Pararaha valley track meet

Pararaha Gorge Stream Track in Waitakere – Tramping & Trail Running in Auckland, NZ

pararaha valley track meet

LOOKOUT TRACK ARATAKI VISITOR CENTRE LONG ROAD TRACK (from road end to where paddock meets the forest) PARARAHA VALLEY TRACK. lone kauri road, odlins timber track, pararaha stream, cowans stream, walker stream, stream bashing, pararaha valley, buck taylor track, hilary trail, tunnel point, the trickling waterfall of a wee stream meeting the Pararaha Stream to the left. The Eastern end of the track is at the Pararaha Valley Campground where it meets the Muir Track and the Pararaha Stream route. The Western end of the track.

Mt Zion turn off nothing to see, good sign post.

Pararaha Valley Track, Auckland Central: Address, Pararaha Valley Track Review: 5/5

Turn right onto the Hill track. From here on it is downhill all the way, good views the wetlands and the beach, you can just make out the old tram track running up through the wet lands, so keep looking to your right.

pararaha valley track meet

It can be a little slippery if wet, take care. Mt Zion Track - Point 5 Coordinates: Very green and peaceful.

pararaha valley track meet

Mt Zion Track - Point 6 Coordinates: Keep going downhill, it gets a little steep here and very slippery for the next 10 minutes. Mt Zion Track - Point 7 Coordinates: Mt Zion Track - Point 8 Coordinates: Follow the track to the big black sand hill to the west.

pararaha valley track meet

You might get your feet wet if there has been any rain in the last day or too. The track is sandy so take off your boots. There is a sign post just before you climb the sand hill, when you are standing on the top, walk to the right with the ocean over on your left shoulder.

Once on the sand hill look back, to the Pararaha valley and the hill you walk down, to the left of the photo. Mt Zion Track - Point 9 Coordinates: Standing on top of the sand hill, look nor, nor, west. And a good camp spot.

Walk between the swamp and the sand hills.

Mt Zion Walking Track

More so to the sand hills you should meet up with the goat track leading to the tunnel. Nothing wrong with that. Keeping the cliff face on your right shoulder at all times. Keep an eye out for rabbits and pheasant there are a few around. Mt Zion Track - Point 10 Coordinates: Back at the junction at the edge of the lagoon, a minute track leads through grass and flax to the Pararaha Campsite, just beyond an easy stream crossing.

Mt Zion Walking Track

A shelter and toilet are located here, although camping is by permit only contact Auckland Regional Council. The striking dome of Baldy m just north of the stream dominates the view. From the shelter, Muir Track, leads steeply up to Walker Ridge. This is a well marked and safe alternate route which should be considered after rain.

This alternate route consists of Muir Track, Walker Ridge Track and the Odlin Timber Track returning you to the car park in about the same time as following the river. From the shelter, proceed directly to the river and follow a trail along the true left of the stream.

  • Pararaha Valley Track
  • Buck Taylor Track - Pararaha Stream Circuit

Shortly after crossing a side stream Muir Stream the trail crosses to the true right and ends at a deep water hole. Cross again, on the downstream side of the water hole and pick up the trail on the true left. At this point the trail becomes a route and a prominently placed ARC sign reminds us that only experienced trampers should attempt to follow the route.

From here the route picks its way up the stream and crossing regularly as the gorge narrows and deepens. A series of pretty waterfalls lead all the way up the valley. At a deep pool 30 minutes from the campsite, a track climbs out on the true right.

pararaha valley track meet