Two oceans meet snopes

'Two oceans meet but don’t mix': What does this viral video really show?

two oceans meet snopes

Does this photo show the place where two oceans meet in the Gulf Of Alaska? Gulf of Alaska is the place where two oceans meet, but interestingly, they never mix with each other (as is believed). The color variations of dark blue and electric . Various online videos show an ocean divided by a line, with waters clear on labelled as evidence of a place “where two oceans meet but don't mix”. by the fact-checking website Snopes, the color difference between both.

Fauxtography Where the Mississippi River Meets the Gulf of Mexico A photograph purportedly showing the site where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico is often shared with misinformation about the nature of its appearance.

two oceans meet snopes

Published 28 April Claim A photograh showing a body of water with two distinct colors is a permanent location where the Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico. What's False The two distinct colors in the photograph are not a natural or permanent fixture along the border of different bodies of water. The Mississippi River meets the Gulf of Mexico.

TWO OCEANS MEET BUT NOT MIX - Cape Town - Atlantic and India ocean meeting point

The two bodies of water never mix with each other; allowing the Gulf of Mexico to retain its clear, blue color. That just proves that their is a GOD!!!!

two oceans meet snopes

Forty-one percent of the continental United States 1. Seventy percent of nutrient loads that cause hypoxia are a result of agricultural runoff caused by rain washing fertilizer off of the land and into streams and rivers.

Additionally, 12 million people live in urban areas that border the Mississippi, and these areas constantly discharge treated sewage into rivers.

two oceans meet snopes

The farm and urban discharge includes nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous that is very important for the growth of phytoplankton.

This erroneous claim emerges quite regularly online but has a simple scientific explanation. Just one post in English got more thanviews.

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Most of the posts say that the video shows the meeting point between the two oceans. The same video has also been said to show where the river Congo meets the Atlantic Oceanor even the dividing line between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic.

How do you identify the video's origin? The one thing all these videos have in common is that the video quality is mediocre — and it is likely that a better-quality version of the video exists somewhere on the internet.

two oceans meet snopes

But we cannot find the original video simply by doing a reverse image search click here to learn how to do an image seach. The false information has been shared so many times that there are now hundreds of variations on the same post.

two oceans meet snopes

So to find the original video, we have to start with the process of elimination: Find the first time this video appeared online.