose effect thus returning the toys into their human selves and restoring the citizens' memories.

one piece manga luffy meet sabor

Hopefully, by achieving that, more people would join their cause. When asked by Usopp where that Devil Fruit user is, Thunder Soldier answers she must be at the underground port and, due to her Devil fruit's side effect, which has kept her from aging, she is guarded by Trebol himself.

Usopp rejoices, when he hears he is up against a little girl and a pumped up Franky asks the Dwarves to take them to the underground tunnel. Back at the Colosseum, Luffy, who was looking for an exit, bumps into Bartolomeo and Bellamy.

one piece manga luffy meet sabor

Bartolomeo, excited to meet his idol again, asks him reluctantly if he met with Zoro. When Luffy states his desire to find an exit, Bellamy tells him that such a thing does not exist in the Colosseum, because it was built in a way to prevent the contestants from escaping once they enter. Luffy, surprised, asks Bellamy to show him the exit, since he must know where it is, being Doflamingo's subordinate.

Bellamy shouts he would never betray his captain, but says that he will be heading for the exit himself, so if Luffy was to follow him he could find the exit, too.

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Bartolomeo wonders why Luffy would give up the fight for the Mera Mera no Mito which Luffy replies that his friends' lives are more important. Bartolomeo promises to get the fruit and give it to Luffy, which was his original plan anyway.

one piece manga luffy meet sabor

At that point, a man walks in stating that the fire fruit cannot go to Straw Hat Luffy. Bartolomeo confronts him for speaking to his idol like that, but the man simply pushes him away. Upon looking at the mysterious man, Luffy is greatly shocked and starts shedding tears of joy. When Luffy finaly finds his way out, he meets with Zoro and Kin'emon again, with the latter providing animal outfits for the three of them, in order to escape the Marines and leave the area unnoticed. Zoro is irritated by Luffy's non-stop crying and tells him to cut it out.

Luffy, still sobbing and shocked, wonders how is it possible for "that man" to be still alive.

Sabo gives a Vivre Card to Zoro and leaves One Piece 738 (1080p)