Relationship between economic growth and unemployment

Correlation Between Economic Growth And Unemployment

relationship between economic growth and unemployment

IntroductionThe relationships between economic growth and unemployment are currently a topical. Abstract. Although there is a significant literature on the relationship between economic growth and unemployment, effect of economic growth over. of causal relation between rates of economic growth and the changing rates of relationships between economic growth and change of unemployment rates in.

Also in China a visible fall in the growth momentum of money supply M1 raises the likelihood of a visible fall ahead in economic activity indicators. Is a reduction in unemployment the key to US economic recovery? Most experts are almost unanimous that the key to economic recovery is a reduction in the unemployment rate, which stood at 9. The number of unemployed stood in August at almost 15 million. Also the under-employment rate climbed to But does it make sense that the key to economic growth is the lowering of unemployment?

If this is the case then it is valid to conclude that changes in unemployment are an important causative factor of real economic growth.

relationship between economic growth and unemployment

This way of thinking is based on the view that a reduction in the number of unemployed means that more people can now afford to boost their expenditure. As a result, economic activity follows suit.

In our report last week we have shown that the main driver of economic growth is an expansion in the pool of real savings. Fixing unemployment without addressing the issue of real savings is not going to lift the economy.

We have seen that it is real savings that fund the enhancement and the expansion of the infrastructure.

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An enhanced and expanded infrastructure permits an expansion in the production of final goods and services required to maintain and promote individuals life and well being. Now, if unemployment were the key driving force of economic growth then it would have made a lot of sense to eradicate unemployment as soon as possible by generating all sorts of employments. For instance, policy makers could follow the advice of Keynes and Paul Krugman and employ people in digging ditches, or various other government sponsored activities.

Again the aim is just to employ as many people as possible. A simple common sense analysis however would have quickly established that such a policy would amount to a waste of scarce real savings.

relationship between economic growth and unemployment

Remember that every activity whether productive or non-productive must be funded. Hence employing individuals in various useless activities would lead to a transfer of real savings from wealth generating activities and thereby undermine the real wealth generating process. Now the unemployment as such can be relatively easy fixed if the labour market were to be free of tampering by the government.

relationship between economic growth and unemployment

In an unhampered labour market any individual that wants to work will be able to find a job at a going wage for his particular skills. Obviously if an individual will demand a non market related salary and is not prepared to move to other locations, etc, there is no guarantee that he will find a job.

Any deviation from the value of his true contribution sets in motion corrective competitive forces. Ultimately, however, what matters for the well being of most individuals is not that they are employed as such but the purchasing power in terms of goods and services that they earn.

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This is the key here. It is not going to be of much help to individuals if what they are earning will not allow them to support their life and well being. The better the infrastructure the more output an individual can generate. A higher output means that a worker can now command higher wages in terms of purchasing power.

As we have seen the key for an enhanced and expanded infrastructure is the increase in the pool of real saving.

relationship between economic growth and unemployment

Consequently any government and central bank policies aimed at lowering unemployment by means of stimulus policies amounts to a policy of redistribution, which leads to economic impoverishment, i.

According to the government data the percentage of Americans living in poverty rose to Even the former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan is getting uneasy with all the stimulus measures to which the American economy has been subjected. At the gathering on September 15 held at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York he said, We have to find a way to simmer down the extent of activism that is going on with government stimulus spending and allow the economy to heal itself.

Unfortunately Alan Greenspan is currently in the minority on this issue. In this situation, we will see a negative output gap spare capacity In the above example, we have an increase in AD but LRAS Productive capacity is also increasing.

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Therefore, in this case, the persistent spare capacity can lead to unemployment. China and unemployment A good example of this is the case of China.

This is because China is making rapid productivity gains. Old inefficient state-owned business are being privatised and there are easy efficiency gains to make. Workers who were unproductive are being made redundant from these state-owned industries.

relationship between economic growth and unemployment

Therefore, China needs rapid economic growth to absorb this growing supply of labour. Technology and structural unemployment If there is rapid technological and structural change in the economy, this can cause unemployment despite economic growth. For example, rapid improvements in technology can create increased output, but certain workers may have insufficient skills to take the new high-tech jobs. Low Growth and falling unemployment There is no guarantee that low growth will cause higher unemployment.

It is quite possible for unemployment to fall, despite a period of low growth. Workers were made redundant as firms cut costs or closed down altogether. Aftereconomic growth was relatively low, but unemployment fell.

Reasons for this fall in UK unemployment during this period include: Labour productivity has been low during this period. Therefore, firms still need to employ workers, despite limited growth in output.

Rise in part-time and temporary work.

Correlation Between Economic Growth And Unemployment

The unemployment figures have been helped by a rise in under-employment, people accepting lower hours than they would like. Low wage growth means labour is relatively more attractive than you might expect. This was partly due to structural unemployment.