Camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

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camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

Shane plays every girl he meets, going to University means he has so many more Camp Rock - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words : 96 67 - Updated: Dec 23, - Published: Dec 2, - Mitchie T., Shane G . Michie is going back to camp rock to be an instructor, and connect three is going. If you remember, I reviewed Camp Rock for DCOM month The plot had a girl The movie opens with Michie, again played by Demi Lavator, and her mom looks like a HSM style “Sing out of nowhere” song halfway through it with . Later , Demi meets up with Shane to lament the fact that have barely hung. Oh, and a note – this isn't realllllly a Camp Rock story, it's more of a Connect3 story. "Michie!" I heard a voice echoing around the foyer. I ran up a few steps towards the sound of the Hey thanks Shane," he said to Shane, who was behind me. I knew I'd met them before, I just couldn't place names yet.

Me first," I said, sitting up, getting prepped. Before he could go, Shaun and Jason must have had their supersonic hearing switched on because momentarily the two arrived and we all squeezed into the booth. Actually, it was probably the shots that subconsciously called them over.

How many bases have you gone to with a guy? I took three shots. This night was going to be interesting. Thursday November 25 3: Tired actually, but not really drunk. The only one of us who was really drunk was Shaun, who kept ordering drinks from a waitress because she was, as he put it, 'the sexiest thing in a mini-skirt to ever cross my [his] path'.

Well, like I said, I wasn't drunk. When we got out of the car, I swear I could not have laughed harder. Shaun even with Nate and Andy helping him managed to trip over himself and tumble out of the vehicle, his hands missing the breaking of his fall and landing straight on his chest.

Of course, I was not successful. I erupted into another wave of laughter before Shane had to step in and get a hold of me. I was literally, on the ground, laughing so hard that I was crying. It was easy to tell that he wanted to laugh too, but how could he convince me to shush when he himself could not?

We entered the elevator alone, leaving everyone else with the task of getting Shaun in bed without causing any domestic disturbances. We both kind of just stood there, looking at each other for a minute or so. Shane came closer to me and took my hands. I smiled and snuggled closer to him. He put around his waist and pulled me closer. He brought his lips down to mine and we shared a passionate kiss. Once again, may I just say YES!

He smiled and rested his chin on my head as I buried my head in his chest. Man, these things took forever. But I don't care. I was about to turn back around to face him but he came up behind me and began caressing my bare arms I'd left my jacket with Nate with his hands - they were rough.

Mind you, that's what happens when you're a musician. As he did that, he planted butterfly kisses down my neck. He brought his lips to my ear and whispered, "I really, really like you. Before we knew it, the elevator door had opened. I sighed, pulling him along by the hand. He dug out his key and opened the door. He led me to the bedroom and shut the door. He tried to kiss me again, but I pulled away.

I went over to where my luggage was and he went over to one of the drawers. I pulled my usual pyjamas - my pink t-shirt that said 'JUICY' across my chest in black and my black short shorts - and went into the bathroom to change. When I came out, the first thing I saw was shitless Shane.

I'd said my share of embarrassing things to Shane tonight. That's when I noticed not only was he shirtless Shane, but he was pantsless also. Well, I suppose his boxers did count as pants. I didn't want to seem too desperate of course. I walked over to one of my bags and pulled out my iPod.

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He was about to put his arms around my waist but I pulled away quickly and went over to the bed and climbed onto it as I put one earpiece in my ear. Are you mad at me? He walked over to me and stood beside the bed. He pinned my arms with his hands. Then I lowered my eyebrows, an idea I had. I tried squirming free but eventually he ended up pinning me down again - this time, I was facing down, so he was basically laying on top of me. He began tickling my sides which of course, made me laugh uncontrollably.

I elbowed him as hard as I could, which caused him to fall sideways, gripping his shoulder. He was about to fall off, so I tried to save him by grabbing his other arm.

Obviously I couldn't pull him back up so I ended up falling down on top of him. He was face up - I was face down. I lowered my head slowly and kissed him deeply, my tongue slowly tracing the shape of his bottom lip. He loosened his grip around my legs and rolled over, so now I was below him - our lips never parting. Without warning, the door flew open. Oh right," he comprehended, quickly climbing off.

It was making out! Why was he acting so insane anyway? He should be happy for us. Isn't it the worst when people are talking about you like you're not? He can't take that tone with me. That was SO worth Nate yelling at me.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

You said it yourself; you don't even have time to call your MOM! I really appreciate what you're trying to do, really, I really, really, do, but I am my own person! I make my own decisions! I chuckled a bit, but stopped once Nate looked back at me.

It was creepy, I felt like I was in detention or something. You flew me all the way out here so you can keep an eye on me?! Well thanks for the offer but I decline! Nate was not my father. He wasn't even my real brother!

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

His heart was in the right place I guess. I am not a little girl! I don't need him to baby sit me! I hastily threw open my suitcase and walked into the bathroom. I came out with my arms full of my various cosmetics and creams and spilled them all into the suitcase. Nothing else had really been unpacked so I slammed the top down.

It was nice seeing you again. Let me know when it's been another 5 months! He made puppy dog eyes. I wanted to melt. I like you, but Nate's family. I have to honour his wishes," I turned to glare at Nate, "Even if they are completely selfish. Had he come up with some kind of miracle loop? The next day, she calls up everyone and changes the camp plans. Everything is about the completion now. They will not back down, and make sure they win to keep Camp Rock in business.

But now Demi has less time to spend with Shane, which again does not please him. Sp he runs off and quickly bitches to Nate about this. And also unlike Transformers 3, this is not the biggest deal and she should really clam down about it. And she keeps being like this as she see people goofing around and bitches at them to work harder. How bad does she get? I could also say the kids do need to focus more but Demi is being…well yeah.

Mitchie walks away and Shane barges in on Jason getting his kids ready. This is what summer camp is all about! So a random water game thing will smooth things out. Eh, I can dig it. Then it cuts to later at the campfire as Demi has not shown up.

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Shane finds her somewhere working on her lyrics. Shane reminds her that he came here to get to know her better and this is her, trying to save something she cares about.

Oh joy, more dramatic drama bullshit. I can say it works better than in the first one, but man, this is pretty dumb. That does not make for a likable lead. I suppose THIS romance bullshit works better than the romance bulllshit in other movies, like the first camp rock.

What could make it even more sappy? A song, of course! They realize that she was right and they should step it up. It was Shane who got them to get up this early and work hard. Well, it probably is and maybe this is teaching Demi that positive reinforcement would make them work harder, as it worked for Shane. So I can give my okay to this bit. So the jonas brothers here help them on how to rock and stuff.

Then they perform for them, which means another song not even 5 minutes after the last one. Ojh, and this song is also part montage song so we can forward the plot too. Have you ever told me anything about yourself?

It likely works better in the movie instead of my narration, but this is still weak. Dana walks off, being an extra big bitch. And then we just move to to Shane and Demi finally getting some time on their own as a love-y song plays in the background.

Glad they settled that unrealistically quickly. After that, the brothers hang out and Nate talks about how badly that last bit went. Ah, I get it. So why did Dana have a bitch fit over something so stupid? Nate heads over to Camp Star to spy and finds out that the Star campers are not getting along, thanks to Axel being like an even bitchier Mitchie and the performers arguing.

But it also kind of makes it pointless. And he follows that up with song number Well, at least the lyrics actually forward the plot and character instead of being love crap. The song ends and Axel randomly pops up. It ended as weakly as it began. And abrupt cut number 12 takes us to that night as Jason is with his kids. This ends up being a sappy moment as Jason tells them they will win or whatever. Then at random, they decide to sneak out and see how the camp star guys are doing.

Axel is still being an awesome douche by making them practice into the night. This has to be perfect! Wait, why did they even sneak out? Um, if it was all of you vs two of them, you would win easily. Why do it the hard way?! As it turns out, host chick is in cahoots with Axel.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

Axel tells Brown that she has nothing to do with the vote, which I think is a bunch of bull. Anyway, so we move on to the start of the event as Camp Star will go up first. So after that epic-ness, the Rockers are getting nervous as they get ready.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

Demi congratulates Tess and Luke, and luke comments that the only thing better would be doing it solo. So Brown talks to the host chick who reveals that Axel is paying to ext and tweet every cell phone user to vote for Camp Star. Nate talks to Dana again and once he walks away, Axel reminds Dana that he is the enemy. She does not agree. So after that, Camp Rock goes up.

Axel, of course walks in to be evil. A minute later, the votes are in. The dialogue is muted out by the sad music in a pretty effective moment but we never HEAR anyone say Camp star.

We see just see the star guys hugging and clapping. The point is, for the first time in any DCOM in this style, the main characters…. The bad guys win the competition! They lost and that means Camp rock will close down! You have no idea how refreshing it is to me, to see a DCOM do this!

Even Tess gets a fine moment as she comforts Mitchie. This actually works kind of well. But you should not be discouraged and move on. Holy shit, an actually good moral! So they have one last campfire which sadly brings this overboard as they sing a sappy song.

It reinforces the moral and themes even if it goes overboard at times. But then they notice something. The Camp Star goes are coming over hear cuz they saw the fire.

Tess, having changed randomly asks to re-join Camp rock. The other Camp star goes have the same request. Yeah, we never saw them changing their minds but I guess seeing how much fun and not-evil Rock is made them change. Having the Camp Star guys move over here to get the quota back and even save camp rock is…fine.

You could say it goes against that moral, but think about it. Then it changes and Rock is saved and no one learns anything. Would you want that? So it works without percent sacrificing the moral. They did something new and made a lesson more Disney Channel works need to teach. The movie ends here as everyone gathers in song and it fades to credits.

H just gets way with it? He does some bias campgain and acts evil and gets no comppuance! What a weak way for Karl go out. Wow, I felt like this movie was much shorter than it is.

camp rock 2 shane and michie meet me halfway

This film was a mixed bag, like the first one. The plot, while still kind of weak, is not as simple or badly written as the first film. Save the camp, save the romance! That kind of crap.

And like in the first one, the plot jumps around in a lazy fashion. I also think thy made Mitchie too Bitchy at points even though it got better. Same goes with Tess, whose entire arc felt rushed. However, they improve on the first one where it counts. They have higher stakes and bigger risks this time. Axel is a very fun villain with how sure of himself he is.

However, his issues make him far more interesting to watch. Everything seems stripped down but it makes it more personal, and the story actually flows okay when it is focused.

Whether it be Axel, the songs or even the ending, there is a lot effort put into making this fun and even sweet. The writers half ass parts, but I respect the actors. The joe broes are a bit better this time, as they clearly picked up acting tips from their TV series.