West windsor mini meet results

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west windsor mini meet results

The event was held at the Peddie School, East Windsor,NJ (March , ) ( Read . January 13, - X-Cel Swimming Snowball Mini Meet Results. In addition to the meet suits, you will find caps, goggles, and other swim The “ Mini Meet” for 10 & under swimmers ONLY will be at the West Windsor Whalers' . to dive sheets and passing out sheets to participants after group results are. Windsor Swimming Club - Site Map SER and Milton Keynes League · Windsor Level 3 Open Meet Results · Warm Weather Camp - Deposits by Friday.

Swimmers should arrive at least half an hour prior to their event, again this is a guide only. Helpers please arrive at We wish all the swimmers good luck and look forward to a great day. A carnival for all swimmers 10yrs and under. The day started before midday when our band of volunteers arrrived to set up chairs, tables, sound system, computers, bbq, marquee and many other things that needed to be set up which were attended to quickly and efficently well before our visitors arrived.

The ladies on the front table were kept busy attending to the swimmers and their families as they arrived. Once inside the pool they quickly found a seat in the stand where they could cheer on the swimmers.

The marshals did a sterling job organising the competitors into the correct heats, while our check starters escorted them into the pool area prior to their races. Our referees and starters took charge of the events and all races were completed without a hitch. Yesterday it was an honour for us and a privilege for all the swimmers to have Referee Cherry Smith with us for the day.

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We thank Cherry for coming along to assist us at our carnival. The timekeepers and recorders did a marvellous job seeing many Pb's and close finishes. The aroma from the bbq was divine and business was steady. Many thanks to our chef, Mr McInerney, who did a fantastic job keeping everyone well fed. The atmosphere around the pool was a friendly and happy one, the feedback from our visitors was very positive and the smiles on the faces of our medal winners said it all.

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A big thank you to all our parents and senior swimmers who helped us on the day, we really appreciate you giving up your time to help us out. Without your help days like this would not be possible. Also a big thank you to Jones Club for assisting with time keeping on Lane 5 throughout the day. Thank you to the families who supplied the food for our hungry volunteers, they enjoyed everything. Many thanks to George Ross, our Meet Director for putting the carnival together.

However, we realize that the summer is a busy time, and it may not be possible to attend all meets. Making line-ups and ensuring that team members are able to swim in the proper events and relays requires a great deal of preparation and planning.

west windsor mini meet results

Therefore, it will be assumed that swimmers will be attending any meets that are not indicated on the meet commitment form. In case of circumstances unforeseen by June 19, prior notice of absences is greatly appreciated for the meet line-up and relay preparation. Coaches will use the turned in meet commitment forms to create meet line-ups.

The more parents that volunteer to work meets, the easier the jobs will be and the more enjoyable they will be for our swimmers. We are asking that each family sign up to work at least two swim meets this summer. You can sign-up to help at the team brunch, or see a coach anytime after. They will cover rules and regulations as well as meet procedures. Clinics are a good idea for any parent who wants to become an official, or for anyone who just wants to learn more about the sport.

This site also contains helpful information as well as directions to any clinics and each swim club.

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Emergencies — As coaches, we go to great lengths to make sure that meet line-ups are put together carefully and that everyone has a chance to swim. For this reason, we ask that everyone try to attend meets unless an absentee form has been filled out.

However, we understand that emergencies and unforeseen circumstances come about. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Inclement Weather — In case of cancellation of practice or a meet, an e-mail will be sent as soon as the decision has been reached. If you have questions or have not heard anything, please call the Club to check the status. Each family will have a folder to dispense information, ribbons, etc.

Junior Mini Meet Carnival

PASDA Website — This is a very informative tool with a wealth of information including directions to all away meets and championship meets. Take a look at www. Clothing - This year we will be selling tons of gear. Please see Beth Kearns or Leigh Curry for more information. Timers will be given a stopwatch and trained prior to the start of the meet. They time each swim in a given lane and record the time on the provided card for scoring purposes.

Scorekeeper — The scorekeeper records the official time onto the meet sheet and keeps a running score of the points earned by each time. They prepare the swimmers and timers before each race as well as signaling the start of each race.

west windsor mini meet results