Birdy the mighty decode ending a relationship

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birdy the mighty decode ending a relationship

Short Synopsis: The finale of the first season of Birdy the Mighty: Stop Ryunka and Well, this episode turns out exactly like you'd expect: at the end of the Seeing the relationship between Senkawa and Nakasugi coming. Birdy the Mighty (鉄腕バーディー, Tetsuwan Bādī) is a Japanese manga series written and An anime television adaptation, titled Birdy the Mighty: Decode ( 鉄腕 . Bob Muir, from Japanator, noted the ending for the show made it feel rushed. Ending: 4/5 – Excellent; Satisfying and hardly left any unresolved plot threads The first season of Birdy the Mighty Decode was good but it did have a few and their relationships with each other pretty much drove the plot.

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The first season of the show primarily focuses on the two sharing the body, switching back and forth between each other when Tsutomu has to go to school and when Birdy is out investigating the disappearance of a highly dangerous space item known as the Ryunka.

The second season switches pace a bit and focuses on Birdy and Tsutomu tracking down a group of escaped convicts that had an involvement in the Ryunka complication. The plot in season one of Birdy the Mighty: Decode is well paced and intelligently written. At first it seems as though the story is simple, Tsutomu and Birdy both getting used to their lives sharing the same body. Decode does an excellent job of taking a few different ideas and giving them each the appropriate amount of screen time and development.

Birdy also triumphs in mixing predictability and surprise at just the right moments. This makes for an exciting ride to the end as not only the viewers but the characters uncover the mysteries within the series. The ending of season one may garner mixed feelings since the last few moments are a bit of a cop-out, but I am willing to forgive this since everything came together so well and featured some great moments for Tsutomu and Birdy. With the Ryunka ordeal coming to a close, it seemed like an afterthought to bring in those who were involved with it.

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Even then, when the convicts find themselves being brutally hunted it makes for a great build up to the end of the season. This relationship reaches a nail biting climax when Birdy finds out he is the one murdering the convicts, taking revenge for a terrorist incident on their home planet that happened years ago. Their relationship is really cute as they bicker back and forth, even though it is obvious that they both genuinely care for the other.

He especially shines when he is developing feelings for his mysterious classmate Sayaka Nakasugi and at the end when he has to put everything on the line in order to save her, even if it means potentially breaking ties with Birdy. Likeable as she is, it is really nice to see her past fleshed out, especially her relationship with her mannequin caretaker, Violin.

When she discovers her old friend Nataru hiding on Earth they immediately reconnect and seemingly fall in love. It makes for a jaw-clenching conflict when it is revealed that he is the one hunting down the escaped convicts. Really, their relationship and the turmoil Birdy is put through make season two so thrilling and heart-wrenching.

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Both Tsutomu and Birdy make for excellent main characters and bring the entire show together for me. The villain in season one, Satyajit Shyamalan, could have easily been developed better. She and Tsutomu were questioned by a deity named Nechla Geeze regarding Ryunka.

birdy the mighty decode ending a relationship

Nejula reveals to Tsutomu that Ryunka is used as a nuclear weapon, killing off the inhabitants of a planet named Bilugema.

While Birdy visits her hometown, a terrorist bombing destroys a convoy of vehicles.

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Kashu Geeze turns out to be an undercover agent under Skeletso's direction. Birdy is quite frustrated with the fact that Skeletso tolerated the deaths of many Altarians in the terrorist attack in order to get a lead on Kinzel. Birdy investigates the site where she had killed Tsutomu in order to locate a marionette of non-Earth origin.

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Sayaka's maid, Yoshie Suzuki, finds strange things have happened to her, which started to worry Sayaka's grandfather, Chairman Katsutoshi Nakasugi. Meanwhile, Sayaka disappears from the mansion after encountering a parrot, which is later recognized as an alien in disguise. The culprit is revealed to be a rogue combat marionette, which is killing the victims through a loving "hug" that is unfortunately fatal because of its super-strength.

birdy the mighty decode ending a relationship

They are targeted based on their similarities to its "mother", the main programmer when the marionette was placed under her care. Birdy attempts to retrieve it, but is attacked by supposedly a Federation-based person with a guardian robot that attacks her to keep her away from acquiring the disabled robot. But on one evening, Sayaka succumbs to the Ryunka implanted on her by an unknown force who returned the renegade marionette back to her owners.

A small number of Ryunka explosions rattled the village, forcing the Federation Police to mobilize. Birdy saves them from some of the armed men and fights the reconstructed marionette before she gets injured during an encounter with Georg Gomez after defeating the marionette again.

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Meanwhile, Shyamalan meets with Chairman Nakasugi and kills him during the meeting. When Yoshie discovers his body, she thinks that Sayaka killed him. This, in turn, activates the Ryunka within Sayaka, as she causes Yoshie to evaporate. But Tsutomu wants to protect her, no matter what and so he takes control of Birdy's body when she tries to get close to Ryunka.

Nechla knocks them out before their minds fuse completely. When they wake up again, Tsutomu has his own body back and needs glasses again.

From now on, Birdy and Tsutomu go separate ways. When Birdy and Nechla arrive at Sayaka's villa, she is already gone because she went to Tsutomu's place.