Relationship between customer service and profit

Does Maximizing Customer Satisfaction Maximize Profitability? |

relationship between customer service and profit

Are more loyal customers purchasing more? Employees and managers need to understand that the service-profit connection is not just a black box or magic. We can all identify with customer John Cleese, as he becomes more and more frustrated with the appalling customer service being dealt out by. The service profit chain dissects the levers that translate good service into It establishes relationships between profitability, customer loyalty.

This is on of the reasons why advertisers use different campaigns for the same product.

relationship between customer service and profit

People respond to stimuli differently based on emotions and experiences. Employee Productivity Drives Value The workforce of a company can help to drive the company's profits. When an organization has engaged, productive and highly satisfied employees, the organization will have a higher chance of succeeding.

Many types of businesses from service businesses to manufacturing businesses sell products to customers. If the business's employees have a good working knowledge of the product, the employees have a better ability to service and satisfy customers.

Product knowledge comes from both experience and longevity with a company.

relationship between customer service and profit

New employees typically cannot relate to customers as effectively as employees with years of experience working for the company. The service-profit chain model recognizes that employee retention directly impacts customer satisfaction. We believe that the ability to listen can be accomplished by more effectively connecting front line workers with leadership.

More specifically, the following key processes and organizational muscles should be focused on: To get there, organizations should focus on creating satisfied customers by providing great value. The larger the organization, the more complicated this becomes. In the service profit chain, this translates to empowering employees to do their jobs well and increasing their motivation to provide great service. Similar to customer feedback loops, creating a feedback loop for frontline employees is key to unearthing the problems that hurt productivity, satisfaction and ultimately loyalty.

For the test group, we will try outbound relationship building.

The Service Profit Chain

They assigned one customer service specialist and one building products engineer for the six month test. These two people called every decision maker, influencer, and products user they could find in the test companies.

relationship between customer service and profit

They did not try to sell. They did not offer discounts. They tried friendship and providing information. In summary, what they did was to: In other words, this stuff works! People respond to friendship and relationship building.

relationship between customer service and profit

But, they have to be the right people. If the experiment had been tried with the bottom customer quintile instead of the top, it probably would have not worked anywhere near as well.

Satisfaction is the Enemy of Customer Service

Because the bottom quintile probably make the bulk of their building product purchases elsewhere. They are loyal to some other firm, and bought from the test firm only items that their regular supplier does not carry.

relationship between customer service and profit

Some of them could have been turned around, certainly, but it would have been an uphill battle and not have had the same dramatic results. To be successful in customer relationship management, we must discriminate.

Service profit chain and the ROI of employee engagement

So what are the rules for successful customer relationship management? Customer service has to have access to the customer marketing database. They have to know what each customer has bought in the past, and their profitablity.

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They have to have a record of past complaints and compliments. They have to know who the key people are in each firm, and what their attitude is towards their own company and its products. If customer service personnel are just message takers, no one will unburden themselves to them.